Can I Pause My Shopify Store? Everything You Need to Know

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. A Closer Look at the Pause Options
  3. Step-by-Step Guide to Pausing Your Store
  4. Communicating with Your Customers
  5. Reopening Your Store
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, flexibility is key. Whether you need a break to refocus your business strategy, revamp your online store, or simply take a well-deserved holiday, the ability to pause your Shopify store can be a game-changer. But how does it work, and what implications does it have for your store and its operations? This comprehensive guide explores the ins and outs of pausing your Shopify store, ensuring you have all the information at your fingertips to make an informed decision.


Imagine this: after months of relentless hard work, your Shopify store is thriving. Orders are pouring in, customers are happy, but suddenly, life throws you a curveball. Perhaps it's a personal matter that requires your undivided attention, or maybe you've decided it's time to rethink your business model. In either case, you find yourself wondering, "Can I pause my Shopify store?” It's a pertinent question, reflecting not just the need for a break but also the desire to maintain the integrity of your business during your absence.

In this blog post, you'll learn exactly what it means to pause your Shopify store, the different options available, and how to navigate them. From the prerequisites to the consequences of pausing your store, we'll cover every aspect to ensure you have a clear understanding of the process and its impact on your e-commerce journey. So, let's dive deep into the world of Shopify and discover how to press the pause button without pressing stop on your business dreams.

A Closer Look at the Pause Options

Shopify acknowledges the unpredictability of business and life, offering store owners a couple of options to pause their operations temporarily. Let's explore these options in detail.

The Pause and Build Plan

For those looking to take a breather while keeping the back-end engine running, the Pause and Build plan is an ideal choice. This plan allows you to pause your store's sales operations for a reduced subscription fee of $9 USD per month. It's perfect for merchants planning to focus on refining their store, be it by rebranding, adjusting product lines, or enhancing the overall store design.

Under this plan, customers can still browse your products and collections, but the checkout process is deactivated, preventing any new sales. Furthermore, it grants you uninterrupted access to your Shopify admin, enabling you to edit your products, themes, pages, and more. The key to this plan is its flexibility, allowing you to unpause and resume selling at any point.

Full Store Deactivation

If you're looking for a more definitive break, fully deactivating your Shopify store might be the path to take. This option completely shuts down your store and cancels your Shopify subscription. It's a step that requires careful consideration, as it cuts off access to your Shopify admin and essentially puts your business on hold indefinitely until you choose to reactivate it by subscribing to a new plan.

Considerations Before Pausing

Before you rush to pause your Shopify store, there are important factors to consider:

  • Cost: Understand the financial implications of each option. While the Pause and Build plan offers a reduced rate, keep in mind that it is not free.
  • Customer Communication: How will you inform your customers about the pause? It's crucial to manage expectations and maintain transparency.
  • Store Functionality: Consider what store functionalities you'll lose access to during the pause.
  • Forward Planning: Have a clear strategy for what you aim to accomplish during the pause and a timeline for when you intend to resume full operations.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pausing Your Store

Taking the leap to pause your store involves a straightforward process, but it requires careful execution. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Navigate to Your Settings: Within your Shopify admin, click on 'Settings', then select 'Plan'.
  2. Choose Your Plan: You’ll be presented with options to either "Pause and Build" or "Deactivate Store." Make your selection based on your requirements.
  3. Confirm Your Decision: Shopify will ask for confirmation. Go through the prompts to finalize your choice.

Communicating with Your Customers

Effective communication is key during this process. Update your website to reflect the status of your store, and consider sending out an email to your customer base explaining the situation. It's also wise to leverage social media to keep your audience engaged and informed about any developments.

Reopening Your Store

When you're ready to come back, re-opening your store is a breeze. Simply log in to your Shopify admin, select a new plan if necessary, and follow the prompts to reactivate your store’s operations.


Pausing your Shopify store can be a strategic move, giving you the time needed to focus on other priorities without permanently closing your business. With careful planning, clear communication, and an understanding of the available options, you can ensure that this temporary break serves your long-term business goals. Remember, flexibility is a hallmark of successful entrepreneurship, and Shopify's pause functionalities offer just that.

Now that we’ve navigated through the complexities and considerations of pausing a Shopify store, it’s clear that while pausing is an option, it demands a strategic approach to ensure your e-commerce journey continues smoothly upon your return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pause my Shopify store anytime? Yes, you can pause your Shopify store at any time, provided you have a paid plan and are not in the middle of your free trial period.

Do I need to pay a fee while my store is paused? Yes, if you opt for the Pause and Build plan, there is a reduced monthly fee of $9 USD. Completely deactivating your store does not incur a monthly fee, but reactivating your store requires selecting and paying for a new plan.

What happens to my products when my Shopify store is paused? Your products and store settings are preserved. While on the Pause and Build plan, customers can view but not purchase items. If you deactivate your store, the storefront is not publicly accessible.

Can I still access my Shopify admin if my store is paused? Yes, with the Pause and Build plan, you retain access to your Shopify admin. If you deactivate your store, you lose access until you reactivate your store by choosing a new plan.

How do I communicate the pause to my customers? Update your store's announcement banner, send out an email newsletter, and utilize your social media channels to inform your customers about the temporary halt and any important details related to it.