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Top Shopify Tracking Pixel To Link To All Your Marketing Campaigns

Shopify Tracking Pixels

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We've discussed many ways to increase sales on the HulkApps blog. There are many different ways to market your store and products, like Facebook ads, Google Adwords, email marketing, and product reviews. But marketing is only half of what needs to be done. The second part, which might be the most important, is keeping track of your actions. If you don't track and analyze your marketing campaigns well, you'll never really know how well they are doing.

In this post, we'll talk about monitoring your advertising campaigns, so you know what's working and what's not and how to make the most out of your time and advertising budget.

Read on to find out how.

People in the world of digital marketing talk a lot about "tracking pixels" or just "pixels" without knowing what they mean. So let's keep going with the basics before getting into the details.

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and seen an ad for something you've wanted?

Top Shopify Tracking Pixel To Link To All Your Marketing Campaigns

Weird, right?

Although Facebook doesn't (yet) read your mind, they use a tracking pixel.

What is a tracking pixel?

Marketing pixels, also called tracking pixels, are small bits of code that let you track how people use a website, such as what they search for and what ads they click on.

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As a marketer, you can use this information to send paid advertisements to users most likely to interest them. Pixels are often used to measure the success of a marketing effort, keep track of conversions, and build an audience base.

Now that you know what a pixel is, let's talk about the different kinds of pixels you can use and how you can connect them to your marketing campaigns.

So, here are some of the top Shopify tracking pixels:

AWIN pixel

AWIN is a network for marketing through affiliates. AWIN is a platform that used to be called Affiliate Window. It has thousands of affiliate programs you can connect to and make money from.

AWIN is easy to connect to and use, and it has thousands of affiliate programs for bloggers that pay well. You can access many programs in one place, apply to them, find out how much they charge, get your affiliate links, and get paid—all from your affiliate dashboard.

It has a pixel tracking system that lets advertisers see which publishers are having an effect on consumers and getting them to click throughout the buying process without being the last touchpoint and, therefore, possibly not getting enough credit when looking at the performance of the whole channel.

If you need more help, you can read an article about how to add the AWIN pixel to your Shopify store.

OutBrain pixel

Outbrain helps publishers make more money whether people click and stay or leave and look at related posts and see more ads (in which case the publisher makes money from the click to go).

Advertisers can use OutBrain to reach premium publishers with a large audience and high ad rates for cheap. For example, advertisers can pay more than $5 to $10 or more per thousand impressions (not clicks) on, or they can pay less than $0.35 per click on OutBrain, but there's a catch.

Who uses the OutBrain ads?

Most of the ads on OutBrain are a play on ad rates. Advertisers, who are also publishers, pay $0.XX for a click-through OutBrain. They can then use that click to make money on their site by putting up premium ads that pay $0.YY.

For instance, a health site might promote content on a general-purpose site for $0.15 per click because once a visitor gets to their site, they can promote a high-dollar pharmaceutical ad.

In a standard medical ad on CNN, someone would click the link to "Foods That Could Cause an Irregular Heartbeat" and land on this page:

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Now, with Outbrain Pixel Tracking, it's easy to start tracking conversions across your Shopify site. You can use Outbrain Pixel Integration to track any conversion point along a customer's path to purchase.

Criteo pixel

Criteo is well-known as one of the best digital marketing suites. It is used by over 12,000 marketers and has been shown to work in over 130 countries around the world.

How it helps?

Increases website traffic

Use specific product offers and creativity that can be changed to show off your brand. With intelligent product propositions, your ads will naturally focus on the products that are most likely to bring people to your site and get them to interact with you. You can use Criteo's commerce sample group or your own lists of prospects and clients to build audiences.

Increase app traffic

Get new customers to use your app on the web, in other apps, and across devices. You can get more people to use your app and keep them as customers by letting them know about special deals that link directly to the product page.Shopify - top 5 trust badges

Get more app installs

With ads that get people to install apps, you can reach new users, customers who have stopped using your app, and active mobile web visitors. With an unbeatable understanding of how customers act, the Criteo AI engine can regulate campaigns that target the customers most likely to install and use your app often.

So, let's say you've selected Criteo as a paid ad platform to bring paid traffic to your site. You have successfully started the campaign. After that?

Does the question arise of how you would evaluate the traffic trying to access the Criteo campaign?

By implementing Criteo pixel

Use Criteo tracking pixels and other tools to figure out how well your ads are doing.

The Criteo OneTag (pixel code) is a javascript tracking code that a merchant can use to track the success of their Criteo Ads and easily retarget customers through the Criteo Dynamic Retargeting product. The Criteo OneTag works by keeping track of the different things (called "events") that customers do on the merchant's ecommerce site.

Criteo OneTag on the home page

Bouncers can be tracked by putting Criteo OneTag on your homepage (clients who land on your homepage but leave your website without making a purchase). Criteo can then show these clients ads that feature products that are selling well.

Criteo OneTag on the search listing page

By putting the Criteo OneTag on the search listing pages, we can track a user's interest in a specific type of product (e.g., products of a particular category).

Criteo OneTag on the product page

Installing the Criteo OneTag on product pages is a crucial part of the tracking process since this is where users often make their expectations most evident. There are a lot of people who go straight to your product pages and don't look at your search results pages first.Criteo OneTag on the Cart page

The Criteo OneTag should be put on the Basket/Cart page so that users whose orders are abandoned before they reach the checkout can be tracked.

Criteo OneTag on the sales confirmation page

When a customer completes a purchase on your site, they will see a sales confirmation message with an order ID and a list of what they bought. By putting the Criteo OneTag on this page, we can track which products your customers buy.

CJ pixel [Commission Junction]

Commission Junction is an effective online marketing platform that may be a growing need for online businesses because it is easier for customers to find your product when they need it.

Commission Junction also helps improve a page's ranking, which means it will show up higher on search engines. Your business is way more valuable than that!

Google Tag Manager can be used to set up Commission Junction affiliate tracking for Shopify stores. This allows tracking of which publishers are affecting customers and getting them to click throughout the buying process.

Reddit pixel

Reddit is a social news site where people can talk about and vote on things that other people have posted. Reddit came up with "karma" points to help keep the site clean and stop spammers from bombarding users.

Users get karma when other community members like their comments and links. If you spam Reddit with posts that have nothing to do with the topic, other users will always vote down your posts. This means that Reddit will start limiting how often you post to the site.

This offers Reddit Ads to reach enthusiastic and diverse communities organized around numerous topics.

Now comes the part where the Reddit conversion pictures come in. The Reddit Conversion Pixel can record eight different types of standard events:

  • Page visit
  • View content
  • Search
  • Add to cart
  • Add to wishlist
  • Purchase
  • Lead
  • Sign up

Why does pixel tracking matter?

There are three main reasons why you should use pixels:

  1. Keep track of what your customers do. If someone clicks on your ad, you can see where they go on your site after the landing page.
  2. Improve campaign optimization. If you know which parts of your media plan work best, you can focus on those parts.
  3. Get the most out of the money you spend on media. Pixels let you look at everything in terms of cost-per-view or conversion rate, so you can see where your media has the most effect.

Don't forget that tracking pixels are only one part of an effective digital campaign. If you still have queries, we're here to help you find your customers and talk to them everywhere.


There are tracking pixels everywhere, and there are good reasons for this. These small bits of code are used by marketers to retarget ads and keep track of conversions throughout their site and ad campaigns. Marketing pixels give you a massive amount of information that can help you improve your ad campaigns and learn more about your audience.

Even though privacy is important, pixels are usually accessible for marketers to make and put in place. Your current platforms, like Facebook or AdWords, may be able to generate pixels for you, and website platforms like WordPress make it easy to add pixels.

With many benefits, tracking pixels are something that most marketers can't ignore. People visit websites and interact with web pages on a regular basis in our technology-driven world. Tracking this information is very important for marketers and gives them a lot of ways to make the world more personal.

Keeping track and analyzing data can be a lot of work, though. HulkApps is here to help if you want to grow your brand and improve how you track things. The experts at HulkApps have a proven track record of success when it comes to targeting audiences and making the most of ad strategies. With the Pixel Implementation & Tracking service, they can help you use your marketing data to improve your ad buys and content marketing. Read the following article.

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