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Before we delve into how we at HulkApps guide the integration of the 123FormBuilder app with your Shopify store, let's first unpack the utility and potential of the 123FormBuilder app itself. As of now, the 123FormBuilder app, developed by POWR, is an emerging player in the app marketplace, looking to establish its presence and demonstrate its value.

What's included
  • Safely Install App
  • Any Shopify Theme Integration
  • Configurations & Setup
  • Troubleshoot and Fix Issues
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Update Management
  • Privacy and Security Compliance Check
What's not included
  • 123FormBuilder app cost

While information such as pricing, number of reviews, supported languages, categories, and overall rating have not yet been established, this gives us a unique vantage point to help shape your experience from the ground up.

Unique Features & Benefits of 123FormBuilder

The 123FormBuilder app's core aim is to simplify data collection and streamline workflows for Shopify storefronts. Here's what you can anticipate from the 123FormBuilder app:

  • Ease of Form Creation : Build forms quickly and easily without needing to write a single line of code.
  • Customization : Design forms that align with your brand's visual identity and specific data collection needs.
  • Integration Capability : Anticipate seamless incorporation into your Shopify store, facilitating better user engagement.

Although details are currently sparse, our expectations are that the 123FormBuilder app will offer significant advantages in capturing customer insights and managing data effectively.

HulkApps' Integration Services for 123FormBuilder App with Shopify Stores

Now, let's focus on how HulkApps adds value to your integration process:

Simplifying Installation and Setup

At HulkApps, we understand that the installation and setup phase is critical. We make this process effortless, ensuring the 123FormBuilder app meshes well with your store's existing systems. Our approach is tailored, recognizing the individuality of your online presence.

Harnessing Integration Expertise

Our integration expertise lies in merging the 123FormBuilder app's potential with Shopify's robust platform. We address any unique challenges, ensuring the app's offerings are fully leveraged to enhance your ecommerce operations.

Offering Ongoing Support and Custom Solutions

Recognizing that integration isn't a one-time event, HulkApps provides continual support and bespoke solutions. We adapt the 123FormBuilder app to suit the unique demands of your store, ensuring its functionality evolves alongside your business.

Prioritizing Timely Delivery and Post-Integration Care

We respect the urgency of ecommerce timelines, managing integration promptly and aligned with your needs. Our aftercare ensures that the 123FormBuilder app remains a cogent part of your digital storefront.

Guaranteeing Data Security and Client Satisfaction

Throughout the integration process, we prioritize the security of your data and uphold client satisfaction. Rest assured, we approach each integration with precision, safeguarding your information and ensuring peace of mind.


Selecting HulkApps for your 123FormBuilder app integration means partnering with a team committed to clarity, efficiency, and support. We provide a comprehensive service designed to amplify the success of your Shopify store. With us, you can expect a seamless integration that not only meets but enhances your ecommerce objectives.

It is vital to note that details regarding the 123FormBuilder app are still forthcoming; however, HulkApps is poised to assiduously navigate the integration terrain, ensuring a smooth and successful addition to your Shopify store.

Disclaimer: 123FormBuilder app may require a fee to provide value to brands. However, setting up the Shopify 123FormBuilder app in your Shopify store can be difficult. Still, HulkApps and its Shopify professionals will help you configure it to your specifications to help you succeed!

Still Searching for the Right Fit?


Exploring Shopify applications might feel like wading through a sea of endless choices. You need a solution that's efficient, flexible, and ready to tackle any task you throw at it. That's where the Hulk Form Builder by comes into the picture.

Key Features of Hulk Form Builder

Hulk Form Builder is an all-encompassing tool designed to help you create forms that are as simple or as sophisticated as your business requires. With its easy-to-navigate user interface, you can quickly design forms that blend seamlessly with your store's aesthetic. But that's just scratching the surface! Here's what you can expect:

  • An array of form types, accommodating any data collection needs.
  • A smooth workflow from design to data collection, ensuring a frustration-free experience.
  • Customization options for every aspect of your form.
  • Google reCaptcha integration to protect against spam.
  • Compatibility with all modern Shopify themes.
  • Mobile responsiveness, providing a flawless experience on any device.
  • Conditional and dynamic field logic to personalize your forms.
  • Immense storage for file uploads without worrying about running out of space.

Why We Recommend Hulk Form Builder

The versatility of the Hulk Form Builder extends beyond just creating contact forms. Whether you're gathering feedback, conducting surveys, or just need an efficient way to store customer information, Hulk Form Builder holds immense potential for your business. Moreover, it fits right into your existing Shopify ecosystem by working hand-in-hand with Shopify Flow, Klaviyo, Stripe, Google Sheets, Slack, MailChimp, Zapier, and more.

This integration doesn’t just save time; it creates a holistic and automated workflow for your data management.

Pricing Structure

To cater to all sizes of business, Hulk Form Builder has a varied pricing structure:

  • Basic Plan (Free): Unlimited forms, submissions export, file uploads with unlimited storage, and conditional logic.
  • Pro Plan ($9.90/month): Adds UTM tracking, dynamic values, account responses API, and more.
  • Pro+ Plan ($19.90/month): Advanced integrations like Google Sheets and a higher upload limit.
  • Development Plan (Free): Access all features on development stores before launching.

Merchant Feedback

The response from Shopify store owners has been overwhelmingly positive. The features, especially the conditional logic and dynamic fields, have received much acclaim for enabling personalized experiences. Storeowners also appreciate the app’s design flexibility and the robust support from the HulkApps team.

Ready to Simplify Your Form Game?

Making the right choice in Shopify apps can be the difference between 'just managing' and truly excelling. Hulk Form Builder stands out as a premier choice for any store owner who values efficiency, customization, and ease-of-use.

Take the step today towards streamlined operations and enhanced user engagement. Get started with the free plan, and see for yourself how Hulk Form Builder can transform your data collection strategy.

Explore Hulk Form Builder for Free and unlock the full potential of your Shopify store!


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