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Embrace consistent omnichannel experience anytime, anywhere with powerful Shopify headless solutions.

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Why go headless with Shopify?

Shopify Headless Commerce Should you go headless with Shopify?

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Head to the next-generation commerce

Move without head
Move without head

Decouple or separate the frontend from the backend and fuel your imagination with a custom front-end.

Piece tools together
Piece tools together

Build on API-driven technologies and leverage unimaginable backend control for multiple UX/UI tools.

Keep revenue rolling
Keep revenue rolling

Not just one tool, but sell on multiple channels that sit together on one platform 一 to help you scale with Shopify Plus commerce engine.

Headless with Shopify that uncovers more opportunities than ever before.

Transitioning to headless commerce with Shopify means you can have all the powerful tools and functions of the Shopify backend. On top of utilizing a large set of Shopify APIs and built-in tools, Shopify Storefront API or GraphQL Storefront API helps you build experience-led fronted solutions.

Create rich customer experiences

CMS customization

Update and personalize rapidly without affecting the functions of other components or waiting for the engineering team. If existing CMS lacks, use API-backed third-party CMS solutions. Add video, high-quality images anytime to boost engagement.

Increase store performance

Fast page load

PWAs or statically-generated frontend solutions that reduce JS and CSS resources prevent performance issues and load faster for a differentiated customer experience. Increase organic traffic, accessibility to content, and conversions.

Fast page load

Move along the change

Scalability and growth

Install immediate content change during BFCM or peak seasonal sales. Add new content blocks, videos, or announcements, update your inventory all without disrupting the frontend UI/UX experience.

Build native mobile experience

Headless PWAs

Build custom storefront for PWAs with Shopify Plus as a headless engine. We have custom frontend options like Vue storefront or React.Js to send push notifications and increase interactions even with a low data network.

Headless PWAs

Win your customers’ trust

Checkout security

Give a pleasurable and risk-free shopping experience with an enterprise-grade Level 1 PCI DSS compliant checkout backed by Shopify Plus. Keep your shopping cart secure on any device.

Got a complicated headless vision?

See how HulkApps can unleash immense possibilities for you

Deploy faster

Deploy faster

Going headless with Shopify means we build microservices into your tool stack. Gain next-level customization with React-based Hydrogen tools, React, Next.js, Ember, and Gatsby for rapid deployment.

Shopping experience

Shopping experience

We help you enable a unified commerce experience. Use Flow to automate critical functions. Or use existing tech stack ― ERP, PIM, CRM to provide information across multiple channels and keep your users engaged.

Personalization that converts

Personalization that converts

We weave an immersive content experience with Shopify as your headless backend. We power different UI/UX solutions with API-powered third-party integrations, rich merchandising, and motion effects.

Promote mobile conversions

Promote mobile conversions

Tap into the power of headless PWAs. Utilizing Vue or React framework, we can build a custom storefront for your app, enable it to load faster across any device, improve engagement with native features, ― and boost conversions.

Create more custom content

Create more custom content

Do not limit yourself. We seamlessly integrate with WordPress, Contentful, Squarespace, or experience platform. Get complete control over your content that boosts customer shopping experience with subscriptions and even with one-time products.



A headless approach with Shopify empowers us to innovate rapidly with IoT, voice assistants, vending machines, in-car dashboards ― to build shoppable commerce with any channels that are coming. We make you future-ready and enhance conversions.

Why HulkApps

Helping you adopt headless Shopify at scale

  • Industry-veteran in Shopify domain
  • Cutting-edge Shopify skills
  • 140+ In-house Shopify members
  • Complete grasp over Shopify GraphQL Storefront API
  • Deep API-integration knowledge
  • Custom design and development
  • Consistent ongoing maintenance

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Headless Shopify Commerce interesting FAQs

Traditional or legacy commerce has frontend and backend tied together, making design and development complicated and slow. Headless commerce separates the backend from the frontend or customer-facing interface that boosts page-to-page loading, engagement, and conversions.

Your road to headless commerce can start with an API-first approach. As a frontend solution, you can choose any device, request API calls back to your headless Shopify commerce backend. This is how it looks to be headless with Shopify.

The wonder of headless commerce with Shopify is that it gives API-driven platform using its GraphQL Storefront API and rich resources of API tools. The backend is separated, but merchants have the flexibility to use all of its tools such as Flow, Scripts, Shopify Payments seamlessly including faster checkout, 99.99 uptime, and irresistible customization.

As you grow, your existing CMS can limit your ability to create custom content to build a rich content-led experience. In a situation like this, you can separate your CMS using GraphQL Storefront API and fuel your imagination. If that is not enough, get HulkApps to use WordPress, Contentful, or Squarespace as your Shopify headless CMS.

The process of headless commerce with Shopify is easy when you have all the essential skills in Storefront API and API tools. However, separating the frontend from the backend needs close attention and expertise, which is enabled only by expert Shopify developers. To scale in the headless ecosystem, connect with a partner.

Shopify Plus provides the flexibility to create as many frontends as you need to let your customers browse or purchase from your headless solutions. Have an experienced agency partner to implement the headless solutions to a blog post, product page, PWAs. Interestingly, using headless API, your ERP, CRM, PIMs, and other backend tools can serve as a headless custom frontend.


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