You’ve heard it before - forms are the gold standard when it comes to capturing leads, learning about industry patterns, for market research, and indeed just getting a few customer inputs. It could be one of the older strategies within the book, but old is gold.

Before we dive in the best form builder app in Shopify, let’s talk about what our form builder has to offer you :

With no shortage of choices, the most excellent form builder app by HulkApps is quite similar and user-friendly. Whether you need to create a contact form, a sign-up form, or a survey, the Form Builder app is the most effortless way to create forms, with drag and drop options, different form fields, and different color and structure options.

With Form Builder App, you can create possibly all sorts of forms

  • Contact us form
  • Sales Lead form
  • Order form
  • Event registration form
  • Resume template
  • Market research
  • Wholesale Forms
  • Building Surveys
  • Donation Forms
  • Payment Forms
  • Popup Form
  • Request Forms
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Feedback Form
  • Booking Forms
  • Reservation Forms
  • Upload Forms
  • Custom Checkout Form
  • Membership Forms
  • Appointment Form
  • Subscription Forms
  • Award Forms
  • RSVP Forms

Easily build and embed forms in your Shopify store. Try HulkApps Form Builder App for free!

While most of you must be happy with Free Form Builder app, certain custom features make the upgrade worthwhile. 

Our Form Builder Pro app has a robust set of Features and Improvements that gives merchants a chance to take their forms to the next level. Our Free apps will continue to stay free forever but with many of you, you need more and we want to cater to your needs as well.

Let’s have a look at what form builder PRO app lets you do MORE :

  • Block form submissions from specific domains

    • Avoid form submissions from a specific domain with this PRO feature.
  • Set up custom sending domain

    • If you’re a PRO member of Form Builder App, you’re allowed to set up a custom domain for sending emails to customers.

      Hidden Field

      • Hidden fields are similar to text fields except one difference i.e, hidden fields are not actually shown to the user. With this feature, you can track a variety of information about your constituents that can be useful as you analyze your data.
    • Create a Shopify Customer Account

      • Merchants can now create a Shopify account for their customers who submitted the form.
    • MailChimp Integration

      • With Form Builder PRO, you can Instantly connect MailChimp for your everyday use.
    • Multi-Language Support

      • Text in the labels of the forms is irrelevant to languages. Merchants can use any preferred language for the same.
    • Custom Info Message

      • Personalize your users experience with the customizable info message based on various actions and make them feel like they are in good hands.
    • Customize form elements like text, fonts, colors, layouts, etc.

      • Configure the appearance of your contact us form by updating the text, fonts, colors. Layouts etc the way you like.
    • Send a copy of the form to the user

      • With the PRO membership, you can now send an acknowledgment copy of the form submitted by the user.
    • Stripe Payment Integration

      • With Form Builder PRO, you can Instantly connect the Stripe Payment channel for your everyday use.
    • Klaviyo Integration

      • Integrate Klaviyo in no time.
    • Restrict Email Submission

      • Restrict sending emails to specific profiles with PRO.
    • Dynamic Values

      • Personalize your user experience by using the dynamic values in place of common terms.
    • Advanced styling using CSS and JS

      • Change the look & feel of your forms using the advanced CSS and JS options.
    • Pre-built Template

      • With Form Builder App, you get possibly all sorts of pre-built templates to save your time,
        • Contact us form
        • Party form
        • Sales Lead form
        • Order form
        • Event registration form
        • Resume template
        • Market research
    • 24/7 Support and Knowledge Base

      • Learning a new app may seem daunting. But, We have a world-class support team that is here for you every step of the way.
    • Post-submission custom workflows

      • Configure the actions to be performed when users submit the form. Mentioned below are few predefined actions that Form Builder performs :
        • Clear the form and allow another submission
        • Redirect to another page
        • Hide the form & display thank you message
        • Show responses
    • Duplicate form

      • With PRO, you can create a copy of the form you created earlier for another use.
      • Save as Draft

        • Create forms at your convenience, start rebuilding from where you left.
      • and much more...

      Exclusive Pro Features Are Free To Try For 7 Days!

      ALL current features of our free form builder will forever stay free and you can easily upgrade to our Pro Version and get all of the features above for a small fee of $10/mo.

      Users who still are not a part of our PRO plans, It’s the right time you Upgrade! Have questions about the Form Builder PRO? Leave a comment below or contact our support team at