HulkApps Shopify Age Verification vs Competition

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How are HulkApps Age Verification App better than the competition?

We are here to improve the process of reviewing some of your favorite Shopify apps for you. Our team put a lot of effort to prepare reviews to examine the overall performance of HulkApps Age Verification App and compare it with the overall performance of the competitors Shopify apps.

What’s more, research their features in detail to see which Shopify app can better deal with your company’s needs.

HulkApps Form Builder Apps vs powr

HulkApps 18 +Age Verification Popup app

Star 4.9 ( 37 Reviews)

Free | $4.99/mo 7 Days

Free HulkApps Shopify Age Verification Popup lets you display your logo and customize the text, font, colors, and background image to match your store theme and brand when visitors land on your site. The flow of our Shopify 18+ Age Verification app provides a seamless navigation experience Read more

Features Free 4.99/mo
No coding required checked checked
Mobile responsive checked checked
Custom restriction message checked checked
Custom background image checked checked
Age validation criteria checked checked
Two new preset templates unchecked checked
Verify by Yes/No text checked checked
Verify by Birthdate checked checked
Paragraph Text checked checked
Popup background color checked checked
Color combination checked checked
Date format 1 1
Display text in any language unchecked unchecked
Submit/Exit button text and color checked checked
Logo checked checked
Advanced Features Free 4.99/mo
Any URL can be linked to Exit button checked checked
Readymade images based on industry type unchecked unchecked
Page-specific age verification unchecked checked

Yes, in the application settings there's an option naming 'Verify via Birthdate inputs' which is responsible to enable a birth date selection on the verification popup.

In the application setting under the 'Button Settings 1,' there's an option available to set the validation/restriction message for the users who aren't eligible to enter the site.

In the application setting under the 'Button Setting,' you'll find the options to modify the button's text & color.

Yes, in the application settings the first checkbox option you will observe is to enable/disable the app from your store frontend.



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