Can I Suspend My Shopify Account? A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Navigating the Pause: The "Pause and Build" Plan
  3. Complete Deactivation: Closing Your Shopify Store
  4. Steps to Pause or Deactivate Your Store
  5. Reopening and Reactivation
  6. Conclusion

In today’s digital-first environment, e-commerce platforms like Shopify have become the backbone for countless businesses, enabling them to reach customers worldwide. However, various circumstances may lead you to consider taking a break from your online store. Perhaps you're pondering, "Can I suspend my Shopify account?" Whether it’s due to seasonal sales patterns, personal reasons, or a strategic business pivot, understanding your options for pausing or deactivating your Shopify store is crucial. This blog post dives deep into the mechanisms, considerations, and steps for suspending your Shopify account, providing you with an insightful guide to make informed decisions.


Imagine this: after months of successful operation, your online store needs a pause. Maybe it's a seasonal lull, or perhaps you're planning a grand rebranding. This scenario raises an important question for Shopify store owners - is it possible to temporarily suspend your Shopify account without permanently closing your shop or losing progress? The simplicity and flexibility of Shopify's platform mean that you indeed have options at your fingertips for managing your store during breaks or transitions. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about pausing or deactivating your Shopify store, ensuring that you can make the best decision for your business with confidence.

Navigating the Pause: The "Pause and Build" Plan

When life or business necessitates a break, Shopify accommodates with the "Pause and Build" plan. This plan is designed for merchants who wish to temporarily halt selling activities while continuing to work on their store’s backend. Eligibility requires your store to be past its free trial period and on a paid plan. For a reduced cost of $9 per month, the Pause and Build plan allows access to your Shopify admin. You can edit products and make necessary adjustments behind the scenes; however, customer checkout is disabled during this period.

This plan could be an ideal solution for businesses with seasonal operations or those requiring a hiatus for restructuring or rebranding. It's a strategic way to pause sales without losing the momentum of building and improving your online store.

Features and Limitations

While the Pause and Build plan reduces operational costs and keeps the merchant portal accessible, it introduces limitations to consider:

  • The checkout function is disabled, preventing any sales transactions.
  • Features such as POS, discounts, and abandoned checkout recovery are not available.
  • Third-party integrations for product publishing like Facebook and Google are paused.
  • Customers can view products but cannot proceed to purchase.

It’s crucial for store owners to weigh these features against their business needs during the pause period to determine if this plan aligns with their goals.

Complete Deactivation: Closing Your Shopify Store

For those considering a more permanent solution, Shopify allows store owners to deactivate their stores by canceling their subscriptions. This step is more drastic than pausing and is recommended when you're certain that you won't be returning to your Shopify venture soon. Upon deactivation:

  • Your Shopify subscription is canceled.
  • Access to Shopify admin ceases.
  • You must choose a new payment method to reactivate your store in the future.

Before taking this step, it's vital to evaluate how this decision impacts your store's data, financial obligations, and existing customers. Think about the store information and assets you wish to retain, how to resolve pending financial matters, and the effects on customers with unfulfilled orders.

Steps to Pause or Deactivate Your Store

Pausing Your Store

  1. Access your Shopify admin panel.
  2. Navigate to the "Settings" tab and select "Plan."
  3. Choose the Pause and Build plan, understanding the features and limitations that come with it.
  4. Implement necessary changes to your store to reflect the pause.

Deactivating Your Store

  1. Log into your Shopify admin.
  2. Go to "Settings" and then "Plan."
  3. Select the option to cancel your subscription and follow the prompts to deactivate your store.

Ensure you understand Shopify's terms of service and consider any potential implications or requirements before proceeding with either option.

Reopening and Reactivation

Should the time come to ignite your store's operations once more, Shopify simplifies the reactivation process. For paused stores, selecting a new plan after logging in will reactivate your store’s selling capabilities. If you've completely deactivated your store, re-entering payment information will regain your access to the Shopify admin, allowing you to pick up where you left off or start anew.


Deciding to pause or deactivate your Shopify store is significant, but understanding your options makes it a navigable crossroads. Whether opting for the flexibility of the Pause and Build plan or choosing to deactivate your store entirely, Shopify accommodates various business needs and scenarios. Through this guide, we hope you’ve gained the knowledge and confidence to make the best decision for your business’s unique situation.


Can I pause my Shopify store during the free trial?

No, the pause option is only available for stores that have passed the free trial period and have selected a paid plan.

Will my data be saved if I deactivate my store?

Shopify guarantees the preservation of your store’s information for two years post-deactivation, offering a grace period for those considering a return.

How can I ensure I don’t lose access to my critical store data?

Before pausing or deactivating, consider exporting or backing up essential data such as customer information, product details, and financial records to ensure you retain everything important to your business.

Can I still access my Shopify admin if I use the Pause and Build plan?

Yes, the Pause and Build plan allows access to the Shopify admin, enabling you to work on your store without enabling customer purchases.