You have two options:

  1. Would you like to have more sales?
  2. Would you like to increase the AOV of the customer, upsell and increase the revenue? 

Which creates a more profitable strategy?

When you opt for the second choice, you might be an esoteric person at the moment, but in the long goal, you will have a double-digit percentage of profits when compared to your competitors. It's not a false statement.  

Style your Agile Bundle Builder Page Template

McDonald's - An excellent example of product bundling. Its prime strategy of offering fries, a drink, and a hamburger all in one meal brought in more sales to its franchise. 

Here’s what they knew: Consumers are probably most interested in all the products, but the discount will sway the customers who intended to buy only a hamburger to buy the bundle instead. This is because some consumers can earn them some additional benefits through bundles at an affordable rates.

For McDonald's and others, a product bundling strategy can be deceivingly complex. It’s easy to presume that you’ll make sales if you simply bundle two or three items together, sum their value, and offer them at a slight discount. But if you want bundling to work—and work consistently—you need a far more thoughtful approach.

When you want to raise revenue but not look for new customers, you can increase sales by bundling products together. Generally speaking, bundled products are always related to one another. But with the current trends and culture, you can mix and match your product bundles with the help of the Shopify Bundle builder app. Customizing this app in your store according to your brand voice and business strategy will help you convince visitors to the website to spend more money on their purchase.

Style your Agile Bundle Builder Page Template

Many e-stores have started to utilize the bundled product strategy. One notable example is Amazon. Bundled products are an amazing way to make quick revenues over the years. 

Bundle Builder Shopify app is your right choice! As it is a unique bundling app that allows you to create customizable product bundle pages.

With proper customization of the Bundle Builder Shopify app into your store, you can create the perfect blend of dynamic bundles, so customers can pick from your existing product or to mix and match products to create new ones with inventory, variants & images all synced in real-time.

However you phrase it, it’s a fact that bundling products (giving people a discount when they buy a combination of your products all at the same time) entice consumers to spend more money per visit. And our customization service is the simplest and speediest bundle-builder on the block. We help you create dynamic product bundles that are not only fantastically flexible and easily shareable but also look great and slot seamlessly into your store. So save your time and avoid coding chaos.

Tools and Resources for Creating Product Bundles

To create bundles that resonate with your store visitors, you'll need to gather as much information as possible. Using buyer persona templates is a good start, but ideally, you'll be leveraging advanced google analytics to get more granular data.

Here are some of the product metrics you should be tracking to stay ahead of the curve:

  • Top sellers: Monitor the revenue generated, or the number of units sold by bundling, to gain insights into which products you can play around with.
  • Worst sellers: Identifying the worst sellers also can enhance the bundling strategy by clubbing the top seller and worst sellers. This way you can clean sweep your inventory and boost all sales channels.

Style your Agile Bundle Builder Page Template

  • Multiple SKU Bundle: For merchants who use 3rd party inventory and fulfillment companies or for merchants who need the bundle order data to transfer to 3rd party apps, We offer multiple SKU Bundle Installation for Agile Bundle Builder in Shopify for you to easily upsell. 
  • Listing profitability: Gather more granular data on the profitability of a product per individual sales channel. This data can help you determine which channels to sell certain bundles.
  • Trending profitability: Identify trends and seasons to create bundles in accordance with the demand.

This information will help you craft effective bundling strategies for different product groups based on geolocation, seasonal demand, and profitability.

Setting up Journey & Event Tracking in Google Analytics can also help predict sales velocity, allowing you to plan your bundles proactively. You can use track orders analytics to gain insight on individual orders with multiple products to monitor high-value orders and orders containing products bought together.

Although the Shopify Bundle Builder app is a simple one-click easy to use install, you’re going to get stuck at some point or another, and that’s the truth. Even developers struggle with it. You want resources available for you when this happens, and they need to be easy to reach – As promised in all services, we ensure the “ease of use” feature really works for you.

Style your Agile Bundle Builder Page Template

Keep your admin on track. Take advantage of real-time feed. Know when your products from bundles are leaving your inventory or getting back to your storefront. Our Shopify Agile Bundle Builder Page Template Customization service includes creating a unique SKU for the bundle as a whole. Plus, build pre-set or fixed product bundles. 

We also extend our service to you by configuring easy to transfer details of a customer’s bundle via the Shopify admin API - if you’re using any third-party apps or systems to fulfill your orders.

Make your own rules. And we will set rules for you to offer both fixed-price and percentage discounts, giving you multiple ways to tempt your customers. You’ve got total flexibility to think beyond with our customization service.

Sell more, simplify management, generate revenue, and boost profits with HulkApps Shopify Bundle Builder Customization Service. 

Style your Agile Bundle Builder Page Template


We hope now you know whom to ring when you need support.

Features of the Agile Bundle Builder:

  • You can create Bundles as a product with their product page template.
  • You get to prefix some products while allowing the customer to customize the product bundle. 
  • Set a price on a bundle without creating dependency on the prices of the individual components.
  • Set rules before any offer applies to the customer. For instance, min quantity of a product to avail %discount. 

Final thoughts:

Why make your Bundle Builder Shopify page look just like other pages on your site? We do not limit our creativity. Share your anticipations, and we will be able to recraft a bundle builder page for you.