Building an online store has never been an easy feat for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Perhaps you've just poured time and money into painstakingly setting up your shop, just to open up your store and ask where your sales are. You may have seen steady growth in the past 6 months, but you have just reached a level. Or you could have built a million-dollar corporation, and now you are setting your eyes on your next major target.

If you're looking to reach your first client or your 10,000th customer, it could be a significant part of growing your company to generate more traffic in your online shop. Having a hop in traffic could mean more visitors and more revenue if the platform is well designed for conversions.

In 2020, there are currently over 12 million online stores in operation and that figure is set to rise even further!

One thought crosses the mind of every Shopify merchant at some point - “How do I drive more traffic to my Shopify store?”

We've brought to you a list of 4 high performance HulkApps service for driving more traffic to your online store.

💥 Designing landing pages

💥 Page tracking setup

💥 Custom pop-up forms

💥 Email campaign setup

Have you tried implementing these 👆 tactics before?

Not yet? Mind giving us a shot? Hire our Shopify experts to help you attract more traffic to your store in no time!