Uninstall Instructions

Dive into the details of using Infinite Product Options App

  1. Navigate to the Product Options app Dashboard
    Integrate Theme
  2. Under Help, select How to Uninstall?
    Auto 1
  3. Once the uninstallation procees is accomplished, a message will be displayed indicating that all the snippets of app has been removed from the theme.
    Auto 4
  1. Manually Remove Snippets
    • From “Shopify Admin”, select Online Store and click Themes

      Create Snippet 1-1
    • Select Actions

      Create Snippet 1-2
    • Select Edit code

      Create Snippet 1-3
    1. Remove liquid snippets

      Skip this step if all required snippets are removed at your published theme

      • Look for "hulk_common.liquid" file under "Snippets" folder, click on Delete button.

        Snippet Liquid 1
      Removing the hulkcode_common file code from theme.liquid
      1. Theme Layout
        • Under “Layout” select theme.liquid

          Theme Layout 1
        • Look for this code: {% include 'hulkcode_common' %}

          Theme Layout 2
        • If its present, then remove the code {% include 'hulkcode_common' %} manually from the theme.liquid file before ending the <body> tag.

        • Select Save

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