HulkApps Master Popups All-in-one App vs Modify Promotional Lightbox by Mod Media

Are you too much dependent on good SEO? SEO earns you better search results, but to keep customers hooked on your online store, you need to give them a reason. Timed promotion popups with coupons by HulkApps helps you capitalize on this high-performing tool and bring in conversions.

Draw your customers’ attention at the right time without irking them too much. Use Shopify master popups on the browser window making it easy to look for offers, important messages, and discounts or offers.

Get the powerful Shopify Master Popups before customers start abandoning their carts. But, which one to grab? This is certainly driving you puzzled while you search through a sea full of apps on Shopify stores.

Our research analyst has brought to you a detailed comparison between HulkApps Master Popups and Modify Promotional Lightbox by Mod Media. Find out the exponential capabilities of our best Shopify Promotion Popups with Coupons and keep increasing your sales volumes.

Let us keep you ahead of the competition with added advantages through our app. However, we also let you learn about the app performance of our competitor's app so that you never blame your decision. Discover how we fare against the Modify Promotional Lightbox app by Mod Media.

What sets HulkApps Promotion Popups with Coupons apart from Modify Promotional Lightbox by Mod Media

Chargeable options

Unlimited Popup Views

Shopify promotion popup app can be put across your eCommerce store as a micro-landing page with unlimited popup views.

Chargeable options


Geo-targeting allows you to Allow/Disallow popups to be shown on the stores for countries or locations you select and target the right visitors.

Chargeable options

Flexible Triggers

Keep your customers satisfied with the timed promotion pop ups that help them direct to the checkout page and make the purchase.

Email Popup I Discount Popup I Subscribe Popup- Get All-in-One App ($4.99/mo)

What better ways can you find to prevent cart abandonment and bounce rates than HulkApps Master Popups. As an expert Shopify Partner, we help you make better use of Promotion Popups right across your website. Get it to your website to let your customers convert.

Our Shopify promotion popup app is a dynamic tool that recaptures your visitors’ attention and increases their interest to shop with you. It is engineered the right way, giving you full control to trigger Master Popups as exit-intent popups.

Regardless of what you want to promote across your site, our Master Popups intelligently adjusts to your promotion activity needs. Get it today to use for multiple applications. You can make use of it for driving sales with coupon popups, email popups, announcement bars and more.

Get all these exciting features from HulkApps Master Popups at just $4.99/ per month.

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Harness the advanced features - sell with confidence and expand beyond expectations

We let all Shopify merchants get the right look and feel from our promotion popups, making it easier to blend with exactly how their stores look. The built-in customizable layout gives you more flexibility to choose color, texts, and fonts, and complement the popup themes.

Pay only $4.99/mo and get amazing features highly optimized for driving excellent sales results. With a low-cost promotion app, you can get multiple numbers of beautiful email collections.

Our Master Popups app is geo-targeted. Be it email, or any other popup, you can target a country-specific audience. Fully feature-loaded promotion popups are powerful that gives you a lot of functionality for newsletters or email marketing. Get enhanced email automation from Klyaviyo and Mailchimp you can also use to auto-sync contact and personalize your marketing activities. Get every action from the email dashboard. Also, use curated templates to personalize your newsletters.

Get the best functionality such as popup positioning, display conditions, and auto-scheduling. Also, use them multiple use cases.

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Features you may like from Modify Promotional Lightbox by Mod Media

Bold Commerce

Exit Popups

From the landing page to the exit page or checkout page, Shopify promotion pop apps can be displayed in a flexible way.

Bold Commerce

URL Links

The flexibility to add URL links to promotion popup is an added advantage to redirect customers to the page you want to get traffic from.

Bold Commerce


Promotional Lightbox Shopify promotion app has built-in reporting to give you a detailed report of performance.

Key Features for your Shopify Store from Modify Promotional Lightbox by Mod Media ($5/mo-$15/mo)

For all Shopify merchants, Modify Promotional Lightbox App by Mod Media is a beautiful app that helps you increase conversion rate. For any kind of promotion events, it can give you a good experience. It is fast and effective to reduce cart abandonment and also promote special events to get more buyers in your store.

Compared to HulkApps, you may miss some basic features like confirmation popup customization and also coupon popup. However, Mod Media makes sure all merchants get extended features embedded in its paid packages- Starter & Premium Plans coming with a price tag of $5/mo and $15/mo respectively.

All Promotional Lightbox popups are easy to install and you can also make use of multiple popups for special events. Advanced features are powerful to help you with newsletter address collection. Use them to prevent customers from leaving your website when they are intended to leave your website.

Build your fully-customizable popups for Shopify stores and get more subscribers to drive sales.

More from Modify Promotional Lightbox by Mod Media!

Mod Media has combined two different sets of features in its two paid packages. These features can give any merchant a great start with their promotional activities and help connect with customers better. Some exciting features from both paid packages let you,

  • Integrate AJAX with Mailchimp. It helps your customers sign up fast.
  • Track every statistic of your promotion popup performance.
  • Set geolocation to specific lightboxes and promote special offers and promos.
  • Display an image in the Lightbox, or merchants can also use snippets to control the Promotional Lightbox.
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