Whether your business is online or off, optimizing users’ experience is necessary to get more conversions, be it from a lead-generation form, an in-store display, or a multi-stage sales funnel.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to turn every website visitor to potential consumers. Eventually, marketers and UX experts will need to turn to analytics data and ask themselves one question: Why aren’t visitors turning into customers?

Google Analytics is the most popular traditional analytics solution, but it can overwhelm designers with quantitative data about user behavior—traffic sources, page views, bounce rates, and others.

 While it provides a large volume of data, there’s no key explanation of why consumers act the way they do on a site. It’s one thing to recognize a problem like a high cart abandonment rate, but it’s entirely another thing to figure out how to fix. In that sense, Hotjar Shopify pitches into the picture. 

Hotjar Shopify behavioral analytics and website optimization features help you, marketers, and user experience (UX) pro to understand the user actions on your site. 

Here's how it work

Hotjar Shopify - Optimizing Your Website and Conversion Rate

Shopify Hotjar allows companies to understand what their visitors see and do on their website, while also helping them figure out how and why they’re using it without speculating about user behavior. Thanks to a wide range of features that allow any growth marketer to get insights into exactly how people experience their website.

Hotjar Benefits: Powerful features to Understand User Behavior and Gather Feedback

Heatmaps: Visual Behaviour

Hotjar Shopify - Optimizing Your Website and Conversion Rate

A heatmap is an illustration of a web page with a warm-to-cool color scheme layered on top of it to show insights of user behavior on-site, with the parameter consideration like clicks, taps, scrolling behavior. The user behavior data can be analyzed with this data.

Just like on a weather report, red-marked areas are hot or eye-catching, whereas blue areas are cold and grey areas are unnoticed. Hotjar has a widespread use of Heatmaps you can use across many pages and devices. 

User behavior is summarized on:

  • click maps show where visitors click or tap their screen
  • scroll maps show how far down they scroll down the page
  • move maps show their mouse path

Types of heatmaps:

1. Click heatmaps

More Hotter = More Clicks

In this heatmap, you get to know where users are clicking on the page. The more number of clicks turns the section color to red. It can be implemented on any page. 

Hotjar Shopify Heatmap gives you the following data 

  • The number of clicks the section received and 
  • The percentage of all users on that page that clicked on the section.

  • Based on this data, you can analyze the clicks on the search tab, product tab, image slider, and optimize the site along with the same terms. 

    Example usage: 

    Using this heatmap over multiple websites has resulted in 38% of homepage visitors clicking on the hamburger-style menu in the top navigation.

    2. Move heatmaps

    Fetches the information where users are hovering their mouse but may or may not be clicking. This heatmap follows a similar pattern to the click heatmap, but it also captures the mouse- hovers actions. Possibly with this data, you can get to know the influential placeholder for better sales.

    3. Scroll maps

    Shows us how far down visitors are scrolling on pages.

    • Red Color - Section of a page is viewed by everyone and 
    • Dark Blue Color - Section is viewed by less than 25% of users

    Hotjar also gives insights into where the average page fold is on each page.

    Note:  A page fold is the section of a page that is visible during a basic page load. It means that anything below the fold section can only be seen when a user scrolls down.

    Scroll map features are useful when prioritizing information on a page. You can show the most influential content first so that we ensure the audience sees it before scrolling.

    Visitor Recordings: See what your users see

    Hotjar Shopify - Optimizing Your Website and Conversion Rate

    As heat maps aggregate data for all your consumers, you can get a comprehensive understanding of individual user behavior by analyzing session recordings.

    Recordings (also called the session or user replays) recreate a users’ browsing experience across multiple pages.

    You can utilize recordings to examine the pages users visit before converting. 

    In most of the cases, user behavior on a particular page will be the same pattern. Check-in whether 

    • Check whether converting users spending time reading product descriptions?
    • How many product photos do converting customers view before making a purchase? 

    On the other hand, get a deep understanding of how users browse your Shopify store before leaving with an abandoned cart. 

    It all lies in how you capture customer trends and build a plan that works for you and helps you connect more with buyers. 


    Hotjar Shopify - Optimizing Your Website and Conversion Rate

    No analysis, actions, or discussions can give a better answer about the customer journey with the website than a quick questionnaire. Setting up a survey is a great non-intrusive way of collecting more accurate feedback from customers as they visit your site. It helps get useful feedback to help boost your eCommerce sales.

    For example, eCommerce sites may be inquisitive in both pre-purchase and post-purchase surveys to find out the valid reason a user has or hasn’t completed a purchase.

    Hotjar Shopify allows website merchants to create personalized surveys that can be shared by link, email, or displayed in a pop-up on site. 

    They can include 

    • Open-ended questions - Insights into customers experience in their own words and express any improvements, 
    • Multiple-choice - Know the most preferred option for the customers, or 
    • Scaled questions

    Regardless of the type of questions practiced, the data gathered should focus on the customers’ needs and drives. Also, it’s essential to think about incentives for consumers who are interested to take up the survey and help the merchants enhance their business model.

    Conversion funnel reports

    Hotjar Shopify - Optimizing Your Website and Conversion Rate

    Business owners always strive to convert more customers. Whether it’s selling more products or getting new subscriptions on a newsletter, the goal is to turn visitors into customers through a funnel. 

    On eCommerce platforms, a typical funnel will have at least five different stages: 

  • Homepage  
  • Product page 
  • Cart 
  • Checkout 
  • Confirmation page.

  • On a similar note with an actual funnel, an online funnel narrows toward the end with few customers at the end than at the beginning. Although the reason for the customer drops off between different stages is not possible to determine.

    Hotjar’s Shopify funnel report is an advanced feature that allows marketers to determine how many potential consumers make it through each stage versus how many don’t. This helps understand where and when the bounce rates are high. It also provides a large landscape for merchants to optimize the funnel and the overall user flow. 

    The key selling point of Hotjar Shopify is that it is a single platform that combines a range of essential analytics features with user feedback. 

    Before Hotjar, you had to oblige multiple software platforms to get this combination of features, each one increasing the complexity and cost of your CRO toolkit. Hotjar Shopify crams a serious amount of analytics, user feedback, and CRO  functionality into one reasonably priced platform.

    Hotjar Shopify - Optimizing Your Website and Conversion Rate

    Four reasons you should use Hotjar Shopify for your website:

    When you own or manage a website then you’re trying to expand and enhance the features for better AOV, you’ll probably value any tool that:

    • It should proffer you with clear and visual data points about the things happening on your site. 
    • It should also capture the information on people's behavior to help you get some of the contexts. 
    • It should be possible to work around the application easily, without much of a steep learning curve.
    • Also, feasible and easy to buy-in for and show the values.

    The reasons to have Hotjar Integration and Setup Done in your Shopify store by HulkApps

    Avoid Errors

    Errors such as code bugs, broken CSS, and slow loading arise all the time. The task is to identify the errors, issues, and fix them before the site runs public with hotjar Shopify integration. As no one wants to lose potential customers or revenue over a botched choice.

    Hotjar Shopify - Optimizing Your Website and Conversion Rate

    Additionally, the implementation of heatmaps within the site may require various methods and ways of working. Don't be intimidated for limitations in the process. An HulkApps Shopify expert can help you avoid issues and set up a proper Hotjar Shopify with heatmap and recordings.

    More conventional utilization of Features

    It may not be a feasible technique for a newbie to explore the multiple features of Hotjar and their integrations as a specialist may already be familiar with, including how to best use them for their business. 

    Hotjar integrates with a variety of platforms, which enable it to reach more websites. This broadens the scope of creativity for optimization. An HulkApps Hotjar Shopify expert can make you aware of the possibilities you never knew were obtainable with Hotjar.

    Hotjar Shopify - Optimizing Your Website and Conversion Rate

    It’s Quick and Easy

    Hotjar Shopify - Optimizing Your Website and Conversion Rate

               Your time = Money

    Spending time in exploring and implementing hotjar on your Shopify website can be time consuming. In some scenarios, you might get stuck with complex coding for Hotjar Shopify integration. 

    As a business owner, you might be required to focus on multiple other core activities. There exist such experts to set up Hotjar heatmaps directly on your site, integrate it with other tools, and implement it to monitor your website performance and everything else that can be done via Hotjar. Then, you need much less time to accomplish all tech work. 

    Get an Expert’s Insight

    Experience for a particular skill comes with practicing it over and over for years. An HulkApps Shopify expert can help you prevent from leaving loopholes in the project, provide you with creative ways to experiment with heatmaps, resolve your Hotjar-related issues, and share their useful insights to help you upgrade your optimization techniques.

    Hotjar Shopify - Optimizing Your Website and Conversion Rate

    To Wrap it Up

    Using Hotjar, the HulkApps Analytics team boosted leads for a client in the business services industry by over 380%. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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    HulkApps has all-in-one Pixel Setup services for Shopify, to help Shopify store owners, just like you, easily install your Shopify Hotjar pixel in your store and use pixel features for targeted and optimized ad campaigns.