For the past 7 years, sliders (or carousels in case you need) are something almost every site has. It’s a common practice. Something that we are all used to. It’s the primary thing your visitor is aiming to see on your site.

The slider images got to make an amazing first impression, otherwise, you'll lose your visitor forever.

When I’m looking through the websites, I often see poorly arranged slider images. Most of the time photos are too huge or too small. The content on the slider isn't obvious enough, and the images are not optimized, so the page itself loads amazingly slow.

My heart breaks a little bit when I see a generally good site with a great copy, but crappy slider images. I decided to stop this franticness by sharing a few simple tricks on choosing, modifying & improving the slider images.

Choose the right photo

Choose an image that is descriptive enough and has enough white space.

Choose a high-resolution photo

Use the resolution that is recommended by the theme maker. Nothing discourages your visitor more than a pixelated photo in the slider.

Modify: Darken or lighten the photo

A good trick on how to make a text on your slider more visible is by darkening (or lightening) the photo. This could be done in Photoshop or any other photo editing program.

Modify: Semi-transparent color overlay

Sometimes you just cannot find a photo with sufficient white space for the text or your client need you to use an over-saturated picture where your content wouldn’t be visible enough. In that case, the foremost clear thing you'll do is to make a semi-transparent color overlay which can be done using various online free image editing tools.

Improvising: Add inner glow to your image

Another great trick to make your slider photo more interesting is by adding a black semi-transparent inner glow. This method will make your site look even more professional.

Choose the right file type for the image

This is important because you want to have your slider images as light and optimized as possible.

Implement Image Compression Slider 

Images are the biggest images (maybe even files) of your website, so it is important to have them optimized. You can always go for various image compression tools to compress the slider images.

Wrapping Up

With these tips about slider images, you will be well on your way to creating attractive slides that won’t hurt the user experience but will help you get more conversions instead.