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Impact of Trust Badges in Increasing Your Conversion and Sales

If you need customers to make purchases on your site, you've got to make them trust you. Trust could be a key component of your customers’ buying choice. They won’t send you their sensitive budgetary information in case they don’t trust that you’ll stand by your end of the deal (giving them...

Use Slideshow Section in Your Shopify Theme [photos]

A slider may be an incredible way to do everything from providing a great above the fold call to action to keeping a user on your site an extra few seconds to boost SEO. Let’s take a closer look at this trending website feature so you'll decide if it is the correct...

How to Successfully Add a Image Slider on Shopify Store

Let’s imagine that you are waiting for guests. Obviously, visiting you they expect to spend great time, including talking, excellent food, drinks, perhaps, some surprises, and certainly hope for a warm welcome. Just the same want the visitors of your online store. Sliders are able to provide you with multiple functional opportunities...




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