Can I Change My Shopify Store Name? Here's What You Need to Know

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Shopify Store Name Vs. Domain: A Primer
  3. Changing Your Shopify Store Name: Step-By-Step Guide
  4. Can You Change Your Shopify Domain Name?
  5. SEO Implications of Changing Your Store Name and Domain
  6. FAQs: Streamlining Your Shopify Rebranding
  7. Conclusion: A New Name, A Fresh Start


Ever launched a Shopify store only to realize later that the name you chose doesn’t quite resonate with your brand anymore? Or perhaps your business has evolved, and your current store name no longer reflects your product range or target audience. Changing your Shopify store name might seem daunting, especially with worries about SEO impacts and brand consistency. But fret not! In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how to seamlessly change your Shopify store name, delve into the nuances between a store name and a domain, and unpack strategies to ensure your SEO doesn't suffer during the transition. Whether you're rebranding or just tweaking your store's identity, this post will arm you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Understanding Shopify Store Name Vs. Domain: A Primer

Before diving into the steps for changing your Shopify store name, it's crucial to differentiate between your store name and your domain. Your store name is essentially your brand's identity on Shopify – it's what appears on your storefront and plays a significant role in brand recognition. On the other hand, your domain name (or URL) is the web address customers use to find your online store. It's vital to align your store name with your domain for cohesive branding and easier customer recall.

Changing Your Shopify Store Name: Step-By-Step Guide

Contrary to popular belief, modifying your Shopify store name is a straightforward process:

  1. Log into your Shopify admin dashboard.
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings’ and select ‘General’.
  3. In the ‘Store details’ section, you'll find your current store name. Here, you can input your new desired name.
  4. Ensure you hit ‘Save’ to apply the changes.

Preserving Brand Consistency

While changing your store name on Shopify's backend is simple, maintaining brand consistency across all your digital touchpoints is where the real challenge lies. Update your social media profiles, marketing materials, and anywhere else your brand name appears to reflect the change. Consistency aids in minimizing customer confusion and reinforcing your brand's presence.

Can You Change Your Shopify Domain Name?

While your Shopify store name is easily changeable, altering your Shopify domain name, particularly the URL, requires a different approach. If you wish to change your domain, you can purchase a custom domain through Shopify or third-party providers. This custom domain can then be set as your primary domain in the ‘Domains’ section of your Shopify admin, seamlessly redirecting your traffic to the new address.

SEO Implications of Changing Your Store Name and Domain

Adjusting your store name and domain inevitably impacts your SEO, but with careful planning, you can mitigate negative consequences:

  • 301 Redirects: Essential for telling search engines that your site's addresses have changed, 301 redirects help preserve your search rankings and guide users from old URLs to the new ones.
  • Update External Links: Don’t forget to revise your backlinks. Contact platforms or partners that have linked to your website to update your URL.
  • Communicate with Your Audience: Use email marketing and social media to inform your customers about the change. Transparency builds trust and reduces confusion.

FAQs: Streamlining Your Shopify Rebranding

How often can I change my Shopify store name?

You can technically change your store name as often as you like, but for branding purposes, it’s wise to limit changes to avoid confusing your customers.

Will changing my store name and domain affect my search engine rankings?

Yes, it can have a temporary impact, but proper SEO practices like setting up 301 redirects can mitigate this.

Is changing my Shopify store name a good strategy for rebranding?

Absolutely! If done thoughtfully, it can rejuvenate your brand's image and align more closely with your target audience and product line.

Conclusion: A New Name, A Fresh Start

Changing your Shopify store name and domain is a big decision, one that can redefine your brand's presence online. With the correct steps, you can ensure the transition is smooth and maintains the SEO groundwork you’ve established. Remember, a change in name doesn’t mean starting from scratch—it’s an opportunity to build upon your brand's story and connect more meaningfully with your customers. Keep your audience in the loop, maintain brand consistency, and your Shopify store’s new name will be another stepping stone towards greater success.

Ready to evolve your brand identity?

Follow this guide and embrace the change. Your Shopify store's new name could be the fresh breath your brand needs to soar to new heights!