All Good things must come to an end…and be replaced with something way better!

Recently, the Hulk team has launched a new feature within the current version. It’s another step in our master plan to fuel confident store owners.

Before we dive in to see what the update is all about, I would like you’ll to know that the feature we’ve come up with, was brought up by one of our potential clients “Ross”. It's always a pleasure to see your clients showing up interest in your products, Thanks Ross!

This also can be a case where many of our Form Builder App users have hassled while you wanted to change the language of the Captcha within your form. 

Not anymore! We’ve updated Something NEW into the same OLD element.

Let’s not spare a minute more & dive in to see what update we’re talking about!

With this update, we’re bringing it all together. Did you want Captcha in multiple languages? You got it!

The new update in Form Builder is worth noting because it gives you the ability to select your preferred language for the Captcha in your form. We really encourage you to use it to do some pretty awesome things with your forms.

Let’s see how you’ll find it in your store.

Getting Started!

Follow the same old method for creating your form. Here’s how you do it. 

Step 1: Complete the initial procedure for building your form. 

Go to Content > Captcha

Multiple Languages

Step 2: Time to select your preferred language for Captcha

Go to Captcha > Select language

Captcha Speaks Multiple Languages

Captcha Speaks Multiple Languages Now | Form Builder Update 2019

That’s it!

Hope the new update is something many of our users were looking for. Kudos to the team 🙌 who made this new update come live in just 3 days!