There is nothing more frustrating than receive an angry email or call about “where is my package?” Order Status Tracker App helps you fix problems before the customer finds it.

Sending tracking numbers to your customer and let them track it on the courier’s site, aren’t going to let them feel sure.

But in case you can let your client track their number in a branded tracking page naming under your storage domain and in the local language, that’s reassured.

You’ll be happy to hear that all this can be accomplished with our Order Status Tracker app. Let’s check out some of smashing features the app is equipped with:-

  • FREE Forever

    • The Order Status Tracker app will be free forever, enjoy using the app at no cost!
  • Real-time order lookup

    • Let your customers know where their packages are with real-time tracking information.
  • Any number of orders

    • Track ‘n’ number of orders without worrying about the number of orders you hold.
  • Advanced theming

    • It allows easy customization where you can change the way your Order Status Tracker layout looks and feels to your customers by adjusting the text, text colors, background colors, etc. on the page. This way, your page looks just like any other on your site!
  • Order lookup statistics

    • Get counts of order lookups by your customers.

Let's get started…

Step 1: Go to the app > dashboard > settings

Order Status Tracker Guide

Step 2: Layout Settings > Customizations

Here you can update the following fields as per your requirements:- 

  • Button Text
  • Text Color
  • Background Color
  • Border Radius
  • Order Track Form Label
  • Order List Label
  • Output Format
    • Table View
    • Grid View

Order Status Tracker - Step-by-Step Guide | Order Lookup App Shopify

Step 3: Layout Settings > Required Input

Select the field to set as mandatory input for the user. It can be any from the following:- 

  • Only email address
  • Only order number
  • Email address
  • Order Number

Order Status Tracker - Step-by-Step Guide | Order Lookup App Shopify

Step 4: Hit the “Save” button & you’re all set!

Step 5: Go to the app > dashboard > View Page

Here, you’ll find the order tracking form, you’ve just configured. Apply more change if you did not find it the way you wanted.