HulkApps Free NPS Survey Feedback Poll App vs Enquire Post Purchase Survey by Hodi, Inc.

Capturing the post-purchase feedback adds value to the customer experience and also improves the buying experience. HulkApps Free NPS Survey Feeback Poll App serves a template as qualitative testing to get inside the mind of shoppers and make the right data-driven decisions for effective marketing conversions.

HulkApps unleashes the secret power of surveys through its high-performing Shopify Survey app so that merchants can ask better questions on their eCommerce stores, get better answers, develop statistical sales strategies, and increase the sales.

Our research analyst has brought to you a detailed comparison between HulkApps Free NPS Survey Feedback Poll app and Enquire Post Purchase Survey App by Hodi, Inc. Find out the exponential capabilities of our best customer survey app, helping you boost conversions and sales.

We have put a lot of effort into the product reviews for the free survey app. Let us keep you ahead of the competition with added advantages through our app. However, we also let you learn about the app performance of our competitor's app so that you never blame your decision. Discover how we fare against the Enquire Post Purchase Survey App by Hodi, Inc.

What sets HulkApps Free NPS Survey Feedback Poll App apart from Enquire Post Purchase Survey App by Hodi, Inc.

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Self email notifications

Receive a custom email notification when someone submits a survey form. It prompts the right action and improves the customer experience.

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Unlimited Questions

Ask as many questions as you would like through one of our best Shopify survey apps. Send across and get actionable feedback.

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Multiple Display Options

Get it right at the most attention-grabbing space- the shopping cart page. Put it at the top, bottom, right, or left, and throw your post-purchase questions.

Robust, Dynamic, and Feature-rich Customer Satisfaction Survey Feedback Poll App by HulkApps

HulkApps Post-Purchase Survey Shopify App is designed to simplify the process of deriving customer insights into their shopping experience with your store. It is quick-to-install on the order confirmation page. Start collecting customer feedback right now.

Unlike any other free Shopify survey apps, we let you add unlimited numbers of questions to your survey form. To add more personalized elements to blend it to the look and feel of your store, custom CSS gets you more flexibility.

Although free, our HulkApps Shopify Post-Purchase Survey App does not carry any copyright mark on all of its templates. Alongside, you get more added advantages in the form of customizing email message, subject, and title to keep your identity unique.

Get all these exciting features from HulkApps Free Survey Feedback Poll App at a free of cost.

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Harness the advanced features - sell with confidence and expand beyond expectations

HulkApps gives all our customers a rapid advantage to leverage the best benefits from the post-purchase survey app. More often, these free survey apps prove to be more affordable to increase sales than those pricey website design improvements.

An ability to export survey submissions is another high-end capability of HulkApps Shopify survey app to save time while segmenting customers’ demographic successfully.

All Shopify merchants can also add custom questions suitable to their business types and customer preferences. By enabling this unique feature, all eCommerce owners can better understand their customers and build their marketing efforts.

Comprehensive data visualization into how your survey submission process works gives you an idea about your performance. The graphical charts on the interactive dashboard ease your understanding and help build a better post-purchase feedback poll for your customers.

Benefit more from HulkApps Free NPS Survey Feedback Poll App for growth. Avail a free app today.

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Features you may like from Enquire Post Purchase Survey App by Hodi, Inc.


Google Analytics

Optimize data collection through your survey and measure results. Get better market research to gain customer insights of your eCommerce store.


Multiple Integrations

Benefit from multiple integrations- Klaviyo, ReCharge Payments, CartHook & Shopify Flow to capture data through the customer journey.


Unlimited Response

Shopify post-purchase survey enabled by Hodi, Inc. allows you to receive unlimited user responses directly into your email account.

Key Features of Enquire Post Purchase Survey App by Hodi, Inc.($10-$100/mo)

Starter, Enhanced, Pro, and Pro Enhanced- these are all high priced Shopify customer survey app packages. This feature-loaded survey app is highly functional and efficient. However, HulkApps offers a dedicated service through its Shopify post-purchase survey app at free of cost.

Enquire Post Purchase Survey app lets you customize survey questions from default options. Merchants are free to update questions and answers to suit marketing efforts. The added feature “enable/disable” allows the customers to choose other responses in the survey.

A two-step follow-up question is fast to attach to the question response. This beta technique is quite efficient in making two-way communication happen between customers and thus, allowing you to establish a long-term relationship. |

Immediate attribution data gets you an opportunity to compare survey results to UTM parameters and understand your customers.

Get these features to your advantage at a good monthly expense and see how they transform your business.

More from Enquire Post Purchase Free Survey App!

Hodi, Inc. claims to bring high survey response rates for your eCommerce business. With turnkey survey design, a post-purchase survey easily fits in the aesthetics of the existing Shopify Store. Some of the best features of the Enquire Post Purchase Free Survey App enables you to:

  • Customize the survey confirmation message to your liking- you can also add discount codes.
  • Choose to display your survey questions to new customers.
  • Customize the location of the survey by incorporating a tag into the checkout liquid template.
  • Ask where did you hear about us question for more direct customer information.
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