Infinite Product Options app vs Competition

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How are Hulkapps Infinite Product Options App better than the competition?

We are here to improve the process of reviewing some of your favorite Shopify apps for you. Our team put a lot of effort to prepare reviews to examine the overall performance of HulkApps Infinite Product Options app and compare it with the overall performance of other Shopify Product Options apps.

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HulkApps Infinite Product Options vs Relentless Apps

Infinite Product Options

Star 4.5 (596 Reviews)

Free | 9.99/mo 14 Days

The Product Options app lets you quickly customize your product options with unlimited variations. Give your customers more options and sell more on your site. Product Options give you greater flexibility to customize your products, create upsell opportunities, and give a better shopping experience. read more

Features Free 9.99/mo
Dropdown (Single Select) checked checked
Checkbox (Single Select) checked checked
Swatches (Single Select) checked checked
Radio Button checked checked
Dropdown (Multiple Select) checked checked
Checkbox (Multiple Select) checked checked
Swatches (Multiple Select) checked checked
Short Text checked checked
Paragraph Text checked checked
Short-Text Group checked checked
Number checked checked
Email checked checked
Color checked checked
Date checked checked
Font Picker checked checked
Telephone checked checked
File Upload checked checked
Additional Features Free 7.99/mo
Required Field checked checked
Tool Tip checked checked
Help Text unchecked checked
Default Value checked checked
Placeholder value unchecked unchecked
Conditional Logic checked checked
Advanced CSS checked checked
ADvanced JS checked checked
SKU Support checked checked
Price Adjustment checked checked
Price Adjustment (% Based) checked checked
Price Adjustment % Wise checked checked
Price Per Character checked checked
One Time Charge checked checked
Character Limit checked checked
Live Count Of Character checked checked
Value-based Numeric Fields checked checked
Advance Customization checked checked
Product Add-on(Linking) checked checked
Inventory Checking checked checked
Edit in Cart feature checked checked
Bulk Import/Export checked checked
Ajax Cart Support checked checked
Cross-selling Options checked checked
Discount Code In Use checked checked
Priority Support Free 7.99/mo
Premium Support/Top Priority Support checked checked
Order Logic
Order Printer Pro
Volume & Tired Discount
Order Delivery Data

With the new release of the app, no manual placement of any coding is required for installing the application in your store's theme. Just one click installation and user is ready to go. However, for using the Discount code functionality there's a small code which needs to be placed in the "cart-template" or "cart.liquid" file of your theme. Follow the coding guide here

Yes, you can use Coupon codes in your store. It requires a manual coding placement in the "cart-template.liquid" or "cart.liquid" file of your theme. Place the code wherever you need the Discount Code box to be displayed on the Cart Page.

In the "Create/Edit Option" pop-up, after adding all the relevant details such as option name, display name, etc. while adding the option value(s), in the "Adjust Price" dropdown select create charge option and then add the value of the price you want to assign to the particular option.

You can use any product option type endlessly. Not just that, even image and color swatches option type is forever free in our app. You can fully customize the design without paying an extra penny.



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