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Trust Badges: How and Where to Place Them in Your Shopify Store?

Shopify Trust Badges

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Does your business get as much trust and confidence from customers online as possible? If it does not, you'll find out quickly that you're leaving sales on the table. Even if your store has the best product or service on the market, you will only be able to reach your full potential if customers trust your brand. 

If you're having trouble getting customers to trust you, the easiest fix is to place trust badges on the website and landing pages. You may have seen a trusted sign on an ecommerce site and not even know what it was. Sometimes called "trust badge icons" or "secure payment badges," they are icons that prove a website is trustworthy or give it a special status.

Seals of trust have a significant effect on how customers behave, as many studies have shown. For example, a survey by Actual Insights found that trust badges made a brand seem more trustworthy to 75% of the customers who took part. Also, 61% of the participants said they could think of a time when they didn't finish a transaction because there was no security badge.

Another study by Actual Insights showed that the success of trust badges is predicated on whether or not potential customers knew the logo being used. Building trust and confidence with your customers is an ongoing process, but by utilizing effective trust badges, your ecommerce business will thrive as customers gain confidence in your brand and keep coming back for more.

Trust Badges: Where & How to Put Them in Your Shopify Store?

Customers noticed several logos, but McAfee, PayPal, Verisign, BBB, and TRUSTe were the most reliable. These logos are all in red:

Selecting the perfect trust badge for ecommerce that customers value is crucial if you want them to feel safe going to your website or looking at it on your post-click landing page. All trust badges are essential, but some have a more significant effect on how customers act than others.

Start increasing customer trust and confidence by strategically placing trust badges and secure payment icons in your Shopify store. With well-placed trust badges, you can boost your brand's credibility and encourage more visitors to become loyal customers. Additionally, highlighting positive reviews and ratings of your products can further enhance trust and sway potential buyers toward making a purchase.

Here are some of the essential Trust badges that you should start using right away.

Choosing where your trust badges or secure payment badges will fit great

Implementing secure checkout badges or trust badges on your site is essential to instill confidence in your customers. These badges, strategically placed on different landing pages, can significantly enhance trust levels, especially when they appear alongside important information. By utilizing payment trust badges in the proximity of crucial details, you can boost customer trust and increase the likelihood of successful purchases. Check out the most common places to find these trust badges or guaranteed safe checkout badges to optimize your customers' shopping experience.

Home and Landing Page

It is the place where the trust badges for ecommerce are shown. To keep your account from getting too cluttered, choose one high-quality trust badge icon that guarantees your money back or the safety of your account. It would be best to have payment method badges in your homepage's footer or central part.


It is where the trust badges for ecommerce are shown. To keep your account from getting too full, choose one high-quality trust badge icon that guarantees your money back or the account's safety. Putting payment method badges in the footer or central part of your homepage would be best. You might want to consider tips before choosing a payment trust badge or trust badge in Shopify.

If you don't want to look like you're making false promises, think about the following tips when choosing trust badge icons.

  • Use well-known security company trust badges. Most internet users will be happy to buy things from sites with badges that say "guaranteed safe checkout" because they know that the site seems more secure.
  • Using a security badge from one of the big companies will be very helpful for ecommerce sites. Even though they will cost more for your business, they will help you stand out from other businesses.
  • Using larger verification schemes could be expensive, although there are still affordable services. There are still a lot of well-known companies that offer the same secure connections.
  • Use trust badges to show off customer feedback. Visitors can see what other customers have said about your business on your site if you use social proof.

Become a Google-certified shop

Most people who use Google Shopping today want to shop online faster. So you need to become a Google-certified shop to show your customers that you can be trusted It will also allow your business to have a good reputation with a well-known authority, and it will be easy to show off some of the good things customers have said about you.

Adding custom/personalized badges also gives visitors a good dose of confidence. Adding custom payment and trust badges will let you connect with your customers and build trust and friendship. You inform your visitors that you are willing to put yourself out there.

It's better to make your visitors feel at ease, but you shouldn't lead them to think they aren't safe.

Behind the trust badge

For the trust badges to function, they must have security features underneath them. SSL, or a secure sockets layer, is linked to many trust badges on Shopify.

Together, these things and trust badges make a safe way for data to be sent.

SSL comes in two forms: the standard SSL certificate and the extended validation SSL certificate. But on the other hand, legal SSL certificates are easier to manage, so they will cost less than extended validation certificates.

How to add trust badges to Shopify stores?

In this post, I'll show you three easy ways to add trust badges to your Shopify store. They are so effortless that anyone can do it, even if you're starting and don't know much about technology.

  1. Use a Shopify app

Adding trust badges to your store might be easiest if you use an app from the Shopify App Store.

I'll use an app called Free Trust Badge Master in my next post. As its title indicates, the app is free and comes with free icons for free shipping, free icons for free trust badges, and more. It also makes it easy to add trust badges to your product page, below the "Add to Cart" button, and in other places.

  1. Edit the Shopify payment methods in the footer

Shopify lets you demonstrate all available payment methods in a set place in your footer. They take care of the badges and layout, and you can choose whether or not to show them.

Adding payment badges to your footer also builds trust and confidence because these providers trust you enough to take payments for you. It also helps customers know how to pay in your shop.

What is it? Shopify will only show the payment providers you've set up. If you accept all credit and debit cards through PayPal express, for example, PayPal is the only form of payment that will be shown.

But don't be afraid! There is a way to get around that.

  1. Go to your theme editor and choose the footer from the list of sections to show how to pay.
  2. In the footer, check the box that says "Show payment icon."
  3. You can now see the various ways users can pay!

Here you can also find Shopify's guide.

Change the payment badges.

As we stated, there is a way to change the payment icons that would show up in the footer so that they don't come straight from your settings.

You can look at Shopify's guide, or you can read this post and do what it says.

  1. Go to Actions > Copy in your theme's settings. A copy of your theme will be made below the one currently being used.
  2. Go to Actions > Edit code in the theme you just copied.
  3. In the code editor, go to Sections and look for the footer.liquid file.
  4. In the code for the footer, use CTRL+F on Windows or command+F on a Mac to find this line of code:

% for type in shop.enabled_payment_types %}

And replace it with this:

{% assign enabled_payment_types = 'visa,master,american_express,paypal' | remove: ' ' | split: ',' %}

{% for type in enabled_payment_types %}

  1. This article tells you everything you need to know about payment icon codes.

You can add and remove payment icons by adding and removing these codes in this section: "Visa, Master, American Express, PayPal." Just make sure to put commas between each one.

Pros: It's built into the platform, is supported by Shopify and doesn't need changes.

Cons: You have no say over how the badges look or where they go.

  1. Add your own with code

The last method we'll talk about is using code to add your custom trust badges.

This is the most technical method, but it also gives you the most freedom, and I'll show you in a minute that it doesn't have to be very complicated.

  1. Make a picture of your trust badges. You can use Google to find a ready-made one, or you can use Photoshop to make your own. I found this picture on Google:

Ensure to use an icon with a transparent background so that it won't matter if you change the color of your website's background in the future.

  1. Add an image of your personalized trust badges or custom payment badges to your store. To do this, go to Assets > Add a new asset in your theme code editor and upload your image.
  1. Copy your new image URL:
  2. Replace the bold part of this piece of code with your image URL:

<div><img src="URL"></div>


Add the trust badges to your page.

Note: this section might differ depending on your theme and changes that Shopify makes in the future.

  1. Go to Sections > product-template.liquid to add the badges straight below your product description.
  2. Find this section on the product-template.liquid page and paste your script right below it:

product-single description rte

We hope this post shows you how to add trust badges to your Shopify store. However, if any further assistance is needed or you wish to learn more about trust badges and payment badges, We have something you might want to look at. The All-In-One Guide to Shopify Trust Badges

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