The victory of any business in today’s overcrowded marketplace generally depends on understanding its customers’ needs, wants, and expectations.

This is where existing clients are a valuable source of insights – not only do they have direct and individual experience with your products and the client journey you provide, but listening to what they need to say and making sure they come back is much more cost-effective than obtaining new customers.

It’s about building relationships with the customer base and persistently finding ways to improve and boost your sales.

Not only that but by requesting feedback you’re giving your clients the opportunity to voice their opinions. You’re letting them know that their insights and experiences with your store matter to you.

We’ve something for you!

If you’re a Shopify merchant then we’ve got you covered with our newly launched Post Purchase Survey app.

Post Purchase App lets you create your post-purchase survey and be up and running in less than one minute with custom styling to fit within your existing theme design.

Let’s dig in a bit more & see what this app lets you do :

  • Customize your survey question or use defaults

    • Apart from the default question i.e “How did you hear about us?” you can add your required question to the survey.
  • Add ‘n’ number of questions

    • With Free Post Purchase Survey app, you can add any number of survey questions in the survey form. There has to be at least one question in the survey form but theirs no constraint on how far you can go with adding the questions in the survey. 
  • Log all survey results

    • Have a complete track of your survey results.
  • Export Feedback Results

    • One-click & you can export all your survey results in .Xlsx file
  • Add Your Custom Branding

    • The app does not bring along any watermark of Hulkapps in the Post Purchase Survey forms, you can make it yours with your custom branding. 
  • Receive an email notification whenever you receive a survey

    • Upon a survey arrival, you’ll receive an email notification if you’ve enabled your email notification.
  • Google Analytics Integration

  • Advanced Theming via Custom CSS

    • Personalize the look and feel of your Post Purchase Survey forms via custom CSS and make it yours forever!
  • And many more…

FYI, the app is FREE 😎

Now that you’ve read the article and you’re somewhat well-versed with the features, Why don’t you take a walk to the app and explore more. I promise you won’t regret.

Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to explore!