HulkApps GDPR/CCPA Compliance Manager App vs GDPR Cookie Consent Banner by Pandectes

GDPR compliance means satisfied customers and more business for your Shopify eCommerce.

Be compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation Law with our Free GDPR App. Get tools and apps in place for your Shopify store and enhance its functionality. Keep your customers happy with the assurance of a robust privacy policy while we ensure you hardly ignore the importance of GDPR.

Integrating HulkApps Free GDPR/CCPA Cookie Management App on your busy Shopify store means you have little time to avoid compliance. Leave no room for carelessness that can draw flaks- if not severe penalties.

Our research analyst has brought to you a detailed comparison between HulkApps Free GDPR App vs GDPR Cookie Consent Banner by Pandectes.

Find out the exponential capabilities of our high-performing Shopify GDPR Cookie Banner App ensuring proper compliance with the GDPR and better user experience.

Let us keep you ahead of the competition with added advantages through our app. However, we also let you learn about the app performance of our competitor's app so that you never blame your decision. Discover how we fare against the GDPR Cookie Consent Banner App by Pandectes.

What makes HulkApps GDPR/CCPA Compliance Manager a must-have choice

Chargeable options

Geo-targeting Bar

With a geo-targeting capability, you can add code snippets to your cookie consent bar. This allows you to present the bar to the EU visitors only.

Chargeable options

Polaris Styling

Apply an extensive styling to your cookie bar in line with Polaris specifications and ensure a better user experience.

Chargeable options

One-click Install

GDPR cookie banner does not need any steep coding knowledge. Also, it takes just a click to collect consent statistics.

Intensifying user privacy policy with HulkApps GDPR/CCPA Compliance Manager App

A fair amount of data processing happens regularly on your Shopify store as your customers interact with a bountiful of tools and apps. Let your customers know you have an EU GDPR/CCPA consent bar from HulkApps that allows you to keep check with a fair policy while dealing with all identifiable customer data.

We make it easier to seek permission from any users based out of the EU before you collect any kind of personal data. Don’t think too much about how data is collected from users. Our EU Cookie Bar & GDPR cookie banner asks for direct and explicit content from your users at ease and helps you use them for strategizing a better customer experience.

That’s not all from our Shopify GDPR cookie banner app. Apart from taking care of how you avoid non-compliance with, we also ensure you connect well with your audience using advanced theming features. Choose color, size, and fonts to customize your cookie notice bar and blend it to your website.
Get peace of mind free of cost with our Free GDPR App now.

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Harness the advanced features - sell with confidence and expand beyond expectations

Maintain with us all possibilities of data protection using our comprehensive Shopify Cookie Management App. Ask for user consent, implement data minimization, maintain integrity and confidentiality, and don’t forget to limit storage.

Free GDPR/CCPA+Cookie Management app gives your users better visibility into your lawful and transparent actions. The best thing about our app is that you can use it for free.

Free yet dynamic and feature-loaded app satiates your diverse demands as you need to comply with GDPR requirements. The customizability features allow you to display a cookie popup and banner app anywhere on the website user interface. Play with its look and feel- add text and button color. You can also integrate banner popup messages as per your needs.

Our Shopify GDPR Cookie banner app is responsive across any device, giving you unbelievable control over its popup behavior. For busy Shopify owners, our GDPR Cookie Notice+CCPA Bar App fits perfectly with their shops. However, for a more personalized experience, you can benefit from the ease of prototyping and build your own app.

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Features you may like from the GDPR Cookie Consent Banner App by Pandectes

Bold Commerce

Consent Statistics

Instant mail notifications allow you to know how many consent and data statistics you have collected from your Shopify store.

Bold Commerce

Multilingual Banners

Get more than 20 EU language support with built-in auto-translation capabilities. Ask for consent in any language from EU visitors only.

Bold Commerce

Advanced Customizability

Use varying levels of customization flexibility with elements- layout, display position, fonts, color, padding, and size. Fit any Shopify store.

Key features of GDPR Cookie Consent Banner by Pandectes

Pandectecs includes loads of necessary features in its free version that can flexibly comply with the EU GDPR laws. One advantage of this free Shopify GDPR cookie banner app is that it enables compliance with both EU and CA visitors. Merchants can gracefully inform their visitors about the orchestration of a ePrivacy GDPR cookie bar app on their stores and provide them an opportunity to consent for personal data tracking.

The GDPR Cookie Consent app is fast and easy. It has a powerful setting to enable all merchants to have a live preview of banner modes and go with the one which best suits their store aesthetics.

Other than this setting capability, store owners can also use advanced theming to choose from multiple banner modes or reset consent bar configurations. For more added functionality into the consent app bar, merchants can choose to use custom CSS as well.

Gain more from Pandectes Paid Packages ($5.99/-$14.99/mo)

GDPR Cookie Consent Banner App from Pandectes ensures more advanced features for Shopify merchants that one may fail to get all from one place. Advanced features come bundled with two paid packages- PLUS & PREMIUM. The former costs $ 5.99/mo, while the latter costs merchants $14.99/mo. Although these are too pricey, merchants can avail some great functionalities that help comply with the GDPR law.

Some of the most attractive features you can avail from Pandectes Shopify GDPR consent bar app are:

  • It has extra Opt-out options to help visitors decide if they want to sign up for consent or not.
  • The Shopify GDPR banner app includes privacy policy links to direct visitors to the detailed page.
  • A statistical dashboard simplifies consent and data tracking.
  • Choose any kind of cookie icon options to show to your users.
  • An embedded cookie scanner identifies cookies being used on your website.
  • Easy integrations with third-party apps- Oberlo, ReConvert, Klyviyo, Loox, PushOwl is better for customer insights.

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