HulkApps Infinite Product Options vs Advanced Product Options by Mageworx

What is better HulkApps Infinite Product Options app or Advanced Product Options by Mageworx? We are here to improve the process of reviewing the best Shopify Product customizer for you.

For example, on this page, you can examine the overall performance of the Infinite Product Options app and compare it with the overall performance of the Advanced Product Options by Mageworx. You can also match their overall user satisfaction ratings based on the features they serve.

What’s more, research their features in detail to see which Shopify product options app can better deal with your company’s needs. In general, we're letting our merchants to immediately check the big picture, all the while offering you easy access to the details.

Our team put a lot of effort to prepare reviews of all popular Product Options app in Shopify, but among them, a few apps one of which is the Advanced Product Options by Mageworx caught our special attention. So, let's dive in.

What makes HulkApps Infinite Product Options a better pick

pick options

Chargeable options

Assign prices to specific options. Bulk-Apply options to specific products, collections, or the entire store.

Pick options

Unlimited options

Let customers personalize your products for engraving, gift wrapping, monogramming, custom printing and more.

Pick options

Option Cross-sell

Product options can be linked to products! That means you can bundle in smaller items.

The forever Free version HulkApps Infinite Product Options gives you a great start!

Let your customers select unlimited customization and options right on the product page.

Bulk apply options to any number of products at one time with a single click, assigning option sets to a single product, or a custom-selected group like a collection, brand, or product type.

Assign a price to an option (such as gift-wrapping or engraving) that don’t carry inventory, and show the customer how much they need to pay additional to the base product price.

Custom product option app allows you to change the look of your product customizable to you.

Install the app

The Pro version of HulkApps Infinite Product Options give you more power.

Create rules that show or hide options based on your customer's previous selections. E.g. Hide the file upload option that asks for their logo unless they’ve selected Personalize shirt option in the previous step.

Manage Inventory Every option can be attached to a specific product variant in your store. It will not only append the price of product, but manage stock inventory for each product options as well.

Customers can edit the options they’ve previously selected, directly from the cart page without having to start over from scratch. Our exclusive edit options in cart feature display as a button on the cart page that pops-up with option details.

Import existing options to your store easily in just one click. Download options data in .XLXS file. You can fulfill orders easily as the options that customer picks, will appear in order summery in your Shopify.

Imagine all the above features at a minimal fee of $79/mo. Wanna give it a 14 days Free trial?

View Demo Store Start 14 days Free Trial

Features you may like from the Advanced Product Options by Mageworx


Conditional Logic

Create rules that show or hide options based on selections to avoid overloading customers up front.


SKU Policy

It allows keeping stock of product variations under control.


Stock Management

The app makes custom option stock management fast and easy.

The Premium & only ($14.99/mo) plan of Advanced Product Options by Mageworx lets you

    • Lets you forget about setting product variants manually & lets you add a bevy of product variations in a couple of mouse clicks

    • Create any number of Custom Options Templates and easily apply them to a selection of products. Templates can be modified or duplicated whenever needed.

    • Overcome 3 options / 100 variants limitation set by Shopify and easily add an UNLIMITED amount of custom ones to any product.

    • Create dependencies of different kinds, based on the types of products you are selling & set dependencies of various kinds in bulk with Conditional Logic

  • Allows keeping stock of product variations under control

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