Knowledge can come to you in many ways. Be it the hard way, through experience, you make mistakes and then learn from them. Or you can be wise and take the smarter path where you learn from the experiences of others. And books and audiobooks are the most dependable companion when it comes to learning and growing. So, to be a person who can help companies flourish and attain new heights in the e-commerce business, here are some top book recommendations to help you achieve the expertise you desire.

1. The Best Service is No Service

Numerous people dream of becoming entrepreneurs, but they never commit. They're tormented with excuses and anxieties about failing. Starting a business needs lots of money, time, and responsibilities that give a million reasons not to create an enterprise.

This counterintuitive book argues against having customer service at all. Because someone needs it only when they make errors. So, instead of focusing on improving customer service interactions, companies must attend service as a data point to realize mistakes and figure out how to eliminate them.

This creative book deals with a game-changing approach, indicating how managers are taking the wrong path and are using false metrics to assess customer service.

'Be a solution' is one of the most necessary criteria for doing business. It's a lot easier to gain a solid customer base when the business is fixing a situation. The startup should fill a hole in a specific market or niche. E-commerce books are one of the best solutions to any problems. So make sure to check this book out for creating a successful enterprise.

2. Founders at work

Are you searching for all the answers related to business? This is the book that the new startups might be looking for. It contains all sorts of interviews with successful entrepreneurs of the time. How did they start? What happened in the early days of the company? How did they convince investors? How did they get to where they are? There are answers to all the questions mentioned above in this book.

It also shares the lessons they learned and the knowledge they have attained, looking back on the trials and tribulations of that chaotic early days. This book mainly deals with the entrepreneurs' problems and how they overcame such hardships.

Imagine having zero money as there is a high probability that this will occur. Even if such problems arise one day, the entrepreneur could efficiently deal with them because he must have some solution. Knowing the conditions before could hold people to survive even if in crises, and the same goes for entrepreneurs. Also, entrepreneurs must know of every situation that can appear while running a business.

Many business owners face the actual challenge because they don't know how to sell or share the various platforms. Sharing content is essential for any business as it attracts investors to invest in their corporation. If customers are not satisfied with the product, it becomes challenging to make money. Therefore, Sharing and selling of the products should go hand in hand to get better profits.

3. Shoe Dog

"Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do, and let them surprise you with the results."

Phil Knight

Shoe dog: a memoir by Nike's creator presents an autobiographical account of one of the world's most well-known brands. This book offers an insight into the life of Phil Knight and all the ups and downs he had to face to go from selling $8,000 his first year from the trunk of a Plymouth Valiant to emerging as one of the most renowned sports brands today.

This book is a must-read for anyone in the business field as it gives a crucial lesson of not giving up, thriving through the bad times, believing in your strengths, accepting your flaws, leadership, sheer will, and hard work. However, if one is looking for business strategies and tricks that gave Nike the success it has today, one shall be disappointed.

It is more about the struggle, challenges, and hope than bragging about success. This powerful account is sure to leave an impact on anyone with the wisdom it offers that can be applied to one's personal and e-commerce endeavors. So, anyone related to this field has a lot to gain from this honest and humble memoir.

4. Mindset

Mindset by Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck discusses a simple yet potent idea – the power of one's mindset. With years of research to support this idea, the author talks about how success directly affects our perception of our abilities and creates a new vocabulary for motivation and leadership.

Dweck has done an excellent job of defining what a fixed mindset and a growth mindset are and making the readers understand the importance of having the latter. Those with a growth mindset focus on learning and discovering themselves, believing that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts and others' help. In contrast, people with a fixed mindset believe their abilities are fixed, preferring to stay in their comfort zone and focus on validating and proving themselves. Therefore, how you define and approach success determines your results.

She has also broadened the concept of mindset beyond the individual, applying it to groups and organizations' communities. So, what's here for you to take away with you after reading it is that with the right mindset, you can motivate yourself and those you lead, teach, and love — to change their lives and your own for the better.

5. Originals

If you are willing to stop believing the dogma of what it takes to succeed and start challenging the mythology of success, this book, a blend of narratives and quantitative studies, is a must-read for you. This is one of Adam Grant's best works that ask you to rightly question with facts all that has been broadcasted as the truth about success.

This book is full of well-written chapters with exciting insights based on solid research and stories traversing business, politics, sports, entertainment, etc. Grant, in this book, explores how to identify a good idea, speak up without being silenced, choose the right time to act, and deal with fear and doubt. He also explains how parents and teachers can cultivate originality and individuality in children and how leaders can create communities that welcome nonconformity.

The challenge of improving our world through the sheer force of unique and original ideas, those that are truly out of the box. How we can recognize a good idea, choose the right time to act and manage doubt. In this insightful book, all have been answered by a grant that will surely help anyone gain a new perspective of things.

So, the payoff is a set of impactful insights about rejecting conformity and improving the current system.

6. Influence

"The idea of potential loss plays a large role in human decision making. People seem to be more motivated by the thought of losing something than by the thought of gaining something of equal value." ―Robert Cialdini.

Dr. Robert Cialdini is a seminal expert in the rapidly developing field of influence and persuasion. In Influence, the classic book on persuasion, he explains the psychology of why people say "yes"—and how to apply this knowledge.

The work that has been put in for this masterful book is astounding. He spent three years in the field, researching for this book. He entered into various programs offered by different business industries and marketing agencies to train sales crew and sellers in 'the art of persuasion'.

Influence is one of the highly recommended books on the topic of marketing.

This book broadly discusses the six weapons of leverage, namely Reciprocation, Commitment and Consistency, Social Proof, Liking, Authority, and Scarcity. It shares the psychology of what makes people act the way they do, which helps convince someone to make a purchase. Initially released in 1984, this book has been modified and revised to address the changing marketplace.

It is a must-read for all marketing professionals. The book features the most common techniques to influence others' decisions, backed up by the author's time spent infiltrating direct marketing companies and the like.


These books are just a few droplets in the ocean of knowledge that awaits you, but something where this endless journey of gaining experience can start from. Now that we have done our part, it's your responsibility not just to put it into action and dominate the field you desire.