Integrates Klaviyo with Shopify Mobile App Builder

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When creating a tailor-made communication strategy, we define formats and ideas around the personalization of the customer journey. You can customize and personalize your content with email marketing, so your customer feels more connected to your brand.

Creating a solid email strategy helps you reach and connect with your audience personally and increase sales at an affordable cost. So give your business the ability to reach customers more effortlessly than ever by choosing to integrate Klaviyo with Shopify Mobile App Builder.

Triggering an email with Klaviyo integration with Shopify Mobile App Builder about the customer's abandoned product can increase sales opportunities and reduce churn. The Klaviyo custom integration can offer personalization based on customer actions and discounts based on customer activity, resulting in a high click-through rate.

Understanding the power of after-sale service, we integrate Klaviyo with Shopify Mobile App Builder so you can easily follow up with your customers through email campaigns and keep your brand top-of-mind.

When you set up the App by opting to integrate Klaviyo with Shopify Mobile App Builder, you can trigger event-based workflows, push notifications and engage users in real-time seamlessly. For example, suppose your customer Wishlists an item, and later you can offer discounts. 

In that case, the Shopify Klaviyo integration within Shopify Mobile App Builder can send an automated push notification to that user about the specific product with offer details.

The best part of this Klaviyo custom integration is how you can effortlessly customize your emails through audience segmentation. This way, you can easily cater to your audience's needs.

In addition, by integrating Klaviyo with Shopify Mobile App Builder, you can easily nurture your audience and make them customers. However, the icing on the cake is that it's not only affordable but relatively easy to do, too.

The beauty of the integrated platform (Klaviyo integration with Shopify Mobile App Builder) is that it's easy to kick off your multi-channel strategy. You can segment by any action to create specific customer groups and targets via email, SMS, and Facebook as needed. 

Maximize conversion by adopting 
Klaviyo integration with Shopify Mobile App Builder

How to Activate the Integration?

Whether an ad feed integration or performance tracking integration, built for all Shopify merchants, HulkApps Mobile App Builder allows you to integrate any app without effort.

Not all Shopify stores have the same requirement, so we have designed HulkApps Mobile App Builder with an integration toggle button to integrate the apps quickly.

All you need is to go to the "Integrations" and scroll down to "Klaviyo" and just on the top right - enable the option. Hurry! You have now enabled Klaviyo in HulkApps Shopify Mobile App Builder.

Do business with simple actions.

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Benefits of the Integration

  • You can nurture leads, decrease churn rates, or boost repeat purchases.
  • Create more targeted segments based on preset conditions and trigger email flows accordingly.
  • Boost engagement with automated push notifications based on user behavior and once an item is restocked.

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