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Top Shopify ADA Compliance Testing Tools to Make Your Shopify More Accessible

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Often what happens with every Shopify merchant is that we all want to reach every consumer throughout the world. But here's an interesting story : 

A few years back, a man drove his car into a lake after following instructions from a mobile app. And the worst part is it was neither the mistake of the app nor the person. 

It was one simple missed feature. From the app's perspective, it did exactly what it was programmed to do, i.e., to find the most optimal route from point A to point B. From the standpoint of the man, it failed him by not taking the real world into account.

The same principle applies to accessibility testing.

We often think our Shopify stores are accessible to everyone, and we focus on optimizing the checkout experience. But the main catch is it really accessible for all the people? 

Shopify ADA compliance means opening accessibility of the Shopify store to everyone, specifically those who have disabilities, allowing them to perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the Web. And, usually most of sites aren’t designed to make it ADA compatible. Shopify ADA compliance policy assists in making sure that people with all disabilities do not face these roadblocks when accessing your Shopify store.

In simple terms, ADA compliance assists you in creating a Shopify store that people with all disabilities can also use without facing roadblocks.

To help you, here's the list of the top tools that will assist you or your Shopify developers in making your Ada compliance Shopify store. Also, the ADA compliance testing tool you use depends on your site's needs and budget, among many other factors. If you need assistance, you can always reach the HulkApps ADA support team. 

Before We Begin - Quick Check

A basic Google search for "Shopify ADA compliance accessibility tools" turns up several lists and collections of resources, and I could have easily copied one or two of these lists, and voila, a new post was created. However, I wanted to add a personal touch to this piece so that you don't waste time using outdated Accessibility Tools which does not follow the updated ADA compliance awareness and preparedness.

Best tools to check your store ADA compliance

Shopify ADA compliance Support

  • A sitemap generator - tests Shopify accessibility app and website  for accessibility.
  • Test the HTML content of your Shopify store for current Shopify ADA compliancepublished rules. 
  • Examine the web accessibility issues on each page to isolate and resolve them for a unique user experience. 
  • Advanced Crawler Options allow you to organize links and follow subdomains. 
  • Colors can be used to update and customize sitemaps, and they can be set to their utmost level.

Shopify ADA compliance Support


  • Allows Shopify ADA experts and users to evaluate the web4 accessibility of specific pages or large websites. 
  • To be Shopify ADA compliant -  federal authorities, commercial and public enterprises use this tool. 
  • Checks individual web pages, groups of web pages, or websites, as well as password-protected or restricted pages, automatically. 
  • CSS, HTML, XHTML, PDF documents, and images are all supported formats.
  • It is a one-click user experience testing tool for OS X and Windows.
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Desktop Browsers, and Mobile Devices. 
  • The program employs both internal and external firewalls, as well as intranets and development sites.

Shopify ADA compliance Support

Cynthia Says

  • It is a Web content accessibility validation solution. 
  • It is a free online solution to identify errors in your content related to Section 508 standards and/or WCAG compliance. 
  • It is simple to use, which only validates one page and helps you identify the exact location where the test fails.

    Shopify ADA compliance Support

    Accessibility Checker

    • Allows you to check the level of accessibility of content created in CKEditor. 
    • When accessibility issues are discovered, the product allows you to resolve them as quickly.
    • Helps to solve accessibility issues quickly by providing users with step-by-step accessibility evaluation guidance. 
    • The tool saves your time by automatically fixing the common problems with the Quick Fix feature. 
    • You can also add changes manually as per requirements, which can be done using the Listening Mode feature.

    Shopify ADA compliance Support

     Accessibility Management Platform (AMP)

    • A web accessibility tool is offered through the SSB BART Group. 
    • This platform is a web-based platform that offers readymade, scalable solutions for ensuring compliance with all web accessibility requirements. 
    • AMP delivers evaluation reports, along with step-by-step evaluation instructions.
    • The application examines for password-protected or restricted pages and groups of web pages, websites, or single web pages.

    Shopify ADA compliance Support

     Accessibility Developers Tools by Google

    • A Chrome Extension that adds ADA compliance audit and sidebar to Chrome Developer Tools.
    • To use ADA compliance audit, you can find it in the audit tab and run it.
    • To use the sidebar pane, you need to inspect elements of the web page.
    • This extension is updated with a new version which includes new ADA compliance audit  rules, Generalized ARIA attributes, improved logical representations for clear link text, etc.


    It's critical to remember that no website evaluation tool can totally replace an Shopify ADA compliance expert. It is impossible to replicate Shopify ADA compliance expert characteristics such as common sense with current technology. These tools should be used for the starter's purpose, and the results they give should be taken in the context of the website you're evaluating. 

    Furthermore, because Shopify ADA compliance is a subset of usability, you can't depend on them completely because these tools are used to assess accessibility rather than usability, as they can only show you where your site is inaccessible at best.

    Need an accessible website quickly/ forever? HulkApps can help you. 

    • We do ADA compliance audits to identify accessibility issues.
    • We test and fix your highest-traffic pages to be  Shopify ADA compliant.
    • We also help with UI patterns affecting  Shopify ADA compliance policy.
    • We shall review your accessibility processes.
    • In some cases, we will help you define Shopify ADA compliant KPIs.

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