HulkApps is celebrating new milestones-

A milestone of building connections with 100,000 active users!

A milestone of innovating year-over-year to redefine eCommerce for Shopify users!

A milestone of dedication and determination to emerge victorious out of challenges!

We are elated. We are proud. And We are excited to be able to deliver engineering excellence helping reimagine digital commerce in a new and innovative way. 

At HulkApps, we are committed to pushing our limits that inspire us to take our organization to the next level and bring a whole new digital experience to all of our users. 

We started small, but soon we’ve become a dynamic Shopify agency with a strong workforce helping us bring our service to the forefront of users in 64 countries across the globe. We believe it is a great and proud moment for us. And we are more than happy to invite you to join us for our 100k active user celebratory. 

Sharing our thoughts about how we’ve achieved this feat is fantastic to give you more opportunities to know us and help us better our performance in the future.  

Road to transforming from mere a seedling to a big tree - Throwback memories!

It’s been only three years since we’ve started our journey as a Shopify development and design agency. It’s also only been a few years since HulkApps has started its partnership with the greats of ReCharge, Trello, and Loyaltylion. Our technical expertise and an eagerness to know open up huge opportunities to keep with the industry challenges and trends. So much so, we keep learning and doing market research about our customer needs, and that's what lets us work together with big brands like Pepsi, Carnivore Club, OwlCrate, Victoria Beckham, Vida, and many more among others.

The road to 100k active users was not a smooth journey. When we started, we realized we need exciting and fantastic products that can add real value to customer experience, offer more than the existing market offerings, and more so can address the market pains. 

Every one of us knows Shopify is a platform most suited for small scale merchants. And for most merchants, it wasn’t and never ever easy to transform the customer experience with Shopify default features. Apps that blend perfectly with the Shopify architecture can double up the performance of the store, giving more ways of selling to customers. Merchants can easily find an explosive amount of apps in the Shopify app store, but financial constraints are a big drag that prevents many more aspiring and emerging merchants from expanding their businesses. Here, we evaluated the situation and developed a go-to-market strategy to achieve our goal and tailor experiences as per the merchants’ needs. And ever since, we have innovated a total of 20 robust and dynamic apps. The most interesting fact is all of them are surprisingly affordable yet high performing-  well-engineered to help nurture the startup dreams. 

Our Strategy 

With more and more novel customer demands popping up, we have seen growing business models, especially startups with innovative product solutions. Over the past few years, a revolution has taken over industries that include fashion, beauty, food & beverages, online learning, etc. 

We’ve seen differentiated merchant demands, their increasing volume of appetite, and the need for exponential eCommerce services that can address their challenges at a granular level.  

At HulkApps, we had prolonged discussions with our engineering team, technical team, developers and designers to give a thought on how we can roll out a product relatable to merchants who want varying types of subsets of a product significant to meet the unique demands of a digital store. We came up with a unique solution and gave these merchants an advanced way of selling their products and services at affordable rates. 

Delivering Service Excellence 

For merchants, we keep selling most of our dynamic apps free.  Free GDPR Cookie Notice+CCPA, 18 Plus Age Verification Popup, Infinite Product Options, Volume and Tiered Discounts, Metafields Custom Field Master, Order Status Tracker sport some of the great features even in their most basic form. We keep on innovating and adding extraordinary features to our apps. We also segment each app by its features to give merchants an enhanced ability to sell more and connect with users at scale without the need to think twice for its dynamic pricing flexibility. 

Some of our apps, especially Mobile app builder, GDPR Pro, and even PR apps are dynamically built with excellent new features - live chat and integration capabilities to allow all of our customers to have the flexibility to expand their store performance and make everything easier for users. 

Within a span of two years, we have collaborated with tens of thousands of customers giving them an opportunity to run their operations 24x7 with our dedicated customer support. We have received an overwhelming customer response to app installation and server management, and hence we ensure to take care of it by introducing a team ready to handle any customer issue. 

The list of our customers is expanding, so are their demands. To keep up with their diverse requirements, we have also expanded our team at various locations that work on synchronized time zones enabling us to deliver service efficiently in real-time. Our collaborative team effort has made it possible to perform 12 hours of product testing every day so that we can ensure we have everything ready at all times for our customers. 

We’ve not limited ourselves only to app development. We boast of our extensive experience across ReCharge Subscription models, Shopify theme customization, Shopify design and development, Shopify store speed optimization, conversion optimization, Shopify pixel tracking, A/B testing- and the list is ever-increasing.  

To double the growth of the eCommerce business, we have deftly redefined the subscription concept for our customers.  We’ve experienced cravings for subscription features to be integrated with the Shopify backend and allow for flexible recurring revenues. 

ReCharge Payments being the most dynamic and powerful tool to help with subscriptions, Shopify merchants need excellent support to implement this model. However, merchants previously had struggled to build an efficient subscription model due to a lack of the right skilled engineers across this ecosystem. Our in-depth hands-on experience with ReCharge has empowered us to innovate ReCharge Recipes- one of the most robust and comprehensive subscription service offerings built to support every aspect of subscription strategy for our customers. 

Our solution engineering team has evolved faster in this infrastructure and brought out the widest offerings in a short span of time. We have included in our service - 

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Quick Actions
  • Auto-Retry
  •  MailChimp and Klaviyo integrations
  • Theme Modification
  • Cohort Tracking
  • Custom Dashboard Design
  • Optimized Email Templates
  • Set Automated Offers
  • Pre-checkout add-on
  • Discount sync 

There are more with which we can enthrall you and keep making adjustments to your evolving needs. 

We are proud to have supported Battlbox with implementing the subscription-first commerce that has popularized their survival gears and adventure tools among users. It was also a thrilling moment for us when Netflix aired a new series ‘Southern Survival’ hosted by the Battlebox crew. 

We ran the ReCharge subscription model into their ecosystem that features some advanced functionalities- ‘subscribe and save’, ‘order now’, ‘quick adds’, and more to help their customers choose what they want to pick in their next subscription. 

Not only did we give Battlbox a great opportunity to meet their subscription implementation needs, but we have successfully met the demands of thousands of merchants like Dr.squatch, Bioraw, Owlcrate, Little Poppy, and Picky Bars. Most of these businesses had limited data analysis, we gave them a way of improving data analytics and reporting that enhanced their recurring subscriptions. 

At HulkApps, we are innovating everyday driving engineering excellence that can make scalability for subscriptions an easy feat to get hold of. And also, we keep making a significant investment into product engineering to improve productivity, performance, scalability, cost efficiency, and finally profitability for our customers. 

We’ve made exceptional products so far and we are determined to roll out more such products and services for merchants who want to keep their businesses resilient in the face of crisis. 

Even though the impact of COVID-19 has been unprecedented, we had been relentless in our endeavors, adjusting to the new normal of social-distancing and went on to keep our customers assisted all through.  We wonder how the crisis has opened up opportunities for us and brought us the celebratory moment-  we are now getting along the path with 100k active users!

We’ve achieved this milestone with 6 years of expertise under our belt in the Shopify ecosystem. Our clients continue to grow, so do we. We are building experiences for our clients who have long been with us on our journey and for those who have just started new with us. We thank all of them for being a support all through our journey. 

Customer experiences 

Over the years, we have been delivering enriching experiences to our clients. We feel encouraged when our work is appreciated and applauded. We think today is a great day to acknowledge some of our clients’ achievements too. 

Sweetbackflip is a small gift online store that sells stickers and labels. We feel excited as they tried our Free GDPR Cookie Notice on their store and makes it easy to maintain regulatory compliance.

Celebrating 100k active users!

Our customer support team has also unleashed a great level of potential of delivering efficient app configuration, setup, and customization. 

Celebrating 100k active users!

With more users consuming digital content on their mobile devices and also using it to get every work done more than ever, especially with mobile commerce, we’ve been making it easy for our clients who have had no business apps for their existing services and products.  Our Mobile App Builder simplifies mobile shopping for clients and gives their customers a fast and scalable way to enjoy shopping with a swipe of a button. 

Celebrating 100k active users!

Celebrating 100k active users!

Celebrating 100k active users!

More such customer reviews and enhanced experiences are powering us to make things excellent. 

Speaking on this occasion, Alen Malkoc, CEO of HulkApps said, ‘I would like to congratulate our team for performance excellence, dedication, and a commendable achievement. I am overwhelmed by the support our customers have for us. I congratulate them, congratulate our partners, stakeholders, and everyone who has made this achievement possible. By connecting with 100k active users, we are now on a more business-critical mission and would encourage everyone in our team to unleash their efforts.

As we know we have more critical projects up our sleeves, we need to move towards making them a success. We are adding now more new and exciting features to our app Mobile App Builder and GDPR Pro. Live chat is something exciting for us; we plan to integrate with each of our apps. 

It is an absolute pleasure to witness such success at HulkApps and we believe we can connect more with so much enthusiasm and effort and add value to every business. For us, nothing can be more spectacular than this moment to announce some exciting and surprising offers for our lovely customers. 

For all our active users, we are announcing discounts up to 20% to 30%.

Upgrade to paid plans and get 20% off all our apps. 

Avail of 30% off MB/OL app for a lifetime. 

We keep this offer open between 23rd October and 2nd November! 

We assure you of great assistance, support, and never before customer experience. 

Thanks for being with us on our journey.