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How Affirm Shopify app integration boosts conversions with BNPL

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Affirm Shopify app is none less than a magical combination to give US shoppers the easiness of buying. Conversely, as a merchant, you are always better off with your mission to improve user experience, customer loyalty, and brand advocacy that help your sales volume shoot up and profits to increase manifold.

At the backdoor, what we do not see is the enablement of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later or BNPL solutions merchants can capitalize on getting more powerful opportunities to sell.

Buy Now Pay Later Market:

As per eMarketer , BNPL industry will have transactions volumes worth $680 billion by 2026.

 Amidst everything we do to increase our Shopify sales, we wish we capitalize on the flexibility of the ‘Buy Now,’ ‘Pay Later’ Shopify financing solution.

Majorly exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, a trend has suddenly emerged from the consumers’ end to minimize the burden of too much financial pressure. Buy now, pay later is an interest-free payment option for buyers that Shopify merchants can utilize to their advantage and allow shoppers to spend at their own pace.

In this blog, we will focus on different aspects of Affirm Shopify integration with respect to the Buy Now, Pay Later solution for your business.

Let’s dive in.

What is Buy Now, Pay Later?  

Buy now, pay later or BNPL is as simple as it looks.

It is a point-of-sale installment loan with multiple equal payments to be made over the course of 3 to 36 months based on the item and its value. The model works primarily with online shopping like Shopify and Walmart that needs first due to be made upfront or at the checkout.

Your consumers are free to pay over-time until the predefined installments are paid in full for the purchase.

It is a win-win for shoppers and merchants. Integration of Shopify with Affirm makes BNPL or POS installment management easier for merchants like you.

BNPL statistics and facts

  • 75% of BNLP users are young with no stable income flow.
  • 62% growth in terms of young users adoption
  • $250 is a preferable payout for users aged between 18 and 24
  • 36% of buyers user BNLP once a month
  • 56% of Americans adopted BNLP services
  • 62% of users want to replace their credit cards
  • 64% of BNLP users increase the use since the onset of pandemic
  • 48% of users have purchased electronic items using BNPL
  • Electronics are common items for BNLP users
  • SMBs prefer BNLP services

 In view of these stats, Affirm Shopify app could ideally fuel your growth strategy. Understanding how Affirm works with Shopify to make BNLP easier for you could be more effective in encouraging its adoption.

How does BNPL work with Shopify Affirm app?

Affirm Shopify integration works for merchants only when they use the Shop Pay Installment solution in their stores.

US users who buy with Shop Pay can be able to split their amount into four equal payments. It allows your customers to pay every 2 weeks interest-free in some cases. This model falls under Affirm Pay in 4.

As you set up monthly payments, it allows your shoppers to pay over a certain period of time between 3 to 36 months.

The behind-the-scene functionality of Affirm Shopify messaging app

 Shopify Affirm Integration

  1. Shopify consumers visit the checkout
  2. Affirm checks credit score by interacting with Shop Pay Installment solutions
  3. Pre-qualification takes place
  4. Affirms Shopify integration allows for the selection of the payment terms between bi-weekly 4 interest-free payments and monthly installments
  5. Affirm Shopify app makes the payment to merchants account in full for the product purchased
  6. The amount gets credited to the merchant’s account within 3-4 days
  7. Affirm pay over time Shopify app receives payments through Shop Pay Installments from customers as the preferred installment scheme with the first repayment is paid upfront

Consumer flexibility:

Affirm pay over time message Shopify app gives users different choices for payment terms

Customers can choose to pay over 3 to 36 months with an annual percentage rate ranging from 0%-30%. APR applies to the time period for the product purchased. For instance, if APR is 20% on a particular product, customers need to pay 5.91% of interest over the given period.

The interest fee remains the same as Affirm does not charge any late fee or fines.

Merchant benefit:

Shopify merchants pay for the translation cost which ranges between 2% to 4%. The fee depends on the total price of the product, total sales volume, and type of goods.

As a merchant, you pay this fee to Affirm to handle disputes in the deal.

What are the Affirm Shopify Integration X Shop Pay advantages?

 Affirm Shopify App Integration and BNPL

With Shop Pay Installments in partnership with Affirm Shopify integration, the BNPL structure has proved a conversion driver for merchants. There is a myriad of benefits merchants would likely adopt Shop Pay Installments to make use of buy now pay later payment options for the prospective buyers with Affirm Shopify app.

  • Harness business values from Shop Pay’s 60M users

Shop Pay has 60 million engaged users mainly from the U.S.A. Allowing buy now, pay later schemes can enable merchants to tap into immense value from these user bases.

There is no denying that Shop Pay users can have the flexibility to use accelerated checkout. It means they can utilize one-tap checkout that does not require providing necessary payment information including the address.

User convenience is key to delivering user experience at a scale that is otherwise irritating if user information needs repetitive user inputs. The result could be detrimental to the growth conversions.

With Shop Pay Installments already in use for Shopify stores, merchants can easily tap into the benefits of the growing market share of BNPL if they choose to integrate the Affirm Shopify app with their stores.

  • Up to a 50% increase in AOV

Shop Pay Installments give buyers the ability to pay over time without breaking their budget. Since buyers can pay in smaller increments, it extends their buying capacity and increases their interest to spend money even on products that are not necessary.

This extended capacity of buyers can easily draw more sales for merchants. As a result, big-ticket items are fast to add to the cart, increasing the average order value up to 50% as observed by Shopify.

  • Faster checkout experience for merchants and buyers

Shop Pay translates customer experience into an excellent buying experience through accelerated checkout.

This buy now, pay later installment solution is integrated with the Shopify checkout, allowing for a frictionless checkout experience. Unlike other BNPL installment solutions that redirect checkout to other pages, Shop Pay does not distract users and enable them to pay directly within the native Shopify checkout.

Overall, it gives a 30% faster checkout experience, which means merchants can sell without having to fear low inventory that would cause overselling during flash sales. This could also mean a reduction in cart abandonment.

Need support for Affirm Shopify integration?

HulkApps Shopify experts can ideally present many effective ways to help you with the Affirm Shopify integration. Their expertise and skills translate into more sales opportunities for your Shopify business.

Get Affirm Shopify app integration support

How to optimize conversions with Affirm Shopify integration?

Conversion is the ultimate goal for merchants regardless of the business model they have.

If you adopt Affirm Shopify app, the results will be beneficial as to how you want to reach your conversion goals.

Affirm has a robust architecture that gives you more competitive advantage than many of their peers that offer buy now, pay later solutions. Let’s walk you through these advantageous pathways.

  • Sales conversions through data advantages

Affirm has built an outstanding ability to increase AOV and cart size based on its data harnessing competencies.

It closely watches consumer behavior at the checkout. Based on the analysis of the item purchased previously, it provides in-depth analysis into their buying pattern. This superior analysis simplifies the process of product personalization, helping them design offerings or installment packages that suit each consumer type.

In addition to increasing conversions with AOV, Affirm also enables Shopify merchants to utilize ‘Adaptive Cart Checkout’. Using this feature, you can personalize payment terms for your customers based on what items they choose.

As per Affirm, the solution has helped drive 26% of cart conversion for early merchants. This is due to probably Affirm’s active role in handling metrics that help convert sales that would otherwise cause cart abandonment.

  • Data-driven risk management

Affirm relies on its AI and machine learning-based risk models to help merchants avoid future risks in handling loan repayment. Depending on their breadth of capabilities in machine learning, they help Shopify merchants avoid any delinquencies.

It becomes easier for you to underwrite transactions that require significant investments in both high and low AOV products.

As a result of using the AI risk model, Affirm helps you achieve accuracy for consumer risk and fraud detection. Therefore, consumer approvals go through a higher quality check that reduces your chances of fraud, while helping you connect with consumers with high repayment capabilities.

What are the categories to benefit from Affirm Shopify integration?

In order to adopt Affirm Shopify integration for your store, there are no hard rules to follow.  

Affirm Shopify App Integration Benefits

Affirm pay over time messaging Shopify app works with any vertical. The process is quite transparent as you look to build the BNLP installment solution. The verticals include -

  • Accessories
  • Apparel
  • Auto
  • Beauty and health
  • Electronics
  • Fitness and gears
  • Home and furniture
  • Luxury
  • Shoes
  • Travel

How can you get started with Shopify Affirm Integration?

It just needs you to install the Affirm Shopify app from the App store to integrate into your store. And you can get started.

However, this is an initial start of a journey to the world of Affirm Shopify app. There are more aspects to harnessing benefits with the right integration support including customization and taking control of the app functionality the way your specific business needs.

When done correctly, you can reap the real benefits. With HulkApps Shopify experts by your side, integration and other critical aspects of handling the Affirm Shopify app would be seamless and frictionless for you.

HulkApps can provide effective solutions for your business you need to take care of things that include,

  • Configuration of Affirm pay-over-time-message Shopify app
  • Customization of message elements
  • Inline Checkout enablement
  • Testing and deployment
  • Troubleshooting of the app
  • Custom Shopify scripts to hide Affirm for certain SKUs
  • Configuration of price floor for checkout with Shopify scripts
  • Transaction processing with the ability to perform capture, void, partial refund, and refund

If you seek a hassle-free solution and onboarding for your BNLP journey, get Affirm Shopify integration support from HulkApps. We are an industry veteran who can build effective solutions that work for you and leave a lasting impact to improve user experience and add value to your business's bottom line.


Giving your visitors the best experience with their shopping capabilities can fetch you opportunities to improve sales volume while skyrocketing your conversion rate. When you embrace buy now, pay later solutions with Affirm Shopify integration, it will be a lot easier for you to convert more.

Our integration support helps you get exactly what you want to reap from the Affirm Shopify app and makes it a point to capture sales through repeat purchases as well as boost customer loyalty.

Ready for the ride with BNLP solutions? HulkApps translate your dreams into reality with robust and error-free integration support. Let’s get started today.

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