When we started the family of Hulk products...We had one mission in mind - empower as many Shopify merchants as possible...so that you are able to do things faster, better, easier, and provide cost-effective solutions.

Form Builder lets you do a lot of stuff But, What if I say it lets you do a bit more now? We are glad to announce the availability of the email domain verification feature in the Form Builder app.

This feature was developed to help merchants like you, improve the authenticity and credibility of your emails sent via a third-party service like HulkApps.

Now, you can connect your own custom domain by allowing HulkApps permission to send emails on your behalf.

Isn’t it interesting? 

Here are the benefits of the newly added feature:

Your Branding

This removes the "via HulkApps" that appears in the sender information at the top of your autoresponder emails.

Reply-to Address 

Users will be able to reply to your emails directly to your domain. This brings the users directly in touch with the one you want them to.

If you use your own custom domain, we recommend you to set-up your own DKIM and SPF authentication. Once you've made all the necessary changes to your DNS records, you can close out of the Sending Domain Settings.


Check back in around 14 hours to confirm your email sending domain has been successfully connected.

It can take up to 24 hours for changes made with your DNS provider to be reflected in HulkApps.

Once the Custom Email Domain is active, you will see a green acknowledgment. Check that you receive the emails in your personal inbox. If you do not receive an email, feel free to contact us. We'll gladly assist you with any issue you have.