The GDPR EU lawful system took full impact on May 25, 2018.

Its purpose is to bind together the current data protection laws all through the nations within the European Union and grant more control to EU citizens to protect their personal data. With the strong penalties from the European Commission, our GDPR Notice Bar a way you can remain compliant with the latest regulations.

Who needs this app the most?

This app is for anybody who has an online Shopify store that pulls in European visitors. The ePrivacy Directive states that websites must get prior informed consent from their European guests before utilizing most types of cookies that remember information and preferences.

How GDPR Cookie Notice Bar can be a help?

The GDPR Cookie Notice app empowers you to comply with European cookie laws immediately. After downloading, installing and customizing the app, App will present a professional-looking banner each time new guests arrive at your store, advising them that you simply are utilizing cookies.

Online visitors can then click to acknowledge cookies to openly give their informed consent. The cookie bar remains in place until the shop guest agrees to the use of cookies. After that, it'll be hidden from view, only reappearing if the guest clears cookies from their browsing history.

How to start?

You'll get up and running in minutes. Search for "GDPR Cookie Notice Bar by HulkApps" in the Shopify Store and Just click on the huge 'Add app' button on the page to install it. After that, you just got to open the app and configure as per your needs.

To get the ball rolling we’ve already set up an article based on the getting started with the app, find it here and get started right away!

What sets it apart?

One-click install for simple and fast compliance with EU cookie laws. Completely customizable cookie assent bar to reflect your online store branding. Include wording of your choice to advise guests about your cookie collection practices. Lets you connect to a nitty-gritty cookie approach.

FYI, it’s FREE 😎

More questions rolling around?

Want to know more about our app? Feel free to get in touch with us! Our highly-experienced support team will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.