Simple Shopify Themes

Simple Shopify theme to get you started

The simple Shopify theme is one of the more basic theme collections and it is designed to help improve the overall visual perception of your store. We offer basic themes that will help you start off easily with all the tools needed to get your brand out there, but you will also be able to choose the designer Shopify themes to help ensure that your business is portrayed the right way to promote your brand.

We have free shopify themes that you can choose from if you are new and what to test out the market, but once your business starts growing, the premium Shopify themes will come in handy and they should further the business potential that your site has garnered. Since the online world is booming at the moment and people are making good money 

Since the online world is booming at the moment and people are making good money,  themes do generally give the first impression of your shop or the business you plan on doing, you will need to invest some time when it comes to setting up the storefront. The theme will be the first thing the client comes into contact with and the more basic this theme is, the better impression your store will make and the higher the chance will be that the customer remembers it and returns.

Our simple theme is not only designed for basic online shops and we do cater for more advanced online stores as well, with jewelry and high-end products being at the top of our list. Our selection of product-specific Shopify themes has been designed to help you promote and push some of your specific products and help them to reach their targeted audience and allow you to make more money.

Setting up your theme can also be daunting if you find yourself new to the world of internet marketing and online selling. The basic themes have been specifically made to simplify this process and help you get your shop off the ground with the least amount of effort. Investing in a simple Shopify theme will certainly help you to excel in the world of online marketing.


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