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The Cost of Shopify Plus: A Comprehensive Analysis for E-commerce Success

  1. Introduction
  2. 1. Fair Pricing and Unfair Advantage
  3. 2. Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  4. 3. Accelerated Replatforming
  5. 4. Plan Inclusions and Scalability
  6. 5. Migration Process and Costs
  7. 6. Variable Fee Structure
  8. 7. Credit Card Rates and Transaction Fees
  9. 8. Additional Costs
  10. 9. Multiple Online Stores and Brands
  11. 10. Integration with Apps
  12. Conclusion


Shopify Plus is an advanced e-commerce platform designed for high-growth, high-volume merchants and enterprise businesses. In this report, we will explore the cost structure of Shopify Plus and provide a detailed analysis of its pricing, benefits, and potential costs. By delving into the features and advantages offered by Shopify Plus, we aim to provide essential information for merchants looking to understand its cost implications.

1. Fair Pricing and Unfair Advantage

Shopify Plus offers a cost-effective monthly fee structure that allows merchants to efficiently launch and scale their online businesses. With a focus on empowering merchants with speed, cost-efficiency, and extensive functionalities, Shopify Plus aims to give businesses an unfair advantage in the competitive e-commerce landscape. This allows merchants to stay ahead of the competition while keeping costs in check.

2. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

One of the key advantages of Shopify Plus is its ability to help businesses save money by reducing unnecessary costs. Merchants can make changes quickly with a small, nimble team, resulting in lower time and financial investment. This enables businesses to allocate resources more effectively and drive more revenue. By minimizing overhead costs and streamlining operations, Shopify Plus helps merchants achieve a lower total cost of ownership.

3. Accelerated Replatforming

Shopify Plus provides an accelerated replatforming process, allowing businesses to migrate to the platform in as little as 3-4 months. This rapid transition minimizes the time-to-market, granting businesses a competitive edge. Compared to traditional software vendors, which may take 12-18 months for the same process, Shopify Plus significantly reduces the time and effort required for replatforming. The ease and speed of migration contribute to a seamless transition for businesses, resulting in increased efficiency and minimized costs.

4. Plan Inclusions and Scalability

The pricing for Shopify Plus starts at $2,000 per month, offering all the necessary power to effectively manage and grow your business without the heavy costs associated with traditional commerce software. The platform is suitable for various business sizes and complexities, providing standard setups and integrations. With customizable plans that can scale as per business requirements, Shopify Plus offers flexibility in terms of costs for high-volume merchants.

5. Migration Process and Costs

Shopify does not charge merchants for migrating their stores to Shopify Plus. However, the actual migration costs depend on the specific requirements and existing commerce platform of each business. Dedicated launch engineers provided by Shopify Plus guide merchants through the move and setup, ensuring a smooth and scalable transition. By offering support and expertise during the migration process, Shopify Plus minimizes the potential costs associated with migrating to a new e-commerce platform.

6. Variable Fee Structure

For businesses with more complex structures or higher volumes, Shopify Plus offers a variable fee option that adjusts based on requirements. This flexible pricing structure enables merchants to align costs with their business growth and optimize their budget allocation. By tailoring the fee structure to individual business needs, Shopify Plus ensures that merchants only pay for the features and resources they require, avoiding unnecessary overhead expenses.

7. Credit Card Rates and Transaction Fees

Credit card rates with Shopify Payments vary by country. To get the most up-to-date rates based on their location, merchants can contact a Shopify Plus representative. Shopify offers competitive rates for online and in-person credit card fees, making it a cost-effective choice for payment processing. It is important to note that minimal rates may apply for those using third-party processors, depending on location, in addition to security and compliance costs charged by Shopify.

8. Additional Costs

In addition to the monthly platform fee, merchants might need to budget for custom development services provided by a Shopify Plus partner. Optional costs include one-time theme purchases and third-party apps that enhance store functionalities. It is important for merchants to consider the potential costs associated with customization and third-party integrations. For tax automation, merchants can consider Avalara Avatax, which charges an additional $250 per month.

9. Multiple Online Stores and Brands

Shopify Plus allows merchants to have unlimited online stores, but each contract covers only one brand. This facilitates international selling by supporting localized currency, language, and content. The monthly platform fee includes the main store and nine expansion stores. Any additional stores beyond this limit will incur an extra cost of $250 per store per month or a revenue share across all stores. Merchants should consider their brand portfolio and expansion plans when budgeting for additional stores.

10. Integration with Apps

Although Shopify Plus is designed to replace many apps, it may not replace all of them. Merchants can leverage automation and customization apps offered by Shopify Plus to efficiently manage their businesses. However, for specific business requirements and app integration, consulting with a Shopify Plus expert is recommended. This ensures that merchants have access to the right apps and integrations while optimizing costs.


Shopify Plus combines a fair pricing structure, accelerated replatforming, and a range of advanced features to empower high-growth businesses. With a focus on cost-efficiency, scalability, and seamless migration, Shopify Plus offers merchants a competitive advantage in the digital marketplace. By understanding the cost structure and taking advantage of the various features and benefits, merchants can effectively manage their budgets, allocate resources strategically, and achieve e-commerce success with Shopify Plus.

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