HulkApps Order Status Tracker app vs AfterShip + Automizely Track & Notify app

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak across the world, Retail Business continuity has been immensely affected across verticals from rapidly changing customer behavior to supply issues.

We’re offering a snapshot of the best app-comparison; HulkApps app and their competitive apps you can use it in your Shopify store to ease your job.

On this page, you can review the overall performance of the HulkApps custom Order Status Tracker app and compare it with the overall performance of the Track & Notify by AfterShip + Automizely. Based on the features they serve, we have tried to capture the user satisfaction ratings.

What’s more, you can research their features in detail to see which Shopify product options app can better deal with your company’s needs. In general, we're letting our merchants to immediately check the big picture, all the while offering you easy access to the details.

Our enthusiastic team has sweat it out to prepare reviews of all popular Order Status Tracker app in Shopify, but among them, a few apps, one of which is the Track & Notify by AfterShip + Automizely caught our special attention.

What makes HulkApps Shopify Order Status Tracker App a better pick

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The value of knowledge inheres in power to access data at the right points, making it available in the right way can improve, and automate business processes.

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Integration With All Major Carriers

Integrated with 700+ carriers worldwide and also capable of integrating with whatever shipping service you prefer.

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Handle the data

The multi-faceted app can cover an array of functionalities to help any size business operate to its fullest capacity.

The unlimited Free Shopify Order Status Tracker App gives you a great start!

Building Better Customer Relations and Satisfaction with Order Status Tracker

The agnostic application offers a feature-rich admin panel that leverages your store capabilities in an eCommerce business. Using google maps integration to track the order allows for a seamless, scalable, and secure integration to your store.

By focusing on proving a more reliable online shopping experience, Order Status Tracker App allows you easily customize the way layout looks and experience to customers by tweaking the text, text colors, background colors, and others on the page.

The ability to send automated transactional order notifications to your customers and notify them that their orders are on their way has given store owners the power to sell more products and services than ever before.

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The Pro version of Shopify Order Status Tracker App gives you more power.

Be a powerful store, create robust businesses with healthy sales. It is a formidable solution built to handle your needs of today and scale to tomorrow’s desires.

The pro plan and upgraded plan features are for the customers who have orders >100/ month.

The combination of our connoisseur consultants, custom developers, and hands-on approach helps you in delivering a custom order status tracker with Intelligent delivery estimates. It provides a timeline graphical view of the progress of the order concerning its milestones, which in turn gives you more confidence when communicating with your customers.

With HulkApps Shopify custom eCommerce order status tracking, there are significantly fewer inquiries. Once implemented, all the tracking information is automatically shared with your customer. If any issues arise, you can quickly search through all of your orders to resolve.

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Features you may like from Track & Notify by AfterShip + Automizely


Get Back Customers

Direct customers to your store for tracking and keep them engaged with the necessary details.


Proactive Delivery Updates

Integrates with 500+ carriers worldwide to have complete visibility of all shipments statuses and location as it moves towards the customer.


Customize API

Build a tracking page in the mobile app or store in any format with help from the developers.

The basic plan ($5.99/mo) of Track & Notify by AfterShip + Automizely features

Aftership + Automizely Track & Notify App helps keep your customers updated on the whereabouts of their orders until delivery through an intuitive, customized tracking page and automated notifications.

Reduce Customer Inquiries & Complaints on order status by enabling customers to look up order status by order number+email or tracking number anytime. With the auto-generated link, retailers can enhance SEO ranking and store traffic by ousting the carrier’s tracking link.

Integrated with 500+ carriers, which include UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, China Post (ePacket), and China EMS, you can have the complete landscape of all shipments statuses and location as it moves towards the customer.

The basic free plan allows you to avail of all features except premium features.

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Here's what the paid plans of the Track & Notify by AfterShip + Automizely brings along?

Designed and configured for top brands and high volume store retailers. The paid plans are packed with highly-optimized shipment tracking features to improve the post-purchase experience.

Enjoy all basic features with Advanced search and filter options to answer your customer query quickly and easily. The other features include,
- Gain serviceable insights to optimize delivery rate, exception rate, and delivery time to improve the shipping performance and make data-driven decisions
- Generate reports for top couriers, top destinations, the number of shipments tracked, and exception shipments.

The cutting-edge premium features of paid plans are the possibility to Bulk import up to 5,000 shipments and bulk export up to 20,000 shipments in one go.


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