HulkApps Form Builder vs Form Builder | Mailchimp Forms by POWr io

What is better HulkApps Form Builder app or Form Builder | Mailchimp Forms by POWr io? We are here to improve the process of reviewing the best Shopify Form Builder app for you.

For example, on this page, you can examine the overall performance of the HulkApps Form Builder app and compare it with the overall performance of Form Builder | Mailchimp Forms by POWr io. You can also match their overall user satisfaction ratings based on the features they serve.

What’s more, research their features in detail to see which Shopify Form Builder can better deal with your company’s needs. In general, we're letting our merchants to immediately check the big picture, all the while offering you easy access to the details.

Our team put a lot of effort to prepare reviews of all popular Shopify Contact Form app, but among them, these the Form Builder | Mailchimp Forms by POWr io caught our special attention. So, let's dive in.

What makes HulkApps Form Builder a better pick

Chargeable options

Create Custom Forms

Lets you create any type of contact form, registration form, return forms or wholesale forms easily. Easy contact form app.

Chargeable options

Conditional Logic

Show/Hide Fields based on the value filled in the form. Send Email to team based on the value submitted. Payment support Stripe & PayPal.

Chargeable options

Drag n Drop Interface

Create forms easily by our drag n drop interface which makes it easy to create the forms. Best alternate to Typeform, Jot Forms, & Hubspot.

The forever Free version of HulkApps Form Builder gives you a great start!

If you need forms for generating leads, collecting payments, distributing surveys, track page views, &more, Form Builder is for you. Trusted by thousands, this form maker helps you build Unlimited Forms with ease and hassle-free. Embed just one snippet of code and you’ll be up and running in no time.

FREE Form Builder lets you

  • Get an email for each response
  • Easily embed form with your current theme
  • Build your form in ANY language
  • Fully customize fields, look & feel as well as layout
  • Store Form Submissions
  • Setup Multiple Recipients for form submissions
  • Set Custom thank you messages
  • Much more...
Install the app

The Pro ($10/mo) version of HulkApps Form Builder give you more power.

Simple yet intuitive, this app lets you create unlimited forms for no extra price. Basic online form creator; Priced very cheap for its rich features. Form builder is secure as it provides spam guards with no watermarks on form.

The Pro version of the HulkApps Form Builder app lets you - Integrate form data with Klaviyo

  • Accept Online Payments through secure integration with Stripe
  • Create Customer Accounts automatically on Shopify
  • Automatically get product name, URL, customer name, email using Hidden Field
  • Custom help text, placeholder messages, information text in ANY language
  • API available
  • Advanced CSS and JS
  • Google Analytics form button to track page view
  • Form Response Notification to Admin as well as Customer

Imagine all the above features at a minimal fee of $10/mo. Wanna give it a 6 days Free trial?

View Demo Start 6 days Free Trial

Features you may like from the Form Builder | Mailchimp Forms by POWr

Bold Commerce

Wholesale + Contact Forms

Collect file uploads, add star ratings and reviews, wholesale pricing and custom quote forms, registrations and sign up forms.

Bold Commerce

Ambassador Form Builder

Easily manage ambassador requests and build brand influencers. Custom fields let you collect all kinds of information in this form builder.

Bold Commerce

Registration + Quote Forms

Customize your sales experience by using quote forms and custom wholesale pricing forms for your customers.

Here's what the Form Builder | Mailchimp Forms by POWr brings along?

If you're looking to get more sales but don't have a huge sales team or web development team to help you? POWr's Wholesale Form Builder is the easy way to create custom wholsesale or brand ambassador application forms for your website without any coding or steep learning curve.

It's been trusted by thousands of Shopify businesses who collect wholesale applications including Buddha Pants, Happy Dog Food, Sake Company and Michele’s Granola.

Build your form the way you need it! * Collect file uploads * Build your own custom autoresponder emails * Position your form for more responses and registration - either popup or fixed position * Use conditional logic to show/hide questions based on a customer's previous response * Split your form into pages (or multiple steps) * Redirect users after submission or show them a 'Thank you' message.

With the Form Builder | Mailchimp Forms by POWr you'll stay on Top of Responses

Make sure you never miss a form submission so you can get back to customers quickly and efficiently.

  • Get automatic email notifications every time somebody submits your form
  • Limit submissions by a date or time so you don't have to disable your form * Limit submissions to one per user to avoid spam
  • See a summary of responses in your Responses dashboard
  • See daily/weekly/monthly analytics in your Responses dashboard
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  • Klaviyo
  • Stripe
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