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Cost-effective routes to fuel up Shopify Subscriptions?


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Best cost-effective Shopify Subscription methodology you can implement within Shopify

One of the most challenging parts of starting a business is getting monthly recurring revenue (MRR). The introduction of subscription services in your ecommerce store breaks the barrier.

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As a business owner generating MRR is your goal.

Shopify is building itself to serve an eCommerce ecosystem for many store owners and shoppers alike. From custom billing and authentication implementation to others hosted on Shopify's platform.

By letting us implement the Shopify Subscription APIs and Product Subscription Extension on your store, you can support new selling methods and upgrade your store with discounts, shipping, reporting, and payment options within Shopify.

For the past few years, HulkApps have had the opportunity to work at the forefront of subscriptions on Shopify. Everything from helping five-and-dime retailers start selling subscriptions online to developing core features of Subscriptions that enterprise-sized businesses depend on.

This includes working on a powerful collection of APIs, webhooks, and customer portals and creating custom subscription flows for merchants looking to enhance customer experience and increase revenue.

Our Shopify Subscription Services using ReCharge, ChargeBee, power 1000+ of the largest subscription brands on Shopify. Although various stores have different types of subscription flows, understanding the importance of designing a flow based on a specific store's products, customers, and type of subscription is the one thing we are sure you will experience with us.

As Shopify introduces its Shopify Subscription APIs and Product Subscription Extension, the Shopify experts at HulkApps are proactive enough to understand the technical flow quickly.

Real people in the trenches want subscription services and flexible options. Here's how we deliver:

Custom Dashboard :

Prevent subscribers from canceling the complete subscription by offering them the power and flexibility to pause, skip, and edit future orders like swapping and changing frequencies. This is one of the most important features, and you'll surely want to make sure it's as seamless as possible.

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Upsell Add-on in My Account

Increase the average order value of a customer and a stellar store subscription experience. You can quickly secure reliable subscription orders every month with simple upselling tricks.

1-Click ReOrder :

Depending on your product type, you can offer a one-time purchase or subscription option. If a customer visits and views a cosmetic product, you can offer a subscription option. When the same customer looks for a bag, you can offer a one-time purchase option. The varying combination can help you address all the customer needs. 

Build a Box

Fuel up your customers with the ability to build a custom subscription box driven by their needs and desires. With this amusing feature, customers won't just be choosing products out of convenience. They're receiving items they select and are excited about getting.

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Order Sequencing :

Who doesn't love the personalized wagon? When customers subscribe or purchase a product, send them an automated customized message that speaks high about your brand. With our Custom Email Sequencing with Subscriptions by Shopify Subscription APIs, you can achieve this.

Login as Customer :

Reduce the time you spend detecting and fixing issues within the customer account. Solve it by gaining access to the customer account. It is a quick and smart solution to monitor the problems by conducting tests and solving any issues from the "My Account" section of the custom ReCharge Dashboard. In other words, sometimes, the shop owner needs to be in the customer's shoes. The 'Login as Customer' allows merchants to easily access the store front-end as a specific user or customer to solve problems.

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Mitigation via Offers :

Your subscribers want to feel valued. Offering relevant, compelling incentives with the HulkApps Shopify Subscription APIs Recipes will reduce the churn rate. This could be a good starting point in developing new relationships and nurturing current ones.

A/B Testing Offers :

When your customers receive something unexpected or extra from a brand, it surprises and delights them. But you can often overspend, which is not the solution. We encourage our merchants to A/B test different variants of offers & hold the one that is retaining more & more customers.

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Automated Offers:

Customers expect discounts, sales, and promotions even with the subscription-based model. We don't want you to let your customers down, so we have an all-in-one solution to take over the additional headaches of creating offers.

Cohort Tracking :

HulkApps Shopify experts can define the right process you can leverage to run cohort tracking in your e-store. We help you analyze and break down cohort data. Based on the data, we can define varying levels of cohort traits as per subscription specifications and take action.

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Klaviyo / Mailchimp Integration :

With Shopify's default email marketing, some extended functionalities are restrictive. Don't worry. We can help you achieve excellent and advanced automation functionality with Klaviyo & Mailchimp integrations. Parallelly, increase customer LTV across the Subscription ecosystem with the help of our services, which enhances business engagement with repeat customers.

Pre-checkout Add-on :

Don't get frustrated with payment handling. We have extensive subscription handling knowledge to build your criteria, no matter what types of subscriptions you use on the Shopify store. Our pre-checkout add-on will let you customize and manage payments without any hassle.

Discount Sync :

Have you got offers to promote? We work behind the veil- in the backend to put your discounts to work seamlessly, so you can pull any promo code and display it every hour, eliminating the double handling woes.

Promos for Bundles :

What is Bundling?

The idea of selling several goods together as a bundled deal is indicated by bundling. Typically it is at a reduced price.

Some advantages:

  • Value: Bundle packages improve the customer experience like they feel good about the deal.
  • Convenience: Bundles will reduce churn as they can get more conveniently.

Our Shopify experts team has great technical expertise in the Ajax method, jQuery, and JavaScript. This technical ability helps us define bundle ID and maintain the perfect promo offers for the right quantity in the cart. Also, we give you the ability to avoid errors and make good profits.

There is also merchant profit: the known way of bundling to lift the average cart value of the customer only so they can add more goods to the cart. Depending on how you set up your bundling model, it will also create more confidence.

The relationship between the merchant and the customer and inventory can be improved by curating suggestions: Bundling can be an easy way to clear out surplus stock or your slow-selling goods. You'll be able to move goods more quickly if you set up the package model to integrate those.

And there are numerous other advantages of bundling models as a whole. Still, most of what we're going to concentrate on right now are: how to execute one rather than dwelling on the marketing side of things.

We've gone over what Bundling is at a high level and some of its advantages; now, we will go over a couple of templates we've seen on Shopify stores being used frequently. The first one is just the Pre-Bundled Products definition.

Bundling Methods: Pre-Bundled Products

Combine bundles into a single product.

Pros :

Shopify - Services_includes Easy to implement

Cons :

Shopify - Services_includes Flexibility

Shopify - Services_includes Shopify variant limit

Shopify - Services_includes Inventory fulfillment issues

The key idea here is to function within the Shopify constraints and set up your package item as a separate variant or item; right within Shopify, we have these two products, as in the screenshot above, and then we just set up a separate product that combines both of them.

It's probably one of the simplest and quickest ways to add a package to your shop. It's only going to flow as usual right into Shopify and Recharge naturally.

There are, however, several glaring limitations: the first is its rigidity and inability to be flexible. You'd have to handle all these different version combinations manually, which can be cumbersome if you have a lot of things in the package that you want to sell.

In Shopify, there is also a limitation that limits your variants to a maximum of 99 on a product. So, you're going to need to prepare for that if you have a wide combination of variants.

In addition, inventory could probably be an issue; since you are making a new variant or product with a different SKU. You will need to coordinate with your fulfillment center to ensure that all the items it represents are interpreted by your package SKU.

We have seen many shops take this strategy, and it's successful. If your package model is really basic, it can be an adequate solution, and it doesn't change often.

But if you're looking for something more versatile or complex, you're more likely to run into many headaches. So, a great, but certainly not very versatile, approach. The parent-child package idea is the next one we want to touch on.

Bundling Methods: Parent-Child Bundle

Pros :

Shopify - Services_includes No Shopify limitation

Shopify - Services_includes Great for questionnaire bundles

Cons :

Shopify - Services_includes Skewed reporting and analytics

Shopify - Services_includes Customer portal actions can be difficult to implement

The concept here is that you should build one product for the master package. The package will include the price and all the other features of the bundle subscription, and you will proceed through the cart and checkout the actual contents of the bundle as free or $0 line products.

For instance, we have this style box, which is $40, and then we just move a $0 line item on each item within it. So, the advantages of this strategy are much more versatile.

As the Shopify platform restricts the yarn, you can create as many products as needed through the cart. This is also a perfect model for bundles that use items such as questionnaires to build the merchant's customized bundles. After entering their responses to the site questions, you will build the rationale to decide what needs to be done to add certain items to the package and add them to the cart. Implementing this is very straightforward!

When attempting to execute Customer Portal behavior such as swap or something intricate, it can often become very difficult in the backend. Since there's nothing linking the package together, things can get pretty complicated outside of just the direct purchase. Plus, it can then become tricky if you were to put a one-time item on top of it in the same order.

We assume this is certainly more stable than the goods pre-bundled. Nevertheless, certain restrictions also need to be thought through. These two are the popular ones that most stores use pretty heavily.

We want to discuss the Recharge method next and how we believe it will be the best way to approach bundling to integrate apps like Recharge, Chargebee, etc., with all this intact feature set.

Google Analytics Integration :

Which subscription offers have the most number of conversions? Which has failed? Get an answer to all your queries. We add rules, and you gain visibility into customer behavior. Go easy with your marketing efforts based on payment sources, recurring charges, etc. Connect with HulkApps Shopify Google Analytics experts to achieve your sales goals with subscription strategies.

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Catering to your customers and allowing them to personalize their subscription by having a beautiful multi-step subscription flow helps drive your customers to buy.
We developed these Subscription services using Shopify Subscription APIs, so you can easily build custom flows for any business. Whether you’re offering just subscription or subscription + one time or any customer subscription strategy, HulkApps subscription services can provide a solution.


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