HulkApps Metafields Master App vs Metafields Editor by Webify Technology

Who doesn’t need detailed product information on a Shopify Store? Metafields Custom Field Master App By HulkApps gives each of your products better exposure with a metafield metadata feature. Employ custom metafields to attribute specialized product information and connect better with your customers.

Get the most out of custom metafields for your Shopify Stores. Getting our Shopify Metafields Custom Field Master App by HulkApps makes it easy to extend the functionality of your online shop and incentivize customers to shop more from you easily. Use and add additional product information, collections, orders, and blogs too.

Our research analyst has brought to you a detailed comparison between HulkApps Custom Field Master App and Metafields Editor by Webify Technology. Find out the exponential capabilities of our high-performing custom metafields Shopify app helping you add additional product information to collections, orders, products and blogs too.

Let us keep you ahead of the competition with added advantages through our app. However, we also let you learn about the app performance of our competitor's app so that you never blame your decision. Discover how we fare against Webify Technology driven Metafields Editor App.

What makes HulkApps Metafields MasterApp a must-have choice

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Multilingual Fields

Custom Field Master supports multiple languages to enable metafield product update. Built-in translation allows for rapid storefront product update.

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Secure file sharing

Enjoy encrypted data storage with HulkApps. Share via global CDN which also enables co-edit and data update on screen.

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Bulk Export/Import

Merchants can boost performance of the sales popup through Googlge Analytics Integrations. Track number of clicks and improve impulse buying.

Metafields Editor I Unlimited Custom Fields with Premium Features- Get amazing competitive advantage ($4.99/mo)

Not all merchants are familiar with custom Liquid templates significant for storing unique product data. We help you with code consistency between pages and easy data management while working with multiple custom fields. Our custom field Shopify App eliminates all issues at ease.

We have every solution for your Shopify store- you can fight bugs and save time from being wasted during accommodating unique product data in custom Liquid product templates. HulkApps Metafields Custom Field Master app features nice GUIs, enabling you to create metafields for any product and variant in a few minutes.

With Pro and Forever Free Plans, HulkApps allows for quick metafields edits. Using the metafields editor, you can configure an unlimited number of fields and bring to use a whole bunch of useful field types. Pro also lets you customize HTML, Color Fields, Email, and Phone.

Get all these exciting features from HulkApps Metafield Editor today.

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Harness the advanced features - sell with confidence and expand beyond expectations

HulkApps custom fields Shopify app ensures every merchant enjoys more freedom with creating brand profiles for collections, adding additional collection descriptions, highlighting product details- material, size, and measurements.

Choose to add extra information with our Metafields Custom Field Master App across any page- home, contact, about, blogs, and articles. You can also keep track of internal data.

Forever Free version gives you enough coverage you may require to manage content and customize your fields. Our Shopify custom fields app is engineered to support any store so that you can easily add, manage, export, and import to your fields and publish on your storefront.

Some more advanced features from Metafields Master Pro amazingly satiate your demands. These features are best for any fields that need more specific product descriptions, including help manuals, tutorials videos, and even more like adding information to URLs, images, files, dates and times.

Imagine all the above features free of cost except for some advanced features in Pro version. Try out our unlimited Free trial today.

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Features you may like from Metafields Editor by Webify Technology


Bulk Edit

Custom fields Shopify app simplifies the editing process with bulk edit. It saves you time and enables import and export metafields in bulk.


Enhance store

Metafields editor lets you add product descriptions to your store. Shopify admin doesn’t allow it but this app makes it easy to store data anywhere.


Unlimited product information

With Shopify metafields editor, you can add unlimited number of metafields for all resource types. Everything is manageable from a single page.

Premium Features of Metafields Editor by Webify Technology ($8/mo-$30/mo)

Webify Technology has three plans for its Shopify custom field app- Basic, Pro, and Unlimited with three different pricing models for the merchants. The basic features ‘edit metafields’ which are available on a credit system- 10 for 1000 credits to be used for imports/exports.

However, HulkApps combines all the best features into its Metafields Custom Field Master app available at a competitive price and does not make any merchant feel cringed. Just compare our price and see how you can leverage high-end advantages for custom fields data storage.

Bulk edit is a feature added to Webify Technology Metafields editor only to enable extensive edits for product information. You can use this feature to add, edit, and delete fields in bulk. When you do the theme customization, you can use a metafield editor to store information.

With Pro version, shopify merchants can leverage the basic features and also earn an ability to use unlimited import/export without any credit.

To avail these above features and the Unlimited plan, spend a lot of money after this custom field app.

More from Webify Technology

Metafields Editor is just another Shopify app for custom fields affirming to bring advanced enhancement to your digital store. Merchants can use this custom field app for storing metafield data with products, variants, and collections. Some of the best features you can avail from Webify Technology are:

  • You can add instant metafields to the Shopify storefront using Shopify API.
  • The custom metafield editor is simply and intuitive to perform tasks in one page.
  • Add to cart to enable quick checkout.
  • Add new metafield, edit existing one, and delete metafields.
  • Shopify Plus customers can use unlimited import/export without credits.
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