Understanding Shopify and CBD: A Comprehensive Guide for Sellers

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Shopify’s CBD Policy
  3. Finding the Right Shopify CBD Payment Processor
  4. Marketing Your Shopify CBD Products
  5. The Importance of Stellar Customer Support
  6. Conclusion

The rapidly evolving landscape of the CBD industry, coupled with the ever-expanding capabilities of eCommerce platforms, raises an important question for many entrepreneurs and businesses: "Does Shopify allow CBD?" In this detailed guide, we dive into the intricacies, regulations, and essential strategies for successfully selling CBD products on Shopify, providing readers with the insights needed to navigate the promising yet complex terrain of the CBD market on this popular eCommerce platform.


In an era where the demand for CBD products is surging, leveraging a powerful online platform to reach your target market is crucial. Shopify, known for supporting diverse eCommerce businesses, poses a unique opportunity for CBD sellers. Nevertheless, the intersection of eCommerce and CBD sales is fraught with regulatory hurdles and operational challenges. This guide aims to demystify the process, highlighting the key considerations for selling CBD on Shopify, from compliance and payment processing to marketing and customer support.

Starting with a surprising statistic: The CBD market in the United States is projected to exceed $20 billion by 2025, underscoring the immense potential of this sector. This explosive growth, however, comes with its share of complexities, notably in navigating the evolving legal landscape and finding a reliable, compliant platform for your business. Here’s what you need to understand about selling CBD on Shopify and how to do it successfully.

Understanding Shopify’s CBD Policy

Despite the legal status of hemp-derived CBD in many jurisdictions, Shopify maintains specific policies for merchants selling these products. Crucially, while Shopify permits the sale of CBD on its platform, it imposes strict guidelines, particularly concerning payment processing. Shopify Payments, the default payment processor, does not support CBD sales, compelling merchants to seek alternative, high-risk payment gateways compatible with Shopify’s infrastructure. This critical distinction underscores the importance of adhering to Shopify's and the payment processors' compliance requirements, ensuring a smooth operation of your CBD store.

Requirements to Sell CBD on Shopify

To tap into Shopify's capabilities for your CBD business, understanding and fulfilling the platform's prerequisites is non-negotiable:

  1. Compliance: Your products must strictly contain less than 0.3% THC content and be derived from hemp. Adherence to both federal and state laws regarding CBD sales is imperative.
  2. Attestation: Shopify requires US-based merchants to complete an Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products, confirming understanding and compliance with all applicable regulations.
  3. Payment Processing: Engaging with a third-party, high-risk payment gateway experienced in handling CBD transactions is vital. This involves thorough research to identify a reliable provider offering competitive rates and seamless Shopify integration.

Finding the Right Shopify CBD Payment Processor

Identifying a payment processor that aligns with Shopify’s framework while catering to the high-risk nature of CBD sales is arguably one of the most challenging aspects. Factors to consider include:

  • Compatibility with Shopify: Ensure the payment gateway is fully integrated with Shopify’s system for hassle-free transactions.
  • Experience in High-Risk Industries: Opt for providers well-versed in navigating the regulatory and financial complexities typical of the CBD market.
  • Security and Reliability: Prioritize gateways offering robust fraud protection mechanisms and uptime reliability to safeguard your transactions and maintain customer trust.

Marketing Your Shopify CBD Products

With the operational backbone in place, effectively marketing your CBD products is next. Utilize Shopify’s built-in SEO tools, engage in content marketing to educate your audience about the benefits of CBD, and leverage social media platforms (within their advertising restrictions) to broaden your reach. Remember, transparency about your products' compliance and benefits can significantly enhance your brand credibility and customer loyalty.

The Importance of Stellar Customer Support

Given the relatively nascent stage of the CBD market and the common misconceptions surrounding these products, offering impeccable customer service is essential. This includes:

  • Educational Resources: Providing comprehensive information about CBD’s benefits, usage, and legal status can demystify these products for your customers.
  • Responsive Support: Implementing live chat, email support, and FAQ sections on your Shopify store can address concerns and queries, fostering confidence among potential buyers.


While selling CBD on Shopify presents a lucrative opportunity, it demands careful navigation of legal requirements, thoughtful selection of payment processors, and strategic marketing and customer engagement. By adhering to Shopify's guidelines, prioritizing compliance, and focusing on building a trusted brand, merchants can capitalize on the booming CBD market. Remember, the journey of selling CBD on Shopify is not just about overcoming regulatory hurdles but also about creating a seamless, informative, and supportive shopping experience that resonates with your audience.

In a booming market predicted to reach unprecedented heights, setting up your Shopify CBD store with a keen eye on compliance, payment processing, and customer engagement can place you on the path to success in the ever-growing CBD industry.

FAQs About Shopify & CBD

Q: Can I sell CBD on Shopify if my business is outside the U.S.?
A: Shopify restricts the sale of hemp and CBD products to U.S.-based merchants, necessitating adherence to specific guidelines and regulations.

Q: What types of CBD products can I sell on Shopify?
A: You're allowed to sell various hemp-derived CBD products, including topicals, oils, and edibles, provided they contain less than 0.3% THC.

Q: Can I use Shopify Payments to process CBD transactions?
A: No, Shopify Payments does not support CBD products. You must integrate a third-party payment gateway that accommodates high-risk transactions.