Form Builder is an amazing app that is loved by Shopify merchants, and we are sure that you have grown to love it in the last several days you've been using it. 

Our goal was never just to make one app, but the number of apps that make day-to-day operations that much easier for merchants just like you. Form Builder will truly provide you with endless possibilities when it comes to building intelligent forms. Let's go over the installation and the smashing features that the app is equipped with:

If you prefer watching a video instead of reading instructions, you can do that as well: Watch Video

Now, let’s set up the form within the app:

Go to Apps > Form Builder 

Open the app, and you will be brought to the app dashboard. Now follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1:  Connect form

Select the template and entry form details: Form name and notification email address.

Step 2: Create a form

Add all necessary form elements and enter unique values to each.

Step 3: Customize form

Set form border, font type, background. Use Advanced CSS & JS for custom styling and Save your form.

Step 4: Add from to a page

Copy the short-code snippet and Navigate to your page. Paste it under the page's HTML and Save the page.

Click here to know more about the setup instructions. 

That’s It!

Your form is ready to rock and roll. Simple, easy, and straightforward...most of all, effective and FREE! Make sure to test it out and make sure that is working just as you wanted it to! And when you're finished reading, make sure to leave a comment to let me know what you think.

You can visit our Knowledge Base for all articles on the Form Builder app. And We'll talk soon about various ways you can utilize the forms