Mobile App Builder Integrates HulkApps Order Status Tracker

As competition rises, customer expectation and experience are becoming the forefront focus for any business. Today's most common expectations are to receive expedited shipping and then know exactly when the package will arrive.

Though it is easy to overlook, order management reliability and predictability play a significant role in the overall purchase experience with your store.

Value-adds such as receiving an estimated delivery date, a tracking number, and delivery notifications throughout the process will help reduce the "fear" of purchasing from your store for the first time. Additionally, it also helps build trust.

To help meet the rising expectations, HulkApps Shopify Mobile App Builder Integrates Order Status Tracker Shopify App. The Order Status Tracker Shopify App allows you to improve your user experience and meet your customers' needs for order accuracy throughout the ordering, fulfillment, and delivery process.

With this Shopify app integration, you can relieve a significant amount of stress from your customer service team; otherwise, they would have spent dealing with phone call inquiries, questions, and complaints. 

In addition to Shopify order tracking, the Shopify Mobile App Builder integrates the Shopify Store Pickup app by LogBase to offer an in-store delivery option. 

Whether you are a small business with two stores or a large, multibillion-dollar company, you can be sure of continued growth and profitability with all the features and benefits the Shopify Mobile App Builder can offer. 

To integrate Order Status Tracker Shopify app in the Shopify Mobile App Builder, kindly read the "How to Activate the Integration" section. 

With such fierce competition, your business needs to simplify and go beyond traditional methods of order management. It's essential to invest in a Shopify order tracking system that provides a seamless experience with omnichannel functionality.

Improve your customer service with 
Shopify order tracking App in Shopify Mobile App Builder

How to Activate the Integration?

Whether an ad feed integration or performance tracking integration, built for all Shopify merchants, HulkApps Mobile App Builder allows you to integrate any app without effort.

Not all Shopify stores have the same requirement, so we have designed HulkApps Mobile App Builder with an integration toggle button to integrate the apps quickly.

All you need is to go to the "Integrations" and scroll down to "Order Status Tracker" and just on the top right - enable the option. Hurry! You have now enabled Order Status Tracker in HulkApps Shopify Mobile App Builder.

Do business with simple actions.

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Benefits of the Integration

  • Promotes professionalism and excellent customer service
  • Improves customer's overall shopping experience.
  • Build trust for offering transparency to your customers.
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