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Placing the Trust Badges in Shopify

This is a complete guide to choosing & placing the Trust Badges for your Shopify that includes

  • Where & How to Place in Your Shopify Store?
  • Tips you might want to consider before choosing a payment trust badge or trust badge in Shopify
  • How to add trust badges to Shopify stores?
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Does your business inspire as much online trust and consumer confidence as possible? Otherwise, you'll quickly find out you're leaving sales on the table. Your company can deliver the best product or service on the market but without customers who trust your brand, you won't be able to optimize your potential.

When you have issues with customer trust and confidence building, start showing trust badges on your website and landing pages after clicking on them.

You probably have seen a sign of trust on an eCommerce website and didn't even know it. Those sometimes referred to as "trust badge icons," or “secure payment badges” are icons that verify a web page's credibility or award a special status.

Countless studies have demonstrated that seals of trust have a profound impact on customer behavior. For example, a study conducted by Actual Insights found that in 75 percent of participants, trust badges improved a brand's perceived trustworthiness. Results also revealed that 61 percent of participants said that they recalled a time when they decided not to complete a transaction because there were no confidence logos.

Another research from Actual Insights showed that the success of trust badges depended on whether the logo being used was known by prospective customers or not. This study put the following 20 logos to a test:




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