Structured Data: Myths & Reality

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This is a complete guide to Structured Data: Myths & Reality that includes:

  • 7 reasons why your Structured Data isn't reflecting in SERP
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A lot of rumors flying around in regards to Structured Data & Schema Markups. With so much changing and so much being said it can be difficult to filter out the noise.

This article will cover the main reasons your Schema markup isn't showing up in Google results.

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So you've taken initiative and added schema markup structured data to your site. You are looking to earn some rich results in Google search. However, after adding the schema and doing a new search query in Google, you find your listing is still just a boring blue link. No stars, extra boxes, or extensions. What gives? Why is the schema markup not showing up in google?

Well, there could be several reasons, some of which are in your control and others which aren't. This article will cover the main reasons your Schema markup isn't showing up in Google results.

First, adding Schema Markup doesn't guarantee a rich result

Adding schema to your site only makes you eligible for certain rich results, it doesn't guarantee you will get one. Even if you configure everything perfectly in the markup code (or via a plugin) and confirm no errors have been made, you may still find that Google is not showing you any schema love. They may just think that showing a rich result with the schema markup you are hoping for wouldn't be very helpful for searchers or align with their intent. Not much you can do if this is the case, as it's hard to fight the algorithm. But it could be another reason. Before giving up, check if one of the below reasons explain why your structured data isn't showing up in Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) so you can take the appropriate action.

In Google's Words:

There is no guarantee that your page will appear in Search results with the specified feature. This is because search features depend on many factors, including the search device type, location, and whether Google Search thinks [source]

Now onto the seven reasons your schema markup may not be showing up in rich results in search.




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