Can I Put My Shopify Store on Hold?

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What Does It Mean to Put Your Shopify Store on Hold?
  3. The Pause and Build Plan
  4. Steps to Pause Your Shopify Store
  5. Preparing Your Store for a Pause
  6. Communicating With Your Customers
  7. How to Reactivate Your Store
  8. Other Important Considerations
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ

Starting an online store can be an exhilarating journey filled with possibilities. However, life is unpredictable, and sometimes, taking a pause is necessary. Whether it's for rebranding, seasonal selling, or personal reasons, the thought of putting your Shopify store on hold might have crossed your mind. Remarkably, Shopify acknowledges these nuances and provides options for merchants needing such flexibility. This blog post delves into how you can pause your Shopify store, explore the Pause and Build plan, and other considerations to keep in mind.


Did you know that flexibility in e-commerce operations can significantly influence your long-term success? It's true: the ability to adapt to changes, pause operations temporarily, and resume with minimal disruption is crucial for sustaining your business. For Shopify merchants, this flexibility is a reality, thanks to the platform's Pause and Build plan and other store pausing options. This post aims to guide you on how to temporarily put your Shopify store on hold, detailing the procedure, benefits, and considerations to alleviate any concerns about taking that well-needed break or revamping your store.

By the end of this article, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities and limitations of pausing your Shopify store, ensuring you make informed decisions about how to manage your online business during transitional periods.

What Does It Mean to Put Your Shopify Store on Hold?

Pausing your Shopify store means temporarily suspending sales operations without permanently closing your account. During the pause period, customers can browse your products but cannot make purchases. Shopify offers this feature recognizing that merchants may face circumstances requiring them to take a step back from active selling.

The Pause and Build Plan

The Pause and Build plan is specially designed for store owners who wish to halt selling activities but continue working on their stores. This plan is particularly beneficial for seasonal businesses or those undergoing rebranding or redesign.

How It Works

For a reduced cost of $9 USD per month, you can opt for the Pause and Build plan, under which your storefront remains accessible to customers, and you can edit your products and store aesthetics. However, the checkout function is disabled, meaning that while customers can view products, they cannot make purchases.

Eligibility and Considerations

To be eligible for the Pause and Build plan, your store must be past its free trial period and subscribed to a paid plan. Before pausing, it's essential to review Shopify's terms of service, understand what functions will still be accessible, and decide whether this plan aligns with your needs.

Steps to Pause Your Shopify Store

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin: As the store owner, access your Shopify admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Settings: Find the Plan and Permissions section.
  3. Choose to Pause and Build: Follow the prompts to switch to the Pause and Build plan.
  4. Review and Confirm: Understand the changes to your billing cycle and agree to the terms to confirm your choice.

Preparing Your Store for a Pause

While your store is on the Pause and Build plan, consider customizing your theme to hide product prices and disable the add to cart button to prevent customer confusion. Additionally, you may choose to password-protect your store, making it accessible only to those you share the password with, an ideal option for extensive site work.

Communicating With Your Customers

Effective communication is key when pausing your store. Update your website to inform visitors of the temporary closure, send emails to your subscribers detailing the pause, and use social media to keep your audience engaged. Transparency with your customers can help maintain their trust and interest.

How to Reactivate Your Store

When you're ready to resume selling, log in to your Shopify admin, select a new plan if necessary, and remove any customer-facing notices about the pause. Your store can then return to full operational status, with the ability to sell products and engage with customers as before.

Other Important Considerations

Before pausing your store, think about:

  • Financial Obligations: Ensure you're clear on how pausing affects your billing and subscriptions.
  • Domain and SSL Certificates: Understand the implications for your custom domain if you plan to transfer it.
  • Customer Impacts: Consider how pausing might affect your existing customers, especially those with unfulfilled orders.


Pausing your Shopify store offers a valuable opportunity to take a break without severing ties with your online presence. Whether you're planning significant changes, dealing with life's unpredictabilities, or simply need a hiatus, Shopify's flexible options support your journey. Remember, success in e-commerce isn't just about relentless selling; it's also about knowing when to pause, plan, and proceed with purpose.


  1. Is it free to put my Shopify store on hold?
  • No, it costs $9 USD per month to use the Pause and Build plan.
  1. Can I still access my Shopify admin while my store is paused?
  • Yes, you can access your admin and edit your store as needed on the Pause and Build plan.
  1. What happens if I'm on a free trial and need to pause?
  • You cannot pause during the free trial period. You'd need to choose a plan or let the trial expire.
  1. Can I pause my store indefinitely?
  • The Pause and Build plan is tailored for temporary pauses. Contact Shopify Support for longer-term options.
  1. How do I communicate with my customers about pausing?
  • Update your website, send emails to your subscriber list, and use social media to inform and engage with your customers about the pause.