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Optimize Your Recurring Services With Shopify Subscription APIs


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Shopify Subscription API- Boosting Revenue Streams with Subscription Optimizations

Feeling excited about recurring services? It may shock us if you are not. Everyone now is embracing a subscription business- you’ve been noticing this trend we can assume. From the beverages to coffee beans, shaving kits to digital content, and to meals- each of these gives merchants an opportunity to sell via subscription, and also keep generating recurring revenues.

Shopify here does not seem lagging behind. And they have joined the bandwagon by rolling out new subscription features. For every new Shopify owner or who doesn’t still think of reflecting this feature into their stores, Shopify API-powered subscription apps can empower them to charge their customers as they subscribe and save the recurring services.

We at HulkApps keep researching and developing new ideas and tooling in a continuous manner so that every merchant can leverage the bespoke advantages of the evolving Shopify ecosystem. Here, in this blog, we will discuss Shopify Subscription API and various techniques you can shore up to build your growing business.

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What is Shopify Subscription API?

Subscription is no longer a new phenomenon in the realm of the eCommerce industry. As soon as the pandemic evolved, many businesses have pivoted to eCommerce only to keep up with the challenges and keep serving their customers in an all-new way. Shopify has opened up ways with Subscription APIs for new merchants. If you had found it hard competing in the Amazon marketplace, you could now realize how easy it could be to grow your business with subscription flexibility.
Shopify Subscription APIs are a set of application programming interfaces you can use to build applications and manage a subscription business model. So, when you build an app, it helps you sell products in multiple ways- plan your recurring pricing at a predetermined interval, sell one-time products, or sell standard products simultaneously.

Simply put, Shopify Subscription gives you an ability to do more than just typical ‘buy now’ functionality. As a Shopify merchant, you can build an app to integrate that into Shopify Checkout and manipulate it to some extent.

Some great flexibility you can earn with Shopify Subscription API.

  • Shopify subscription apps prevent the need for using a separate page to buy products and choose recurring subscriptions. Both these functionalities are managed within the checkout page that leverages the native features of Shopify beautifully.
  • With Subscription apps built with Shopify Subscription API, you can ensure fast and reliable compatibility with the checkout.
  • Affordable options to try out subscription models and ensure long-term customer loyalty.

Scopes you can unravel with Shopify Subscription API

Selling plan APIs: Sell efficiently other than ‘Buy Now’

Subscription contract APIs: Make a faster agreement with customers and you.

Customer payment method APIs: Store payment information to use in the future.

However, it does not mean your app is high performant to take care of every subscription activity. Shopify and app have different responsibilities for subscription management.

Shopify uses its native features to manage a lot of things together

Shopify - Services_includes Customer data management

Shopify - Services_includes Initial and renewal subscription payment management

Shopify Subscription-enabled app can make easier the following things

Shopify - Services_includes Billing scheduling and automation

Shopify - Services_includes Helping build a subscription management user interface

With a few bunches of features, you can still empower your subscription business, if not, analyze your subscription performance.

1. Build a customer-facing UX for subscription

Before you build an UX, make sure to follow a few simple things.

  • Give your customers a clear view of how your terms and conditions work, varied options of selling plans, and opportunities to save.
  • Communicate subscription clearly.
  • Whatever is your existing, the subscription UI must align with it.

The most efficient way to keep your customers hooked to the subscription interface is to rightly display your product forms.

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Product Forms

Product forms can give a clear view of what your plans for subscriptions are. You can put them across the product page, home page, and a product card. Also, ensure this form has essential buttons that include price, plans, product details, and call to action.

Cart Items

Cart item is something you can create with Shopify subscription API to give your customer a clearer understanding of what your product is all about. You can easily enable them to control the delivery frequency.

Cart Page

This is a page where you can put all information to the forefront of your cart and enable customers to see what they are buying.

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Cart Notifications

You can implement this on your Shopify store and get notifications when your customers purchase a subscription from you.

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2. Create a Discount Code

As a merchant, you can find no better option to connect with your customers other than discounts. Shopify Subscriptions API allows you to apply different discount codes on your subscription page. This discount can reflect conditions like percentage, fixed amount, and free shipping.

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As a merchant, you can find no better option to connect with your customers other than discounts. Shopify Subscriptions API allows you to apply different discount codes on your subscription page. This discount can reflect conditions like percentage, fixed amount, and free shipping.

Shopify - Services_includes Manual custom discounts

Shopify - Services_includes Shopify code discounts

Use any of the above and determine which subscription types it should apply to- one-time purchase or subscription.

3. Create a Shipping

Using Shopify API, you can build the delivery method for your store. You can easily show all conditions that apply to physical or digital products. It is also easier to take control of pricing as per delivery conditions. There is another excellent feature to add to your Shopify store which is a subscription-enabled delivery. Hire HulkApps experts to help build a highly-effective delivery profile for your Shopify business.

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Shopify Subscriptions APIs & its Powerful Hits

Shopify Subscription API-powered apps are not limited to these above functionalities. There are more you can apply to your store. However, there are some prohibitions you must check with.

Shopify Subscription API prohibitions

As you are keen to build a Shopify Subscription API application, you must know what prohibitions are there for the selling plan and subscription contract APIs.


You can overbill only if it is specified in the contract. So, avoid doing this.

Updating contract inappropriately

Subscription contract must reflect the customer's consent every time it is updated.

Selling plans without subscription contracts

By all means, you need to handle the resulting subscription contracts- this makes sure you don’t manipulate the additional pricing control.

Ambiguous contracts

Make sure your customers are aware of the agreement and also, the storefront must reflect the conditions of the subscription.

Stale contracts

All updates must be there on your storefront. This gives your customers a lot of flexibility to take control of their preferences.

When you build your Shopify Subscription API-enabled app, you need to make sure you are aware of all the Shopify’s principles. That’s because it makes it easier to work with Shopify and brings out a better outcome. HulkApps has diverse ranges of subscription skills that they use to help merchants implement subscriptions more effectively with apps like ReCharge.

So, connecting with us means you win half the battle as the entire work is dedicatedly handled by HulkApps experts.

To maximize your subscription to a core level, apps like ReCharge, Bold, or Chargebee can give a boost to your business. Hire HulkApps expert to leverage our extensive experience. However, if you want to stick around Shopify subscription, we can impeccably do that too.

Shopify - Services_includes ReCharge to Shopify Migration

Shopify - Services_includes Chargebee to Shopify Migration

Shopify - Services_includes Bold to Shopify Migration

For any queries for Shopify Subscription support, you can get in touch with us.


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