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Is Your Theme Mentioned? 10 Best Industry Based Shopify Theme for Your Business

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  • Shopify Themes - Minimal Choices for Impressive Ecommerce Experience
  • Possibilities To DIY Your Shopify Theme Store Design As A Beginner?
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Today, Shopify is becoming the most popular eCommerce platform in the world. It comprises 4% of all online stores all over the world and garners $389.3 million in revenue in a year.

But numbers aside, Shopify offers a unique convenience take on eCommerce platforms that its competitors haven’t quite mastered. The easy design process itself makes Shopify - the best platform for quick and simple sites. That’s not to say the sites/ stores themselves can’t be robust, but the design takes less time to get started into online business. The best catch of using Shopify themes is the unlimited customization options and a more rigid and linear approach to design - Precisely that’s what appeals to a lot of site managers.

In simple, if you want to take a more actionable hands-on functional approach to design, you’re well off with a platform like Magento or WooCommerce. But, if you’re looking for a quick to-do easy platform that lets you focus on business management and takes the sting out of the technical details - Shopify is best for you.

But don’t underestimate “easy” for “brainless.” You still need to put in your minimal efforts to launch the site you want, and that’s what this article is about. Below, you’ll find industry-based Shopify themes and their key features that are most useful for beginners and founded stores.

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Industry - Jewelry and Accessories

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Best Shopify Theme: Streamline Shopify Theme

Today's customers are unique. Unless a business understands consumer requirements and keeps up with its changing needs, it will lag. Thankfully, Streamline Shopify Theme - cutting-edge, speedy, and mobile-first features can help your Shopify store not only connect with these modern buyers but also convert them into a source of revenue for your business.


Story-driven Product pages: Using the images and text on your product pages, tell your product and brand story.

Mobile-first design: The Streamline Theme allows businesses to optimize for mobile.

Quick Load pages: The product pages can be loaded quickly for consumers to enhance their shopping experience.

Animated Content: Visually attract your store visitors with multiple texts, images, and page animations features presented in the theme.

Price: $180

Advanced Customization options: Using one of the best Shopify Themes- Streamline might bring you success, but you need to make sure you have the configuration, customization, and tools to handle it too. It’s too easy to lose track of setting up and customizing once you start configuring in. HulkApps Streamline theme Shopify Support helps you get that sales and revenue as efficiently as possible, and the process can be heard by contacting HulkApps Support.

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HulkApps Shopify Theme: Jaipur Shopify Theme

Jaipur Shopify Theme has many multiple features that are designed to enhance your online store needs. It is mobile-friendly, enables you to share quality content, especially multimedia and also, connect with your social platforms. Additionally, it has a flexible mega menu that provides support options for your customers. Any business can leverage Shopify Jaipur's theme features to meet their goals.


Responsive Design: To reach out to a vast audience, Jaipur theme Shopify is designed for mCommerce and smaller devices. Connect All - Streamline Shopify Theme allows users to share text, images, and page animations via Social media integration.

Mega Menu: To reduce cart abandonment, the mega menu option allows the customer to check out various options in the store easily.

Advanced product filtering: Allow shoppers to filter products by type, brand, size, or color on the collection page.

Price: $49

Advanced Customization options: Nothing is more than some hands-on action you can do to get a better hold of the theme. To do more - refer it here -

Industry - Food and Drink

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Best Shopify Theme: Blockshop Shopify Theme

Combined with the power of Shopify, the Blockshop theme Shopify is the ideal platform to turn your customers into true fans. The theme comes with a powerful combination of modules that help promote all of your activities. It is an excellent choice for established businesses, start-ups, boutiques, and independent artists.


Wide Layout: The full-width layout that the Shopify Blockshop theme provides is an excellent choice to start publishing more content.

Events feed: Your active social media account, newsletters, blogs, and events feed can be synced into your website easily, enabling you to connect and interact with their fans in the real world.

Multi-Column Menu: With the Shopify Blockshop theme, it will feature product details and images in a large, multi-column drop-down menu, which means the sub-menus will not appear on the right, but your product photos will when a mouse-over action is done.

Price: $10

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HulkApps Shopify Theme: Chicago Shopify Theme

You can create your very own online hub for finance and excellence with a Shopify Chicago theme. This theme is for the witty and stylish, with its easy-on-the-eye layout with simple to navigate features. The Geneva preset is perfect for any high-end Food and Drink store and the easy-to-navigate drop-down-menus get people to your products in a matter of seconds


Customizable color option: It also allows you to experiment with color themes without having to painstakingly change each color setting over and over again.

Display payment options: Enhance the customer's reach to buy your product by enabling payment options in the theme. Product zoom support: Facilitate your users in viewing your product images in detail by availing of this Shopify Theme zoom magnifier feature.

Price: $10

Industry - Sports and Recreation

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Best Shopify Theme: Boundless Shopify Theme

Shopify Boundless theme is a great way to get your setup with a simple theme that has the basics covered for most online stores. In the Shopify boundless theme product page, you can make adjustments if you think specific customizations are critical for the performance. You can change your Shopify boundless logo size, fonts, color scheme, and parts of your webpage to suit your needs.


Optimized for large photos: The Boundless theme design allows store owners to make the necessary modifications to support their image sizes without distorting.

Slideshow with a fading effect: The Shopify Themes fade-effect slideshow helps your visitors can easily see your goods and branding photos.

Sticky Navigation: The Boundless Shopify theme helps ease the search experience of a product. It maintains the menu, even as users scroll down, switch pages.

Price: Free

Advanced customization option: Don't lose track of setting up and customizing once you start configuring in with the HulkApps Shopify themes package Support.

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HulkApps Shopify Theme: Luxembourg Shopify Theme

The first thing that catches your eye is the style of this theme, completely different, but yet sophisticated and easy to use. The sidebar on the main menu makes it easy to navigate and find any item you desire in a heartbeat. Just like the name, this theme brings a magnificent presence to any store.


Multi-currency support: Our currency selector lets you customers choose their preferred currency while they're browsing your store.

Newsletter signup popup: Build credibility and trust in your brand with our customizable newsletter popup to match your brand.

Product quick view: By using our theme feature - Quick View, you can easily show discounted product prices before the cart page.

Price: $49

What comes in the package: Product Samples Theme PSD

Industry - Health and Beauty Do it yourself (DIY)

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Best Shopify Theme: Pipeline Shopify Theme

The Pipeline Shopify Theme is a feature-filled theme available in different styles. It's got clean and uncluttered pages, airy fonts, and a well-organized menu. In its exquisite layout, it's possible to share knowledge about a product, industry, or general information related to the domain to capture your customer's attention and retain them for a longer period. This theme’s spirit is all about simplicity, spaciousness, and elegance.


Modular-style home page: With a modular stylish home page that consists of multiple different sections and areas, you can easily feature any product.

Parallax effect: Any Shopify merchants using this Shopify theme can create an animated depth effect with the parallax option as visitors scroll down the page.

Full-width Instagram Feed: Simplifying organic conversions, customers can share their favorite items via Instagram's full-width feed.

Price: $140

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HulkApps Shopify Theme: Manhattan Shopify Theme

With fully customizable colors and Google fonts, this theme is an economical and administrative masterpiece, fully equipped with our innovative homepage builder. The Manhattan Shopify theme will be perfect for any online sports business and the easy to add blog posts will be a great addition for health-conscious people.


Product zoom support: Satisfy your customer with product zoom features, which reduce the number of return packages.

Related Product: Nudge your potential customers to browse just a little bit longer with this feature.

Bxslider image slideshow module: create a fully responsive content slider that can contain images, video, or HTML content to engage your customers.

Price: $24

Industry - Clothing and fashion

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Best Shopify Theme: Motion Shopify Theme

Motion Theme for Shopify has all the components for a top-notch e-commerce store: pre-designed color presets, responsive design for mobile shopping, great functionality, and background textures to offer customization. There are several reasons why a fast loading Motion Shopify theme is powerful for your business. First up, it matters for your SEO. Read more


Multiple Homepage Videos: It’s more impressive to have animation or video of the product as the key thing a visitor sees when they land on a product page. It shows the product in action. This is what the Shopify Motion Theme is all about.

Product Quick View: You don’t take out every product when you visit a clothing store and look at it in exceptional detail, do you? No, you browse through the rails until you see something you want to try on. The Product quick view is like browsing through the rails.

Visual Storytelling: The Shopify Motion Theme allows you to show your products in action. The screen fades in and out as you move from the homepage into the collections page and select a product, giving your store a feeling of continuity that you don’t get from other themes.

Price: $180

Advanced Customization: Using one of the best Shopify Themes- Motion might bring you success, but you need to make sure you have the configuration, customization, and tools to handle it too. It’s too easy to lose track of setting up and customizing once you start configuring in. HulkApps Motion theme Shopify Support helps you get that sales and revenue as efficiently as possible, and the process can be heard by contacting HulkApps Support.

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HulkApps Shopify Theme: Phoenix Shopify Theme

Creativity knows no bounds with this magnificent theme, easy to display all your sales directly on the front page and the magazine-like-layout makes it perfect for just about any store to show their worth. Not only is this theme completely Search Engine Optimized, but the easy-to-navigate drop-down-menu gets your clients exactly where they need to be in no time.


Display payment options: You can extend your Businesses worldwide who are interested in buying his or her without any fear of payment with Phoenix Shopify Theme.

Google web fonts integration: Making the store more beautiful, fast, and open through google web fonts.

Upload logo & Favicon easily: Bring in a huge difference in terms of user experience and online branding by easily uploading you brands favicons and logs.

Price: $49

Advanced Customization: Turn your brand's big ideas into beautiful digital products and experiences with HulkApps any size business packages.

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The cheap and best Shopify themes will definitely vary depending on your targeted group, geolocation, business, so there’s never one right answer. And regardless of your knowledge, it’s always better to make decisions with a Shopify Expert. We aren't selling our service to you; we just want to make sure you are on the right path. Ping us! And bring in the gusto, enthusiasm, and influence on the modern digital market.

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