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Make purchases more palatable with Shopify Shop Pay Installments

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Our daily interactions constantly evolve, making it faster and easier to interact. Whether it's the ability to place an order via Alexa or create a purchase decision with one click or the instant sign-up option using the Facebook profile, the experience consistently simplifies the user experience.

With that said, consumers don't want to work or utilize the applications or sites, or tools that aren't intuitive or require more action to complete a task. For instance, you want your customer to

  1. Visit your landing pages, 
  2. Browse into your products
  3. Learn about the product details
  4. Click a CTA to buy your product,
  5. Fill up the card details 
  6. Complete the purchase.

While following these steps during the first purchase is okay, what if your customer comes back and follows the same pattern, especially with step 5. Is it okay? To add in, Baymard's research (2022 data) suggests that about 27% of consumers stay loyal to brands because the brands offer convenient options. With over 1 in 4 consumers staying dedicated to convenient options like a simplified checkout process with the pre-captured customer and payment details, it will make it easy for your customers to buy again. 

As consumers desire quick actions that let them accomplish their needs and wants in a single click, swipe, or press, you store clickable experience matters. The fewer actions a user has to do on your store, especially in the checkout, will lead you to build a faster experience, and that way, you are more likely to get more customers.

To make your store checkout page more optimized so that customers can check out quickly and with ease, Shopify offers Accelerated checkouts and dynamic checkout buttons. Remember, too many steps will deter buyers, decreasing your website checkout rate.

What is Shopify Accelerated Checkout? 

Shopify - Structured Data For Shopify : The Ultimate Guide

In simple terms, accelerated checkout means capturing your customer payment and shipping information and automatically filling it up when the customer returns to your store. The Accelerated checkout option not only reduces any checkout friction but also allows your customer to quickly checkout without worrying about re-entering all the data every time. 

We have considered the Shop Pay Shopify app accelerated checkout method per the above image. You aren't just restricted to the Shopify Shop Pay accelerated checkout button; you can activate various payment providers, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, After Pay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal. To know more about the After Pay buy now pay later solution, read the “Shopify Afterpay Setup Guide” and get started effortlessly. 

What are Dynamic checkout buttons?

As said above, the store's cart and checkout page user experience are crucial for driving customers towards the purchase funnel. If you could remove the hindrance and bring in familiarity and comfortable options, your buyers will feel more at ease, leading to lower cart abandonment rates. 

With that, Shopify's dynamic checkout button offers a checkout experience tailored towards the customer's choices. That is, by using dynamic checkout buttons on the cart page and product pages, you are allowing your customer to directly go to the checkout using the selected accelerated checkout method (Shop Pay Shopify app).

Streamlining and expediting the checkout process, Shopify's dynamic checkout button changes following the customer's preferred accelerated checkout method, allowing them to buy the product they're viewing quickly. 

What is Shopify Shop Pay?

Shop Pay Shopify is an accelerated payment checkout option. In simple terms, you can call it a wallet where your customers can save their payment card information, shopping email address, shipping, and billing information and check out faster. 

Apart from saving your customers time when they check out, Shopify Shop Pay on the store allows the customers to save up to five shipping addresses and credit card information, easing the checkout experience.

The Shopify Shop Pay payment option is convenient even with stores that offer local pickup or delivery options. Customers can choose the Shop Pay Shopify App option during checkout without carrying a credit card everywhere. Yes! Just like that, even your in-store customers can purchase with the Shopify Shop Pay app. 

How does Shop Pay Shopify App work?

  1. Post customer adding in the required items to the cart.
  2. They have to click the Shop Pay Shopify option
  3. Review the Order Page and 
  4. Checkout with the Shopify Shop Pay option 
  5. Lasty, they need to verify the purchase by using the Shop Pay App or with a unique six- digit code
  6. Once the order is completed, Shopify initiates the payment to the merchant.
How does Shop Pay Shopify App work?


If a customer returns to your in-store for a local pick up using the same device, they can check out without the Shop app or SMS confirmation.

Terms of using Shop Pay Shopify App for your customer: Terms of using Shopify Shop Pay for a merchant:
  • To use Shop Pay Shopify App, the customers need to have the card your store supports like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards.
  • Secondly, the billing information should match the bank account on file. For instance, the zip code needs to match the billing address.
  • Customers need to enter a valid and regularly used email address and phone number at Shop Pay Shopify App checkout to save their payment information.
  • Customers who only enter a phone number in the contact field aren't offered the Remember me prompt to save their information.
  • If you are first time setting up the payments option, follow the Shopify Payment documentation to understand the payment process with Shopify.
  • You will be required to enable Shopify Payments to offer the Shopify Shop Pay option.
  • It would be best if your store is English to offer the Shopify Shop Pay payment option.
  • As soon as you check the Shop Pay Shopify option in the Shopify Admin, you can quickly get started with the Shop Pay Shopify accelerated checkout option.                          

What are Shopify Shop Pay Installments?

Shopify Shop Pay Installments is a flexible payment option that can help your customers get your product by splitting their purchase amount into four equal, biweekly, and interest-free payments. 

The maxed value a customer can avail the Shopify Shop Pay installments is upto 3000 USD, and the min value is 50 USD. With the Shop Pay Shopify payment option giving the option to pay in full at checkout or to split the purchase, you can let your customers get what they want, when they want it, increasing average order value. 

There are no interest rates, late fees, or additional fees, and your customer credit score isn't affected when customers opt for Shopify Shop Pay Installments. You can supercharge your sales opportunity and get new customers this way up. 

Shopify Shop Pay Installments is powered and serviced by Affirm and is only available in some stores. You can learn more about Affirm Shopify Payment by clicking on the link. 

When you offer the Shopify Shop Pay Installment option, your customer can see the following information:

  • The calculated installment payment amounts.
  • A link to know more about Shopify Shop Pay Installments
  • The latest compliance and regulatory information

With the increasing conversion rate and average order value, the  Shopify Shop Pay installments can maximize your exposure opportunity for new customers and others. However, when you refund an order made using Shopify Shop Pay Installments, the Shop Pay Installments transaction fee isn't returned to you.

How does the Shopify Shop Pay Installments work?

Shopify - Structured Data For Shopify : The Ultimate Guide

The following are the steps a customer needs to go through to use Shopify Shop Pay Installments:

  1. Add in the required items to the cart.
  2. Check out using the Shop Pay Shopify payment option.
  3. To pay in installments, select Shopify Shop Pay Installments and
  4. Customer chooses the way four installments break down occurs;
    1. Make the first payment at checkout. Or 
    2. Make the first payment two weeks later, after making the purchase.
  5. Customers get an email reminder about the upcoming charges until the three remaining payments are charged.

For merchant:

  1. After the order is completed, i.e., post step 4, you will receive full payment upfront through Shopify Payments, excluding the fee for using Shopify Shop Pay Installments.

What is the difference between Shopify Payments and Shop Pay?

For a moment, we all would have been like, what is Shopify Payments and what is Shop Pay Shopify, aren't they the same. If you had that thought or thinking, you aren't alone. While these Shopify Payments and Shop Pay Shopify sound similar, they are different. Both the payment options are designed to build a flexible ecommerce experience, i.e., flexibility for merchants and customers. Shop Pay is formerly known as Shopify Pay. 

In a nutshell, Shopify Payments is the backend (focused towards Shopify Admins), and Shop Pay Shopify is the front end (directed towards customers). Anyone familiar with conversion rate optimization will understand that optimizing the checkout process is different from optimizing the payment processing method. While Shop Pay Shopify is about streamlining the Shopify checkout process, Shopify Payments is a streamlined payment process that simplifies the administration of payments. 

Shopify - Structured Data For Shopify : The Ultimate Guide

How to activate the Shop Pay Shopify in the store?

  1. Head up to your Shopify Admin, and go to Settings > Payments
  2. Beside the Shopify Payment section, click Manage
  3. Scroll through Shop Pay and check the Shop Pay option 
  4. Click Save

Note: To offer Shop Pay installments, in step 3 - check the "Shop Pay installment" option to activate the shop Pay installment option.

How to deactivate/ remove the Shop Pay Shopify from the store?

  1. Head up to your Shopify Admin, and go to Settings > Payments
  2. Beside the Shopify Payment section, click Manage
  3. Scroll through Shop Pay and uncheck the Shop Pay option 
  4. Click Save

Note: To deactivate Shop Pay installments, in step 3 - uncheck the "Shop Pay installment" option to deactivate the Shop Pay installment option.

How to activate Shop Pay Shopify for third-party gateways?

Shopify Shop Pay for your third-party gateway configuration only works if your online store is in the United States and meets Shopify Payments requirements. Follow these steps to activate Shop Pay Shopify as an accelerated checkout for your online store, Facebook, and Instagram.

  1. Head up to your Shopify Admin, and go to Settings > Payments
  2. Scroll through the Third-party payment providers section click Manage.
  3. Beside the Shop Pay section, check Enable Shop Pay
  4. Click Save

If you are setting up for the first time:

  1. In the Shop Pay section, click Complete setup
  2. Enter the required details as per the screen, and
  3. Click Save.

How to add the Shopify Shop Pay Installments product page banner?

Usually, the Shopify Shop Pay Installments product page banner is added once the Shop Pay Installments option is checked. But it also depends on theme configuration. Especially with Shopify introducing Online Store 2.0, it's time you upgrade to Shopify OS 2.0 with experts and efforts to manage your ecommerce store. If the Shopify  Pay Installments product banner isn't added, you can add theme either automatically or manually by following these steps:

Steps to automatically add the Shopify Shop Pay Installments product page banner:
  1. Head up to your Shopify Admin, and click Online Store > Themes.
  2. Click the "Update theme" option upon the Update your theme to let your customers know you accept the installments banner. 
  3. Click Review changes and 
  4. Further click Got it.
  5. Based on your preference, review and adjust the position of the Shop Pay Installments product banner. 
  6. Click Save, followed by
  7. Click Save and Publish.
Steps to manually add the Shopify Shop Pay Installments product page banner:
  1. Identify where to make changes.

    To insert the banner on your store products, you need to include a piece of code inside every instance of the product form. Depending on your theme, you can find the product form in various locations. Below we have listed a few common locations to include the code:

    • product-form.liquid
    • featured-product-form.liquid
    • product-template.liquid
    • product.liquid
  2. Update the product form
    1. Head up to your Shopify Admin, and click Online Store > Themes.
    2. Under Actions, click Edit code 
    3. Based on the identified location, open the relevant files.
    4. Find the instance of the product form, which will look something like {% form 'product,' product ...}
    5. Right below the line of the code, paste the following code:
      {{ form | payment_terms }}
    6. Click Save.

On an overview, the code should contain like:

{% form 'product', product ... %}

{{ form | payment_terms }}


{% endform %}

Highly recommended Note:

If you're not comfortable reading and editing theme code, you can have your theme updated by HulkApps experts, who will help you update your theme with the Shopify Shop Pay Installments product page banner. However, if you're comfortable editing the code and taking the necessary steps, you can follow the above steps. 

Shopify Shop Pay Configuration

Impact of Shop Pay and Shopify Shop Pay Installments in a store 

Average order volume increased

Average order volume increased:

By offering Shopify Shop Pay Installments in your store, you're giving customers the flexibility to take home your products with the flexibility to pay in the four installments option.

The buy now pay later payment model provides consumers with several key benefits; one out of four merchants observed a 50% higher average order volume with Shopify Shop Pay Installments. The impact wasn't just on the average order volume; the inclusion of the Shopify Shop Pay Installments option is driving merchants in

  • Larger customer basket size;
  • Rises in repeat purchasing;
  • Exposure to new customers;
  • Increased brand relevance and customer engagement; and
  • Improved checkout conversion.

As a result, Shopify Shop Pay Installments allows merchants to maximize their profits while allowing customers to get the products. And the extra payment optimization translates into more sales and larger orders.

Faster checkout times

Faster checkout times

Since Shopify Shop Pay Installments - buy now, pay later solution is fully integrated on Shopify, you don't have to redirect your customers from checkout. The importance of the no - redirection not only reduces your worries about overselling due to limited quantities or during flash sales, but it also builds trust among customers.

With Shopify Shop Pay Installments fully integrated with Shopify, you can offer your store customers a 30% faster checkout experience. Speaking of numbers, customers usually have a 69-second to 104-second average checkout time compared to other third-party installments solutions, making Shop Pay Shopify Installments "buy now, pay later" payment 27% faster.

Tapping into Shop Pay Shopify Installment opportunities

Tapping into Shop Pay Shopify Installment opportunities

As buy now pay later supports the shift in consumer preferences toward better financial control, integrating Shop Pay Shopify and Shop Pay Installments in your store will increase customer exposure, improve customer experience, and boost sales.

Driving more new customers and more sales, the US merchants derive billion-dollar benefits through the Shopify Shop Pay Installments. The installments are not only focused on easing the customer purchase decision but also on improving credit access for underserved and economically vulnerable groups.

That said, Shop Pay Shopify Installments is currently only available in the United States to eligible merchants using Shopify Payments. Affirm offers the Shopify Shop Pay Installments, are subject to an eligibility check, and may not be available in all states.


As the payments sector is undergoing significant changes with the continued growth of e-commerce, you need to include digital payment technologies that go along with the changing consumer values. So for that, you need to offer alternatives to take away customers' wariness of traditional credit options.

Improving access to credit for underserved and economically vulnerable groups and tapping into the unavailability of buy now pay later option in some categories, Shop Pay Shopify and Shop Pay Installments, is the best choice to integrate into your store.

The interest-free borrowing and budgeting features of Shopify Shop Pay Installments allow your customers to embrace greater flexibility in spending patterns and adopt new technologies to help manage their budgets. With that, the Shop Pay Shopify and Shop Pay Installments SMS text verification, PCI compliance, and encrypted financial data will add several purchasing security layers.

The easier you store - customer experience is, especially to make payments, the more likely customers will come back during their next purchase decision. There's no downside to using Shop Pay Shopify with the incredible security built and multiple features. So, integrate Shopify Shop Pay with HulkApps Shopify Shop Pay experts and drive more new customers and more sales.

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