Instagram Access Token (deprecated)

Instagram Access Token is a set of code to help you embed Instagram feeds into your Shopify store. Enabling you to display your follower counts gives you an ability to build customer trust and engagement. Let’s not forget more engagement means higher probability of conversions.

To be able to have this opportunity for your Shopify store, you should get access to Instagram Access Token Generator online. Using this tool, you can create an Instagram Access Token easily.


Instagram Legacy API permission was depreciated on 29th June 2020. Sharing third-party photos or videos on Shopify stores or any other website is no longer permitted. This requires store owners to retrieve or get access to Instagram Access Token Generator online to prevent the disruption of app or website services. The permission makes retrieving Instagram Basic Display API and Instagram Graph API easy and allows Instagram feed to feature on Shopify website.

How to Generate Instagram Access Token

1. Create A New App on Facebook for Developers

Use your registered Facebook account to create an app in Facebook for Developers account. Or you can create a new account for Facebook and create an app in Facebook for Developers.

2. Add a New App

From Facebook Developers Account, you can find a ‘Create App’ button. As you click it, you must specify what your app is likely to do.

As you move through this stage, you must choose More Options and then Something Else for custom permissions set and get your app registered.

3. Create Your App

When you add your app, there are a few entries you need to fill.

i. Name your app

ii. Provide contact email

iii. Select if you have a Business Account Manager or select no business manager.

4. Set Up Instagram Basic Display API

After you have created an app, Instagram Basic Display needs configuration to create Instagram Token Generator. Click Set Up.

5. Create an App from Basic Display

You will be redirected to the Basic Display option, where you need to click Create New App.

6. Add or Remove Instagram Testers

In this section, the app name you choose will be displayed the same as you selected. Keep it as it is. Now, click Create App.

After the process, it requires you to add an Instagram Tester to generate an Instagram Token Generator.

As you click Create App, you will be redirected to the Basic Display page to Add or Remove Instagram Testers.

In the Add or Remove Section, make sure there are two different Testers fields. Choose Instagram Testers to get an access token.

7. Generate Instagram Access Token

Simply put the Instagram user ID in the Tester field. Grant access to your Shopify store account to share photos and videos on the website.

Go to settings of your Instagram account. Go to Apps & Websites and choose Tester Invites here. Click on Accept to grant permission.

Get back to Facebook for Developers, select the app you created and then get back to Basic Display. As you scroll down, you will see User Token Generator. Click Generate Token to reveal Instagram Access Token Generator on Instagram account. Copy and paste the access token in the Instagram Access Token bar provided and update settings. Now, you are ready to share your videos and photos on Shopify Website.

This is the process you can follow to enable third-party Instagram plugins to allow feeds on your Shopify Themes if your feeds are no longer visible on your storefront.

Apply these techniques to create Instagram Access Token Generator online and boost your engagement with audiences by sharing product or service related photos or videos.


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