How to register with HulkApps?

Step 1: Visit HulkApps website and click on “Become partner” option, which is available in the “Partner” tab or visit:

Step 2: Fill the the necessary information in the registration form

How to Sign-in?

Step 1: Visit HulkApps website and click on “Partner Login” option, which is available in the “Partner” tab or visit:

Step 2: Enter your credentials and click on “Sign In now”

How to check the status of the form?

Step 1: After Signing-in, enter the requested information and allow the HulkApps team to verify your account.

Step 2: Once the HulkApps teams approve the verification, the "Assets" tab option will be automatically activated with your referral link and HulkApps assets to promote and earn easily.

Where is my referral code?

  • Click on the “Asset” tab to find your referral code.

How do I customize my referral code?

  • Click on the “Advanced” option available in the Asset page and edit your referral code permanently.

Where are HulkApps Assets and their code ?

  • You will easily find HulkApps Assets in “Assets” tab option

How to check the conversions?

  • Initially, before you start any campaign, your board looks like the image below.

  • After starting a campaign and driving sales to HulkApps, here's how it looks like

    • Conversions and Commissions

      Note: Until the customer status changes to “Paying”, the customer detail will not be displayed in the “Conversions and Commissions” tab.

    • Customers

How to know the customer's status update?

  • Click on Conversions menu option and latter select the Customer’s tab option

Disclaimer: Customers' status are eventually changed as per the Shopify Policy. If any other query, you can reach to our dedicated support team or email us your query :

[Email address ] { /}

How do I set up my payment mode?

Step 1: Click on you profile icon and select “Payout Methods” option

Step 2: Click on “New Payment Method” option

Step 3: Currently we only offer to pay our merchants through PayPal. So, kindly add your paypal account details and submit.

How to do any profile changes associated with HulkApps?

Step 1: Click on the profile and select “Profile Settings” option

Step 2: Make the necessary changes as required and update your profile.

Unable to find the customer in your tapfiliate Customer’s board. What are the next steps?

Sorry for the inconvenience. Don't worry. Kindly update the required information with our dedicated support team, we will surely look into the matter and update accordingly.

Please connect with our Partner Manager and provide the following details to tag the install/customer to your account:

  • Shopify Store URL:
  • Installation Date:
  • Plan Upgrade Date: (for Free Plan Apps)