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Ultimate Shopify Dropshipping Guide for 2022

From getting started to best Shopify dropshipping apps and marketing tips

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Want to start an online store without upfront inventory costs and shipping logistics? With strategic dropshipping, you can strive for profits as your wholesaler sends products directly to your customers without you having to worry about stocking or owning inventory. 

The most significant difference between dropshipping and a standard retail model is all about inventory storage. The inventory is brought virtually from a wholesaler or manufacturer to fulfill orders in dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a great business model for any aspiring entrepreneurs with a low budget to start. The business model is quite accessible, and it allows you to test ideas with limited downside. This advantage lets you learn a lot about your customer and site visitors' behavior; most importantly, it helps you choose the market that can drive you.

Learn more about Shopify for dropshipping

Shopify dropshipping business basics How does Shopify for dropshipping work? Tips to promote your Shopify dropshipping stores? Common questions about Shopify for dropshipping
Just because it's an easy way to make money does not mean it will work for you. Weigh the options of dropshipping with Shopify here. A walkthrough on how to launch Shopify for dropshipping, i.e., know about Shopify dropshipping suppliers, Shopify dropshipping apps. Get recommendations on building and promoting your Shopify dropshipping business with our marketing tips. You aren't the only one with the question; browse our collection of common FAQs on dropshipping with Shopify to succeed.

Shopify dropshipping basics:

By definition:

Dropshipping is similar to the retail fulfillment method where the online store doesn’t hold the product but still sells it. When a store visitor places an order in your Shopify-powered Online store, a notification is shared across the product manufacturer, who sends the product to the consumer.

What is Shopify?

Get started with Shopify, the leading eCommerce platform, if you want to build your store without hassle or technical experience. Shopify is a simple-to-use platform, especially when starting the dropshipping store. The platform gives you access to the various free and premium Shopify themes and apps to ease your success path.

By using Shopify for dropshipping, you can easily integrate Shopify's very own built dropshipping app Oberlo Shopify App that lets you easily import, edit, and source products from AliExpress suppliers. The Shopify dropshipping app Oberlo allows you to place orders individually or bulk.

Why is Shopify an ideal platform for starting a dropshipping business?

Jumpstart easily

You can skillfully start your dropshipping business with Shopify at minimal cost, especially with Oberlo, a marketplace Shopify app developed by Shopify that helps entrepreneurs like you to find products to sell, save on inventory space, and others.

Sell globally

The most common method for getting started with dropshipping on Shopify is to seek out a supplier Shopify app. Although with various Shopify app integrations, you can grow your business worldwide as many dropshipping suppliers offer worldwide warehousing and fulfillment.

Work on what matters

With the click of a button, you can browse AliExpress and import the products that pique your interest directly to Oberlo and fulfill and ship orders and focus more on optimizing your marketing and conversing with your customers.

Experiment for success

As dropshipping is a low-risk business, you can test and find what works best for you and your business by working with new products, suppliers, and sales channels.

Also, when you do dropshipping with Shopify Oberlo, you’ll never need to worry about excess inventory, as the orders are placed once the customer confirms the payment. The best of using Shopify for dropshipping is that you’ll be able to control your inventory with just a few clicks.

Benefits of Shopify for dropshipping:

  1. The very known - Easily get started: With the dropshipping model, you don't have to own anything unless you've made the sale, allowing you to start sourcing products and launch a successful dropshipping business. Shopify for dropshipping allows you to start your eCommerce website for just USD 29/mo.
  2. Reduces expenditures: The biggest advantage to Shopify for dropshipping is that you can easily launch an online store without having large capital-backed inventory set up.
  3. Less risk involved: You are not committed to selling through any inventory purchased upfront. Therein, there is less risk involved with dropshipping.
  4. No issues with scalability: The best part of Shopify for dropshipping is that you don't need to work through multiple parts as you scale up. With Shopify Apps, you can automate everything.
  5. Low overhead: You don't need an office or a warehouse; you can run a successful Shopify dropshipping store using a mobile app.
  6. Broad product offerings: Since you aren't restricted on integrating suppliers in your Shopify dropshipping business model, you can offer a wide range of products in your store.

How much does Shopify cost if I choose it?

Setting up and running a successful online store means you have access to sales channels, design flexibility, and many website features. Using Shopify, you can quickly scale up as it has its very own Shopify App store, Shopify Dropshipping app. Most importantly, it is a platform constantly improving itself with the trends.

Getting started on Shopify is quite simple, but how much it will cost depends on you as Shopify offers three pricing plans that range from a primary option ($29 per month) to an advanced option ($299 per month).

Disadvantages of dropshipping with Shopify:

  1. No control over the supply chain: A day delay is fine, but a week frustrates customers. While dealing with the supplier delay, you must simultaneously reassure the customer with mails or support when dropshipping with Shopify.
  2. Limited creativity: Unlike custom-made products or print on demand, Shopify for dropshipping doesn't give you that freedom to explore. Usually, the product drop-shipped for you is designed and branded by the supplier.
  3. Supplier mistakes: Your Shopify powered dropshipping store is the first face that the customer sees and remembers, therein showcases appropriate notification to avoid facing customer wrath.
  4. Inventory updates: When you're sourcing from multiple warehouses, which are also fulfilling orders for other merchants, inventory changes daily, and you need to be updated with the stocks. One mistake, one out of stock, or stock delay- You can lose a customer.
  5. Low-profit margins: The biggest disadvantage to dropshipping with Shopify is that you are in a highly competitive space. Because it's easy to get started, and the overhead costs are so minimal, and others that everyone attempts their best to grow revenue.
  6. Difficult to build a brand: As you are in a competitive business, your product is also available in other online stores. It would be best to build strong marketing strategies to stay in the consumer's mind and get revenue.

Begin your dropshipping business with Shopify

Starting a dropshipping business, from finding great suppliers to selling products, can be a tricky and time-consuming task, but it’s essential to the success of every dropshipping business. Here are our best notes to get you started.

How can this dropshipping guide help you get started:

To help you get started quickly, from creating a Shopify account to showcasing you on how to drop ship to tips on how you can improve your dropshipping business, our dropshipping guide breaks down the complex topics into simple ways. The guide is aimed to help you be successful from the very beginning.

Ways to find the right products for your Shopify dropshipping store that will sell?

"Customers loving products are your winning products."

Dropshipping might be simple, but it’s not easy. Getting started with dropshipping is quite straightforward, and the solutions are out there for you. But to make people buy from you or entice your audience is the game. Many people are stuck choosing the products when starting their dropshipping with Shopify.

The product and its dropshipper you interact with build your Shopify dropshipping store. If you know about the kinds of products you want to sell in your online store, you have something to get started. If you are a merchant that is just getting started, before interacting with multiple dropshippers and then laying out the plan, just ask yourself, “What should you sell that will make customers buy from your store?” and “How can you be sure that the product will sell or not?”. The answers to these simple questions will lead you to find your niche products for your Shopify dropshipping store.

Ways to find the good Shopify dropshipping suppliers for your store

Shopify Dropshipping Guide 2022

Dropshipping with Shopify can get disorganized, especially when dealing with scammers. While it's almost tricky to find certified Shopify dropshipping suppliers, and it’s almost impossible to do an internet search for “dropshipper,” “dropshipping suppliers,” or “drop shipping wholesalers" without running into hundreds of scammers and middlemen. If you intend to pick a dropshipping supplier for your online business based on price, it isn't a wise option because they are like your business partners.

Basic considerations for Shopify dropshipping suppliers:

Having a trustworthy dropshipper can impact nearly every aspect of your business, including

  • Customer happiness, loyalty, and reviews
  • Delivery times and cost
  • Product quality, pricing, and consistency
  • Your business’ reputation and brand name
  • Your working hours and stress levels

Picking the suitable supplier is just as important as picking the right product, and you can get the best supplier by asking the right questions! Below are some kinds of questions to ask to understand your dropshipper. Don’t forget, these questions aren't for everyone, and it is not limited to these.

  • Do you pay the customs fee?
  • Does the dropshipper branding?
  • What about product photography?
  • What kind of packaging are you using?
  • Is there a minimum order requirement?
  • What happens with returns or refunds?
  • What happens if an order doesn’t arrive?
  • What is the order processing time for an order?
  • What are the average delivery times for targeted locations?
  • What is the pricing structure if the customer orders in bulk and single?

Steps to start dropshipping on Shopify

Steps to start dropshipping on Shopify

Being a part of the Shopify experts team, below are the steps you need to take to create a fully functional Shopify dropshipping store that can start making money today.

  • Step 1: Name it before you start it

    The first step towards opening a dropshipping store is to give your Shopify Dropshipping store a name. The recommended suggestion before naming your store is that ensure that your store is

    • Simple
    • Memorable
    • Easily pronounceable

      Unable to find the name? Use Shopify Oberlo Business name generator to generate your business name for free. All you need to do is just enter any word you would like your business name to include and select from the list of names generated. Once you've got the name, head up to google and search if there is a domain available or register the domain name to get started.

  • Step 2: Get started with Shopify

    Creating a Shopify dropshipping store is a relatively easy, simple, and straightforward process. Head up to Shopify's homepage and create a Shopify account by entering the name you’ve decided on for your Shopify dropshipping store.

    Next up, you’ll need to fill out a couple of questions about your experience with eCommerce, along with a few personal details. And that's it; you completed the setup of your Shopify account.

  • Step 3: Configuring the settings to launch your Shopify dropshipping account

    In this step, we'll discuss the appropriate setting to start Shopify dropshipping stores without any hassle.

    • Set up of payment information

      The most important step is to add a payment option to your Shopify dropshipping store. Misconfiguration of payment settings will restrict your Shopify dropshipping store from receiving money from customers. To add in an additional payment method or get full access to the payment page, you can customize the settings on the "Settings" page - Payments tab.

    • Configuring Store Policies

      As we discussed earlier, getting started has its perks, and one of the perks is the tools that Shopify provides. You can use Shopify dropshipping store tools to automatically generate a standardized privacy policy, refund policy, and terms and conditions for your store.

      To make further changes or add in additional points, you can head up to your Shopify dropshipping store's settings, click on the “Checkout” tab, and make the required changes in the mentioned fields.

    • Shipping Rates

      The most important step while setting up a Shopify dropshipping store is clear shipping rates. You can customize the Shipping rate by accessing the “Shipping” tab in your Shopify-powered store settings.

      The recommended setup would always be to offer free shipping as it will ease your creation option and entice your customer to buy from your store. You don't necessarily need to comprise the profits while offering free shipping. Just embed the shipping cost into the product prices and use the free shipping as your selling point.

    • Launching the store

      Now that you've added all the necessary information that you’ll need to launch your Shopify dropshipping store, here's the final step to have an online store up and running.

      • In Shopify settings, access the "Sales Channels" option
      • From here, select the “add an online store” option.
      • You're done!
  • Step 4: Devising your Shopify dropshipping store

    Your Shopify dropshipping store aesthetics will influence your customer buying experience with your store and the brand image. Having an aesthetically pleasing eCommerce store is very important as it will help your sales skyrocket.

    The perks of Shopify's platform-based dropshipping store are that you can start with better themes and generate logos for free. That is, the wide range of Shopify's built-in free and paid premium themes will allow you to decide which theme you should go for.

  • Step 5: Dropshipping on Shopify With Oberlo

    To add the products to your store, you can easily get started with Shopify Oberlo App. The integration of the Shopify App is very simple, yet for any assistance, you can connect with our experts.

    The Shopify Oberlo App helps you seamlessly import dropshipped products to your store, so you can start generating revenue. Plus, With the Oberlo-Shopify integration completed, you can get connected with other dropshippers and add more product categories into your Shopify dropshipping store to sell.

Starting your Shopify dropshipping business

Not all dropshipping suppliers are trustworthy when you get started. Often, many wholesale dropshipping suppliers don’t offer what is intended. For this reason below, we list some popular and convenient Shopify dropshipping suppliers by niche for you to rely on and move forward in building a successful dropshipping business. Connect with our Shopify dropshipping experts for any Shopify customization of a Dropship store or integration support.

HulkApps Shopify dropshipping store service benefits:

When you work with HulkApps, you get a passionate in-house team of Shopify experts to work your requirements. With transparency and a dedicated project manager assigned to work, you can easily manage every step of your Shopify dropshipping set up customization request, from ideation to final sign-off.

Form Builder ‑ Contact Form Shopify App Integration
What's included
  • Dedicated Shopify Developer
  • Speed assurance
  • A customized header
  • Custom CMS
  • Custom sections
  • 2 round iteration & feedback
Form Builder ‑ Contact Form Shopify App Integration
What's not included
  • On-page Website Technical SEO Audit

Shopify Dropshipping Apps to make your dropshipping easy

Shopify Marketing Apps

Shopify Oberlo Dropshipping App

Want a marketplace with a wide selection of products and suppliers? It's Oberlo. With Shopify dropshipping app - Oberlo, you can access all the products available on the AliExpress marketplace. Whether it’s fashion, electronics, or the current trending product, the Oberlo Shopify dropshipping app makes it easy for you to find products and add them to your store. The Shopify app also allows you to connect with various other suppliers worldwide to help you grow your online store.

  • Ease to customize the product details
  • Offer various shipping methods for delivering items
  • A forever-free plan to add products to your store with Oberlo dropshipping.

Shopify Printful Dropshipping App

Shopify Printful is a print-on-demand Shopify dropshipping app where you can create and sell custom products worldwide. All the work you need to do is connect your Shopify dropshipping store and list all of your fabulous Printful products. Based on the customer purchase, the order is automatically sent to the Printful team, which in turn prints, packs, and ships the order directly to your customer.

  • Import products in seconds
  • Edit and fulfill the orders with minimal clicks.
  • With ePacket Shipping Filter, optimize your product delivery experience.


The Dropshipmate Shopify Dropshipping app is developed to ease your experience in getting started your dropshipping business with Shopify. The app's convenience in fulfilling the order automatically with one click will meet no trouble in order fulfillment flow. With so many benefits beholding, connect with us if you need any support in integrating the Dropshipmate Shopify Dropshipping app to your store.


Shopify Spocket Dropshipping App

Want a Shopify dropshipping app that helps you find high-converting products with quick shipping times? Well, the answer is to integrate Spocket into your Shopify dropshipping store. This simple Spocket Shopify dropshipping app integration allows you to choose from many suppliers primarily based in the US and Europe. And, the best part is that the app has recently launched a print-on-demand collection that you can use alongside both Printful and Oberlo.

  • Quickly grab in healthier profit margins
  • The Shopify app deals with inventory and order fulfillment.
  • Automated process to help you focus on more important things like marketing your business and securing more customers.
Mailchimp Forms

Shopify DropnShop - Dropshipping App

Another Shopify dropshipping app helps Shopify dropshipping stores deal with French products. The DropnShop App offers various leading French manufacturers' products. What makes Shopify dropshipping App - DropnShop worthy of mention is that its products are kept maintained or conditioned based on the criteria of the French legislation.

  • Expand more as international shipping is available at a fair cost.
  • All products are 100% made in France, assuring the received products are durable and high-quality products.
  • Shopify dropshipping also offers a free plan to browse through the products.
Easy Redirects

​​Shopify ANTDIY: AliExpress Dropshipping App

A directly connected one-stop dropshipping solution to easily import and sell products from various suppliers on AliExpress directly into your Shopify store. For support in integration ANTDIY: AliExpress Dropshipping app, you can connect with our Shopify dropshipping integration experts to make your business more agile and efficient. Apart from transferring products with one click, the Shopify dropshipping app synchronizes orders and even tracks product quality.

  • Inventory and Price updates are automated.
  • Product customization options are available.
  • Automatic fulfillment of orders and pricing.

Shopify GlowRoad Dropshipping App

Is your targeted market - India? The GlowRoad Shopify Dropshipping app lists out the typical suppliers that Indian eCommerce stores typically use so you can drop ship the items worldwide. Plus, GlowRoad Shopify dropshipping app allows you to ship all items in an order together in one package, easing your customer's experience with your store.

  • Over 10,000 high-potential products to list.
  • Manual inspection is achieved in the GlowRoad warehouse.
  • Easily keep track of your orders with the auto-generated tracking number in real-time.

Shopify AutoDS All-in-one dropshipping app

One of the best AliExpress alternatives in dropshipping, Shopify AutoDS All-in-one dropshipping app is a fully automated platform that will automate your products listing, pricing, orders, and stock monitoring tasks from multiple suppliers. The dropshipping app allows you to source and sells high-quality products without any hindrance. Connect with our experts for a quick and efficient fix if you need any help integrating the Shopify AutoDS All-in-one dropshipping app.

  • Automatic order and tracking updates
  • Review your store performance within one space
  • Free lessons on dropshipping and its growth opportunities

Tips to promote your Shopify dropshipping store

Tips to promote your Shopify dropshipping store

Having a selection of products, plus fast shipping options, are unique and will influence your customer's decision or the urge. But for that, you need to get customers to your store.

Dropshipping in 2021 means you need to be certain that visitors have a reason to stay when they visit your website. Before you spend all your budget figuring out how to market your dropshipping store, here are a few tips to ensure your website highlights your brand and differentiates you from other eCommerce stores.

Tip 1: Run Facebook Ads/TikTok Ads

With BFCM 2021 showcasing the rise of social commerce (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and others) influencing holiday shopping; discovery plays a key role as consumers look for product recommendations and seamless experiences.

The strategic use of Facebook Ads will allow you to construct highly customizable ads depending on your audience, goal, and budget. Also, you get to choose the platform where the ads run, including Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger, and the most recent platform, Workplace. Plus, the best part of the platform is that by using Facebook Ads, you can manage and measure your ads and learn about the results from one advertising platform.

Tip 2: Build trust by adding customer reviews, ratings

As soon as your customers know you run a dropshipping website, there is a tendency for shoppers to be skeptical about your products. And the addition of customer reviews, ratings, and trust badges will build back the credibility.

To help you provide a better customer experience by showing real reviews from shoppers, integrate HulkApps Product Reviews Shopify App to showcase, delete and improve your SEO performance with reviews.

Tip 3: Engage customers with social videos

With online videos bringing up consumer web traffic, you can be a unique dropshipper with this form of marketing to promote your store or market your product to amplify brand awareness and recall. Although creating videos is painstaking, it is all worth it when customers understand and make the sale.

Plus, the sneak peeks how-to videos on your dropshipping store social media account will redirect the audience to your website to watch the full instructional videos, enticing consumers to be engaged.

Tip 4: Grow your SEO performance while educating

The unknown and yet effective - Blogs are still the best option for search engine results (SERP) and reaching your target market. Creating a blog on various topics related to the products is a low-cost marketing strategy that you can easily generate more organic traffic and sales opportunities for your dropshipping business.

You can also use the blog to drive your customer purchase decision, like giving a reason to purchase from your dropshipping store. The best way to create an online business with the Shopify platform is to create blogs without complex coding easily.

As said earlier, one of the most vital purposes of blog marketing is its ability to boost your SEO results; optimized content will enhance your organic or “free” traffic. The better your content and ranking, the more likely people become aware of your dropshipping business.

Tip 5: Capture attention with your store's new features.

Within just 15 seconds of your store visitors, you need to capture your visitors’ attention to gather their email addresses, as it is crucial to lead conversion. To help you capitalize on the compounding value of customer relationships, you can get started with Shopify Recharge integration. The Shopify App integration allows you to set up a subscription where your customer can easily edit, modify, and add in more subscription products.

The popup technique can motivate your visitors to share their information. You can nurture them with a series of email marketing content to engage with your dropshipping business and eventually drive them to purchase. With so many options available, you can improve your dropshipping business and get six-figure sales.

Key facts of Dropshipping:

Common questions about Shopify dropshipping

With unprecedented time around, the best categories to get started are

  1. Health and personal care
  2. Wardrobe and accessories
  3. Kitchen and grocery
  4. Tools and home improvement,
  5. Home and bedroom
  6. Other accessories like gaming, car, and office.

Yes. With the new upgraded architecture of Shopify Online Store 2.0, merchants can get started quickly and entice consumers way better while keeping expenditures at bay. Connect with HulkApps Shopify 2.0 experts if you haven't upgraded to the new architecture yet.

 Using the Oberlo Shopify Dropshipping app and Shopify platform, Irwin Dominguez brought in 1 million dollars in revenue in 8 months.

The answer depends on the products you decide to sell. The Alibaba marketplace is a good option if you are more inclined towards wholesale or custom white-label goods. If you are a merchant who wants to drop ready-made ship products without a minimum order, AliExpress dropshipping Shopify App integration may get better results.

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