Integrates MailChimp with Shopify Mobile App Builder

Increase Agility with MailChimp email marketing tool.

The more simplified is the process, the greater satisfaction you can offer to your customers. Nothing is more significant than providing tailor-made communication with the most simplified technologies and the highest satisfaction level.

In such situations, email marketing is the best way you can customize and personalize your content, so your customer feels more connected to your brand.

Triggering an email about the customer's preferred product - "Products, You might be interested" can increase sales opportunities and brand engagement with the customer. 

Although personalization is a key add-on, MailChimp integration with Mobile App Builder Shopify offers segmentation options and analytics so you can trigger appropriate actions accordingly. 

As MailChimp integration helps you create a solid email strategy, the Hulkapps Shopify Mobile App Builder gives your business the ability to reach customers more effortlessly than ever. In simple words, the MailChimp integration with Mobile App Builder helps you connect with your audience personally and increase sales at an affordable cost. 

With such a boon (MailChimp integration with Mobile App Builder), any information flow can be simplified, be it of any complexity. Also, with this app integration, the store's data segmentation is achieved smoothly, and you can quickly get the needed information. 

Other than that, understanding the power of after-sale service, the app integration allows you to follow up with your email campaigns quickly and keeps your brand top-of-mind.

In addition, the MailChimp integration with HulkApps Shopify Mobile App Builder enhances the store's capability with event-based push notifications to engage users in real-time seamlessly. 

For example, if your customer abandons the cart, the Mailchimp integration helps you trigger emails for the same. This way, you can reduce churn and increase sales. 

The best part of this integration is how you can effortlessly customize your emails through audience segmentation based on their stage in your sales funnel. This way, you can easily cater to your audience's needs. In addition, you can easily nurture your audience and make them customers.

Maximize conversion enabling the  
MailChimp integration with Mobile App Builder

How to Activate the Integration?

Whether an ad feed integration or performance tracking integration, built for all Shopify merchants, HulkApps Mobile App Builder allows you to integrate any app without effort.

Not all Shopify stores have the same requirement, so we have designed HulkApps Mobile App Builder with an integration toggle button to integrate the apps quickly.

All you need is to go to the "Integrations" and scroll down to "MailChimp" and just on the top right - enable the option. Hurry! You have now enabled MailChimp in HulkApps Shopify Mobile App Builder.

Do business with simple actions.

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Benefits of the Integration

  • You can nurture leads, decrease churn rates, or boost repeat purchases.
  • Create more targeted segments based on preset conditions and trigger email flows accordingly.
  • Boost engagement with automated push notifications based on user behavior and once an item is restocked.

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