HulkApps Advanced Wishlist App vs Swym Corporation Wishlist Plus App

HulkApps Advanced Wishlist App ensures immediate customer benefits by improving the shopping experience. With no intent for immediate purchase does no longer mean your shoppers would never get to buy them. Advanced Wishlist gets you an edge here.

HulkApps Want List Builder for personal favorite items helps your customers build a personalized collection of products they want to buy in the future. Let your customers add to the wishlist and create numerous lists in their accounts.

Our research analyst has brought to you a detailed comparison between HulkApps Advanced Wishlist App between Wishlist Plus by Swym Corporation. Find out the exponential capabilities of our best wishlist Shopify app, helping you boost the sales rate.

We have put a lot of effort into the product reviews for the wishlist app. Let us keep you ahead of the competition with added advantages through our app. However, we also let you learn about the app performance of our competitor's app so that you never blame your decision. Discover how we fare against the Wishlist Plus app by Swym Corporation.

What sets HulkApps Advanced Wishlist apart from Wishlist Plus App by Swym Corporation

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Multiple Wishlists

Different occasions mean a wide variety of needs. Multiple wishlists help sort out products for it and also share it with friends and family.

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Import/Export Wishlist

Save time while managing customers’ wishlists. Export/import wishlist items can improve the delegating of bulk items from customers’ accounts.

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Guest List

It is fast to add favorite items to the wishlists without creating an account. The wishlist is visible in the native when logged in and other wishlists when logged out.

Unlimited Wishlist items I Want List Builder for Personal Favorite Items only @ $59.99/mo

HulkApps Advanced Wishlist App for your Shopify store is a convenient way to let customers save their favorite items to purchase later when they return to your store. Remind your customers of the products they want to have for major future events.

Sharable Shopify’s wishlist page is an advanced way to let your family and friends know what you want to buy. The idea of sharing gives your customers instant feedback on the collection and get items crossed out from the lists to avoid duplication or go for better collections.

Detailed reports are also an advanced way to get insights into what your customers love. This valuable insight helps you optimize your merchandising techniques. So, whenever there are flash sales, free shipping offers, or discount coupons, you can easily remind them.

Get all these exciting features from HulkApps Advanced Wishlist at affordable package rates.

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Harness the advanced features - sell with confidence and expand beyond expectations

HulkApps gives all your customers a rapid advantage to add to wishlist from anywhere- Collection, Product, Shopping Cart, Checkout Page, and also Quick View. With a single click, share Wishlists on social networking sites and people to increase brand awareness.

Powerful Google Analytics tracking displays useful metrics via a dashboard. It helps you decide discount criteria for customers to help improve your sales conversions.

HulkApps advanced Wishlist App is easily customizable and flexibly integrates with any Shopify theme. Lest your customers lose their favorite items and leave your eCommerce store before purchase, the Wishlist app instantly gives access to their desired collection lists.

Facebook Pixel Code Implementation is another advanced tool to enable user engagement and bring them back to your website. You are also able to use multi-lingual Wishlists, Wishlist popup subscription to receive email alerts.

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Features you may like from Wishlist Plus by Swym Corporation


Email Reminders

Send automated email reminders to customers when exciting offers- discounts, free shipping, dropped price are around. It works only with saved wishlist items.


Custom Branding

Easy customizability allows you to use REST API and add a brand message to your Wishlist designs. It is perfect for the target audience and value proposition.


Email Marketing

Initiate personalized email campaigns with Mailchimp & Klaviyo. Also, improve marketing efforts with Facebook and Instagram integration.

Advanced Features of Wishlist Plus App by Swym Corporation ($14.99-99.99/mo)

Starter, Pro, and Premium- these are paid packages from Swym Corporation. Shopify merchants can also try their free plan consisting of Wishlist items, Share Wishlists, and support. HulkApps integrates some of the best features into its Advanced Wishlists, which is affordable yet dynamic.

Swym Corporation Wishlist Shopify App is an intuitive and full-featured plugin that requires no user login to save favorite items to Wishlists. Wishlists are always visible outside of the user account and also in the account.

Optimized for mobile devices, it offers a seamless shopping experience. Wishlist history is always available on any device, initiating faster purchase decisions when reminded through a personalised marketing campaign.

Merchants have lots more to avail from their intelligent opt-in popups. Customers can save their email addresses to help you send contextual emails such as price dropped and more.

Although advanced features, Swym Corporation’s pricing range will probably make you sweat.

More from Wishlist Plus App by Swym Corporation!

Swym Corporation claims to improve traffic and sales with its personalized and customized Shopify Wishlist app. Based on Wishlist activities, merchants can design campaigns and bring back customers to the store. Some of the best features of the Wishlist Plus app enables you to:

  • Integrate with CRM tools such as Salesforce, Zaius among others.
  • Automate your email campaigns with Zapier, Shopify Flow, and Klaviyo Flow.
  • Get insights into app activities and prepare your marketing campaigns.
  • Integrate the Wishlist Plus with Bold Commerce filters and BoostCommerce.
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