“I’ve spent a lot of time, money, and energy on my Shopify store. Is it all for nothing?“ We’ve heard this quite often from our merchants🤔

Ever tried giving extra to your window-shoppers? Something like ‘Free Shipping’?

It’s an enticing option to offer to your customers and cause them to purchase from your website

Free shipping is one of the most noteworthy marketing tools available to a web store. It can motivate customers to buy more, give them a motivation to purchase right away and deliver merchants an edge over the competition.

In brief, free shipping is a key motivation that can win clients over. Also, it's a win-win: not only are you helping your customers spare money on shipping, but you're also nearly ensuring they'll spend more.

There are different ways simply can set up free shipping choices from the Shipping settings page in your Shopify admin. Advertising free shipping choices can be very helpful in your common shipping technique. You'll be able to offer free shipping or reduced shipping choices to your clients in these different ways:

  • Cost based rates
  • Weight-based rates
  • Free shipping codes

In many cases, it happens quite frequently.

Shoppers visit your site, do some window-shopping, maybe even fill their cart, and then disappear – sometimes never to return.

In fact, nearly 70 percent of the shoppers who visit a site will leave without being converted into buyers.

What goes wrong?

There are many possibilities, but two things stand out as deal breakers for many shoppers.

For one, expensive shipping rates.

And two, a lack of trust in your brand or product.

Luckily, Shopify Plus Scripts can help — and are particularly energizing in case you're looking to boost conversions and inspire your clients with energetic offers that reduce shipping costs or include a motivation (discount, free gift, etc.) that helps fight a lack of trust.

Shopify scripts are small pieces of code that allow you to easily create personalized experiences when shoppers visit your online store.

One of the biggest benefits of Shopify Plus Scripts is the versatility offered.

When you use scripts, you can custom build enhancements and rules for your store.

You may choose to outsource Free Shipping and additional checkout-time experiences. With our Shopify script support packages you surely can! Everything at your store-door at just $89/mo Save time and let our expert team handle everything for you!